Last week, right after I launched my very own blog address (if you haven’t yet updated my blog address on your blogrolls, please do, it’s now!), I took a small break. Despite that, I still posted on Thursday, as I always do, and shared a very special post on Saturday. During that, I had flashbacks to my 1000th post and honestly, still my most craziest post I’ve ever done! Anyway, here are my thoughts from last week.

After last week, I feel like time is my biggest enemy. There’s just so much to do, and I don’t know if I have the time to do it all. I might put blogging on the background for a while because of it, but I’ll still try to write as many posts as I can. That being said, reviewing hasn’t been going well. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling the groove. Luckily this week is going to be easy, since tomorrow’s the Blind Spot series deadline, and Wednesday I’m posting my Mt. Rushmore of Movies, and Thursday Movie Picks is always going to be there.

There are a few other things I can’t really talk about yet, but I’m very excited for them. One of those things took up my entire Sunday morning, and I still need to finish it before Friday. If all goes well, I will let you guys know. But you can still cross your fingers for me, because I need a little bit of luck to go hand in hand with my hard work.

We couldn’t record on Sunday so the next episode is going to be a little late, sorry. But it’s going to be worth the wait because it will be all about the Oscars! We discuss everything Oscar related, and you can stay tuned for our episode this week. Meanwhile you can check out all the previous Across the Universe Podcast episodes right here.

It was a very uneventful week for me in terms of movies, because I only saw two. Before Sunset and Before Midnight, which as you might have guessed, were for my Blind Spot series. You can read my thoughts on all three movies in the trilogy tomorrow. And no, I did not see any Sam Rockwell movies, which is awful, I know!

There are a lot of movies coming out that I want to see though! Me and my flatmate are trying to find a time to watch Black Panther, and I’m itching to see it! Then, this weekend Game Night will come out and apparently it’s good, plus, I always have a soft spot for Jason Bateman. And, even though I’ve seen it, I’m thinking of going to see Lady Bird again. Though, I’m sure I will have time for just one of them this week, and in that case, it will be Black Panther!

iZombie is back and I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever, even though I just finished binge watching the entire show. Speaking of binging, I also breezed through The Good Fight, and found a newly formed crush towards Justin Bartha. I mean, it’s weird, the crush, but I kinda like it…

Then I started Seven Seconds because I saw Michael Mosley’s face on Netflix and I was like YAAAS! Me and Mosley have this thing, where I tweet about him sometimes (twice about Sirens, once about Ozark and now about Seven Seconds) and he always likes my tweets! I know it’s silly but I just feel giddy when he does it. One time he even replied to me, and it was literally the best moment ever. Which reminds me, guys, if you haven’t watched Sirens, do it now! You won’t regret it, it’s the best thing ever! Oh and yes, Seven Seconds is good too, though it’s a little too slow paced for my taste. It’s created by the same woman who did The Killing and that show was very slow paced too, which I weird because I really loved The Killing.

I finished two books last week. The first one I finished, and loved, was Mariana Zapata’s From Lukov With Love and it was so delicious! If you’re looking for a slow burn adult romance, pick it up, you won’t regret it. If you love figure skating, you’d probably love it even more! Then I picked up another adult romance book, and I since I’m not at all impressed by it, I won’t even mention its name. It was rushed, it was sloppy and just lazy writing. It had a fake relationship trope, which is the reason I picked it up, now I regret wasting my time.

Then on Saturday I bought 5 new books. One of them is so new and hyped that I’m surprised I actually own it already. And even though my currently reading pile is the longest its ever been, I will gladly finish this hyped book before any of the other ones. Can’t help it, I’m a sucker for hype!

Can’t wait for Monáe’s next album, based on this, it’s going to be soooooo goooooood!

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