It’s been another hot minute since I last posted a Commercial Break but I’m determined to keep this feature up and running. Hopefully I figure out a better alternative for 2019, because it’s clear that keeping these weekly posts going might not the best solution. But, it’s still 2018, and there’s no time to waste – here’s what’s been happening.

Last time I posted I was heading to Scotland for a week. Let’s start by saying that it was great! The weather blessed me with only a single day of proper Scottish rain, and the rest was quite dry. Which is lovely when you want to explore the country side and the Highlands. I had amazing tour guides, heard some cool facts about Scotland (most I have now simply forgotten), and saw the Outlander castle from the inside. It was, to say at least, one hell of a good trip and I definitely want to go back!

Then I was thrust back to work mode and that has been keeping me quite busy. Also, there was a film festival happening during the last two weeks of November, and that kept me busy. I saw quite a lot of movies compared to last year, and I will have a list post about it up this week. Now, when you are reading this post, I’m in Amsterdam. Which means again, falling a little behind with the work and then trying to get back on track.

But I hope 2019 will be better. I’m already making little changes here and there. Trying to find a schedule that works for me, and hoping to stick to it. It’s just a lot of things to balance at the same time. Also, I don’t have any drafts prepared, which is a shame because it means I haven’t been writing as much.

Anyway, life has been hectic and I’m simply looking ahead at this point. I do have a few plans for 2019, how to spice things up and broaden my blog a bit but I’m not sure how that will turn out. If you guys are interested in a 2019 Blog Goals post, let me know, then I’ll feel extra motivated to put things down on paper for myself.

Movies.. wow, alright – it’s been quite a good movie month for me in general. In November I saw 19 new movies, and rewatched 2. So far in December, I’ve seen 4 new movies, and rewatched 1. So that’s again, quite a lot of movies to catch up on but I actually find these quick reviews easier than longer ones. As is apparent from my blog where reviews have been sparse occurrences.

I watched Eastern Promises, which was pretty okay but the Russian accents were so confusing to me. Cassel had the worst one of the bunch. Then watched A Fish Called Wanda because I’m stupid and hadn’t seen it from start to finish before. It was great! Then I rewatched How to Be Single and White Chicks during my stay in Scotland, because we had the evenings off to relax and silly comedies were the way to go.

Then I watched Kubo and the Two Strings and it was amazing! I love stop motion animation, the work these guys put to a single movie is just… mind blowing. Then I wasted time on The Princess Switch and Home Again. Unfortunately, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was also a waste of my time. I will review this one for sure, just because I want to rant about it a little.

Oh and I watched Outlaw King in two sittings – it was a disappointment and I expected more. Then I saw 9 movies during the film festival, which I will summarise in another post. I watched Sunset Boulevard and Sweet Smell of Success for Across the Universe Podcast. I liked one more than the other, but you can listen to our podcast episode to find out more. And I also watched The Graduate for the Blindspot, which you can read about here.

So far in December, I’ve watched Coco – cried like a baby! Book Club, which didn’t raise any emotions except that the fact that all the actresses deserved better. Rewatched Home Alone 2, and then went to see Widows very late with my mom, and walked out with a newly found inspiration for writing reviews. So stay tuned, because I’m for sure reviewing that one!

In terms of shows I’m a little lost still. I got an app to track my shows but it’s extremely pointless as I have to check EVERY EPISODE rather than check the entire season. Which means I still don’t have a proper app to track my shows- There is one that I haven’t tried, but it costs 3,5€ and considering the free one I got completely backfired, I don’t want to waste any money on a paid version of the same mess. This is ridiculous… but I mean, a girl’s got to log her shows, so please, help me!

Anyway, I’ve seen The Bodyguard – did I talk about it already? Anyway, if not, it’s amazing and I’m super excited about its Golden Globe nomination. I also started to watch Will & Grace and it is oh so wonderful! I’m 2,5 seasons in and so far it feels so timeless, very funny, and I’m excited to get to the new episodes.

Also, since discovering that Joel Kinnaman is in House of Cards, I sort of want to watch the last season. Only the last one though, but I’ll read the summaries before. I also need to watch Daredevil’s last season, because Wilson Bethel is in it. And then, so many other shows I’m not on track. For instance The Good Place, which I’m behind with a few episodes.

I’m skipping books because I haven’t read much since, only finished two books. But music wise, I’m fangirling over an Italian band Måneskin. I have a few favourites, but this one is a definite stand out at the moment.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing my 5 Star Predictions! And thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Based on this post, it seems as through you’ve been extremely busy and I know how that feels! I really do love your Commercial Break posts though and I really hope you continue to post them or something like them in the future! 😀 <3

    • You are so very welcome! I hope to stick to them too, need to just figure out a way to.. keep up with them. 😀

  • I hope you find a way to manage everything and keep posting Commerical Breaks because I loved them!

    I’m so glad to hear you were blessed with good weather in Scotland. I was in England for 3 weeks years ago, and it rained for 2 weeks. I love rain but it’s not that cool when your plans involve the outdoors.

    I have to catch up on so many shows, I lost track. And there’s so many of them I don’t even know where to start.

    Måneskin’s Torna a casa is my favourite song at the moment 🙂

    Thanks for the link!

    • Thank you for the kind words! I hope so too!
      Oh man, I do feel lucky. The last time I was lucky was when I was in Ireland, they had the warmest summer ever and they literally had no rain for weeks! 😀

      I know, same with the shows!
      Ooh, I take your opinion about Maneskin very seriously, and I’m very happy to like them now! 😀

      You are welcome!

  • Sounds like you had a great time in Scotland!! I think it’d be fun to see a blog-goals post. Sometimes I feel like putting it out there or writing it down keeps me in-check for the rest of the year, even if I end up failing massively. lol I hope you’re able to find a better balance in 2019!

    • Same! I wish better balance to all of us in 2019!! And I think goals are important, if we could only keep to them, that would be amazing! 😀

  • Thank you for the link! My god I still haven’t seen Outlaw King lol 😀 I tried to watch Roma, but i made it through 10 minutes of that. Scotland sounds awesome, I wish I could travel like that or had anyone who would take me in lol

    • You are very welcome!
      I would like to hear your live reaction to the little Pine scene… I raged!
      I need to watch Roma for this weekend… I’m not ready. I need to be strong though!

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