Last week I took it a little easier in the Sam Rockwell front, because I just couldn’t handle more of him without loosing my mind. But I did end up watching three of his movies on Sunday, after I had finally finished three seasons of a show that I really liked. In other words, my second and last week (I can’t stay home longer, it’s unhealthy plus I need to interact with actual people) of sick leave was definitely less productive but it was still enjoyable.

This week our newest episode will be up tomorrow, we discuss the Oscar snub you chose for us, and I get asked about anal beads. So your regular Across the Universe Podcast content. Stay tuned!

Not much to discuss in this section because I didn’t do much. I tried to schedule posts for next week, thought I failed miserably, luckily I did manage to schedule this week so I’m not a complete failure. So 5 weeks worth of posting five posts a week, I’m still alive and I’ll try to keep it up in February as well, even though I feel a little behind at this point but we’ll see. It definitely has kept me on my toes, and put my organising skills to the test.

Sam Rockwell fangirling has not been put on hold but I’m simply doing it more or less undercover. Though, that doesn’t stop me from tweeting and making it to Margaret’s RF’s. I should keep up with watching  at least one Sam movie a week, and tweeting about it, so I won’t loose my place in her RF’s. Luckily this week I was apart of a conversation that included a rooster and sandwiches, which is all you need to know at the moment, because I’m sure Margaret will summarise it on Friday much nicely than I ever could. Plus, I did managed to livetweet Laggies at 3AM yesterday, which sounds very healthy and no, I’m not tired at all…

Started my week with Iron Man 2, for obvious reasons. I didn’t remember Sam was in that movie, don’t hate me, but I only survived this time because of him! I’ve never been a huge fan of Iron Man, and the second movie for me was a challenge first time around, when I didn’t know how to enjoy the presence of Mr. Hammer. God, I hope he comes back, I mean, he is safe and sound in jail, warming himself with a young man (this is proper character development from a Marvel short), and there’s definitely room for him in the newer movies. He even said he would do it!

I also watched Mudbound, which was visually stunning, and rewatched Call Me By Your Name, which is still my favourite. Then I watched a movie for our podcast and it was great! You’ll hear more of my thoughts on that movie tomorrow.

Then, as I already mentioned, I watched three Sam Rockwell movies on Sunday including an awful Don Verdean, the pretty good Matchstick Men and the always amazing Laggies! I will say this, I will never rewatch Don Verdean, because that was just a mess from the plot, to the jokes, to everything. Sam wasn’t even naked in it so that was a huge disappointment. But I will always rewatch Laggies, because that’s like my favourite of his. Though, and this is why I’m struggling with his post, I can’t seem to properly rank his performances in all his movies because he is so good in everything!

So during last week I binge watched iZombie and all its three seasons. The thing was a glorious, funny and pretty much a hunky-marathon because every season seemed to have at least one extra man candy in addition to the two already in the main cast. One’s a fit personal trainer sweetest guy on the planet, the other a tall dark British sexy nerd – but I mostly watch it for the plot.

By the third season, Jason aka Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars is in it, and my mind was blown. This is the guy who I really liked when I was fifteen-sixteen. And it seemed that teenager in me is still somewhat active, because man, I still like him. But the thing is, I’m also currently committed to Sam Rockwell, so I was pretty much over the edge already. So now, imagine me, with teenager-brain, hearing Jason’s character describing his sex fantasy involving a desk in his hotel room and a beautiful woman. Well, let’s say my brain is still trying to fix the damage that was done to me during that iZombie episode.

Sadly, I have to wait until the end of February for the fourth season and I have to watch it weekly – the horror! I’m not used to this, and I don’t know if I can handle the wait. I like to binge things! Which reminds me, I still need to binge Daredevil season 2 and The Punisher. So I can write my review and gush over Jon Bernthal, who has sadly been overlooked these past few weeks due to the whole Rock(well)bottom situation. No worries, Bernthal, you are still in my heart – just not constantly on my mind like Sam, because I have only room for one or two guys in my mind, and more would cause chaos.

There are also new shows coming to Netflix this month, so I might venture to the Altered Carbon world in the beginning of February. Which will be dangerous because I do like Joel Kinnaman, and that would mean binging on something he’s in, and that might not be good for my brain either.

I finished one book this week called The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and it was all I wanted from a YA fantasy! Granted, I saw the end twist coming, sort of, but that didn’t bother me at all. I actually enjoyed the journey, and the fact that the book did surprise me a little of how the twist was played out – not exactly how I expected it to be. Then, because at this point, I’m completely off my TBR plan, I picked up Falling Kingdoms, and so far, it’s pretty good. It has a similar structure and vibe to Throne of Glass, and ironically, both series started in 2012, yet, one is more widely known, the other is not. Will keep you updated how the Falling Kingdoms turns out.

Now, when Lorde’s newest album came out, I didn’t really pay attention to it, but having nothing to listen to while writing, I decided why not. So I gave a listen to Melodrama, and two of my favourites are definitely The Louvre and Liability.

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  • oh come on! i’m better than actual people 😛


    “’m simply doing it more or less undercover.” that sounds incredibly mysterious and sinister….:)

    He said he would do it? Then what the hell is Marvel playing at?! Ah you finally see why my RFs are only focused on two max. It’s too much. It’s exhausting. in a fun way, but still 😛 And you need to see Jesse James before you finish that post! I need to rewatch it but from what I recall it’s the greatest work Sam has ever done.

    Thank you for the link!

    • Marvel has so many characters they probably don’t know how to fit him in but hopefully they do, because camon, he technically wasn’t even a villain and he is alive in that universe (as far as we know) and that’s all that matter at this point.

      BRING HIM BACK!!!!

      You are welcome for the link of course! 🙂

  • This is fantastic. I apologize for not stopping by more regularly, but ask Sati… I’m the worst.

    As a, uh, regular Rockwell fan… I think I need to see Laggies. I don’t even know what’s about, but I assume he’ll be charming and dance at some point…and that’s all I need from SR. His dong would be pure bonus.

    Hahaha….you ladies are killing me lately. I love all the lusting and perving. I gotta join in with a marathon of my own. I just can’t think of any ladies I could binge on….

    Hmmm…. (thanks for the link!!!)

    • Once in a blue moon is enough for be to be honest. I like these rare moments of surprises I get when I scroll down to the comment section and m.brown appears.

      Regular Rockwell fan, ah, shame, the perving really elevates the fan experience I’ve come to realise.

      Please tell me if you’ve seen Laggies already!?

        • Well considering I posted 5 posts every week throughout January, I think I got like one or two comments. 😀

          Horrible, everyone should have seen Laggies by now. I mean, we have been talking about it nonstop for a month!

    • Well, the story in Mudbound is rather depressing but I mean, I’ve heard that people have said it’s too dark but then again, the darkness is what works for this film.

  • I’m halfway through season 3 of iZombie, taking it in one episode at a time. I feel like it’s a filler season, with everyone just planning either to take over Seattle, or expose that zombies are real and the conspiracy theory isn’t bogus. I’m hoping the season finale is great so I can be pumped up for season 4.

    • True, but the season sets up the fourth one so nicely. I like that they took their time in this season, I liked the more comedy aspect of the show, because I had fun. Also, Logan Echolls… unf. My Veronica Mars fangirling is on full speed again, and I might rewatch the first two seasons soon.

      I’m pumped for season 4, I don’t know if you will be but I hope you will! Let me know if you are! 😀

  • I can’t believe I still haven’t started watching Sam’s movies. What am I even doing with my life?! Anyway, thanks for the link!

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