Starting from today, I’m officially living my last year in my 20’s. Yes, I’m twenty fucking nine and I couldn’t be more scared. Sure, I’m still young and youthful, but I sometimes wonder back to that 16 year old me, who dreamt of a career I couldn’t be furthest from, and feel as if I’ve let her down. But that’s just the birthday-blues talking, and I’m almost used to it because I’ve had these feelings for the past few years now. So instead of actually feeling sorry for myself, here is today’s CB featuring a graph for m.brown because he does not know what a Sam-gasm is….

This week’s podcast episode is going to be so special! And it’s because Estonia turns 100 years old this month, and I was so happy to hear that the girls agreed to dedicate an episode for this momentous occasion. We all watched an Estonian classic called Kevade, which turned out horribly, and I give a short history lesson in the episode as well. So look for it tomorrow, it goes up here.

Last week was a mess. I didn’t really do anything up until the weekend and then I was buried under things I needed to do. I overbooked myself a little, and well, I took on something special I won’t be revealing just yet but next week maybe I think I will be confident enough to do so. And no, it’s not my Sam post because I still have so many of his movies to see, and I don’t want to make the list without the staples.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, I have all my ducks in a row for this week, everything’s scheduled, I have nothing to worry about. So when I won’t answer your comments, or won’t drop by on your blog this week, it’s because I have a very busy week at hand. Addition to celebrating with close friends, and working my butt off on Valentine’s Day (keeping my mind occupied by the fact that I don’t have a Sam to go home to), and I have my entire weekend scheduled for working as well. Oh but don’t worry, at the moment I’m on my way back to the capital, with a bottle of gin waiting for me (I hope), and nothing but alcohol planned for tonight. If that’s not a proper way to greet your 29th year, I don’t know what is.

On a more exciting note, I promised to make a graph for mr.brown explaining what a Sam-gasm is, but I simply ran out of time. But as most of you gathered, Sam-gasm is a form of orgasm, but it’s simply much better than a regular orgasm. You can fill in the blanks and the what nots yourself, but there’s definitely one important component to this and it’s Sam Rockwell. And yes, I’m still full-on Sam mode and I even wrote a post for the LAMB, where I got to talk about him. I’m that committed.

So last week I watched 5 movies, which is actually a pretty decent number. I watched Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox which was pretty bad. I was able to rewrite the movie with my friend, we discussed elements of it that we would have left out, and how the Paradox could have tied into with the two previous movies, and I think we made a better movie. I might write about our movie in my review some time next week.

Then I almost didn’t watch anything during the week, and left all four movies to the weekend. I watched The Florida Project, which was so boring I almost fell asleep. Then I watched our podcast movie called Spring, then I decided to knock one of the three movies for my this month’s BlindSpot series off my list and saw Before Sunrise. It was good, I was not a huge fan but I see its appeal. Then to finish off I watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford for Sam, and it was worth it! Such a good movie, Brad Pitt is stellar, and Sam.. I’m so glad Pitt convinced him to be a part of this film, because even among such a strong cast, he stands out effortlessly.

In terms of shows, the only one I watched was Altered Carbon, which I love! I like the sci-fi element to it, I know it rips off from so many other shows, but I think the whole white washing controversy around it is also bullshit. This show delivers what it’s supposed to deliver, and I think it has so much integrity and respect for how it represents the Asian soul in a Caucasian body situation. Yes, it sounds bad when I write it, but trust me, it’s done in a very meaningful and purposeful way. The writing supports and amplifies the meaning of it. The character development alone is proof of it. Anyway, I will actually watch it from start to finish again before getting to the final three episodes, because I think I missed some things. It’s very packed with a lot of things, and I was super tired most of the time I watched it. More thoughts about the show in its review.

Girl did not read anything all week, but have almost finished Falling Kingdoms but there’s still 100 pages to go. But I will finish this week, I think and I will eventually pick up Call Me By Your Name. The reading is going super slow guys, I think I’m stressed and completely swamped with blog posts at this point, which is why I don’t have the energy to pick up a book.

I loved James Bay’s first album, and I think me and my flatmate listened to Hold Back the River until our ears started to bleed – in a good way. His newest single Wild Love is so promising, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album! PS: He cut off his hair and he looks HOT!

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