Welcome readers, I’m back again to deliver the weekly recap of my last week. This week again was filled with work, a bit of fun, and a lot of Chris Evans. And when I say “a lot”, I mean the fact that the movie I watched had him naked pretty much the entire time. Now that’s the kind of movies Marvel should be making!

Had three pretty weird days at work. You guys on Twitter helped me through it. The perving went on for hours and it’s a miracle we’re all still alive. Then on Friday, I went to a birthday party, which involved bowling. Turns out, I’m not good.. nor am I bad. So yet again, the averageness in me wins and I have no hidden talents. From there I came home drunk and watched What’s Your Number?. Friday. Night. Well. Spent.

Other than that, it wasn’t much of a week. I have more plans for this week with mom visiting today, with the film quiz during the evening. A work party on Tuesday, getting my nails done on Thursday. And getting my 7th piercing on Friday. Then I have to work a bit, but I do have plans to read, watch some Evans’ movies and write a few blog posts.

Like I mentioned, I watched What’s Your Number? on Friday and well, liked it a lot. There’s no surprise there. And since I’m a lady, I won’t put my actual thoughts on here. But I did live tweet it up until I was functioning while watching. It didn’t last long, I think I lost all function during that bath scene. It didn’t help that I saw this, and then was *whispering* titties to my empty apartment as if that will magically conjure a Chris Evans into my room. PS: Sometimes I wonder if people I work with end up here, read this and think I’m weird… then I think, they probably already know I’m weird.

But back to our regular programming. Before Friday, on Wednesday I also watched Hunt For the Wilderpeople. It was so good! So I decided to watch it again on Sunday with my flatmate. I’m actually glad I waited to watch this after Thor: Ragnarok because I would have gotten my hopes too high for Thor. Because, surprise surprise, I think Wilderpeople is a better film of the two. There, I said it. Feel free to send Captain America here to give me some “Marvel lessons”…

Watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople for the second time gave me a tiny scare though. I will probably forget to mention this movie in my Best of 2018 movies because it’s not this year’s release. Which then gave me an idea. Needless to say, I now have an Evernote page titled Best Movies I Saw in 2018. A list which I will try to add to, small comments, small scenes, and actors and actresses. In hindsight, this should provide me enough information to compile a much more in depth list next year. Because not going to lie, this year’s Best lists were boring. I’m gonna push it harder for this year’s lists for sure!

On Sunday night I caught up with Shadowhunters (still pretty bad), Timeless (still pretty good), and finished watching Glitch‘s season 2. Out of all of them, Glitch is by far my favourite and I hope they get season 3 to tie up the loose ends. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing one character in particular on screen again. And trust me, he doesn’t really have to do or say much, I just like to look at him. He is one of the reasons I’m thinking of writing a post about Glitch, even though I’m way behind with reviews and other things.

I finished a book just like I promised! Little Fires Everywhere, that is already being made into a mini-series by Reese Witherspoon, and it was pretty good. I liked how small the plot twists were, and how minuscule the actual plot really was. Just a small rift in the lives of these people, and so much happened. I didn’t enjoy the open ending though. It will be especially frustrating to see this happen in a show as well.

Right after, since that’s always the best way to get over a book (as I’ve heard), I picked up Three Dark Crowns and it was a really good decision. It has been so long since I’ve actually put a book down against my will because it’s too late and I had to sleep. Oh well, I’m definitely going to finish this book this week and I already own the sequel too.

Going to sound like a broken record but Shawn Mendes is so good. I’m sorry, I know he’s like a child compared to my old age but he just gets me. Hah. Anyway, this week I’ve been playing Lost in Japan a lot.

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Special bonus segment for this week’s Commercial Break is the Sunshine Blogger Award. I was tagged by Katy over at Oh So Geeky to answer a few questions. I won’t be tagging anyone myself, but I will be answering Katy’s questions.

What movies are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

Since I’m unlucky, I get to look forward to Love, Simon in June! That’s right. I have to wait for it for so long, while others have already seen it. But Mission Impossible: Fallout is also high on my list.

If you could be a superhero, what would your special power be?

Being invisible. I mean, it would come in handy… plus I’d have like a side career of taking certain pictures of certain actors and selling them to fans for a acceptable sum. Not too much, because I’m still a superhero and I’m there to help people out.

Who would you love to play you in a movie of your life?

I would play me. Sam Rockwell will play my friend and eccentric neighbour, Chris Evans will be my flatmate and model (I’m taking up sculpting and he’ll pose for me.. nude), and Jon Bernthal will be my bodyguard, because I’ll have made tons of money off those Evans sculptures and need protection.

What is your favorite movie genre?

This is actually pretty difficult. I will say sci-fi though, because that’s were my favourite movie gems come from.

If you could play a game with Jimmy Fallon on his show, which game would you pick to play?

Water War. But opposite to Chris, Sam or Jon – or all three.

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Probably hide out at my apartment. Would stack it with food, catch up on my reading. Won’t be going out in the dark. And then starve eventually, I guess. Man, this is a bleak thought.

If you could invite three fictional characters over for dinner, who would you pick and why?

Oh boy. I know Margaret answered this with three comic book characters so I won’t repeat Captain America but I would definitely invite him otherwise. But to mix things up: Sam Bell, Max Rockatansky and Chief Hopper. I’m going for that mad, crazy night out with beer, dancing and hearing crazy stories about clones, the dessert and the Upside Down.

Besides blogging, what are your favorite hobbies?

I love to read, and I’ve recently picked up a plant hobby. So far the plants are all alive so I guess it’s working.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Go to a red carpet premier.

What are your proud of accomplishing in 2018 so far?

Honestly, nothing at the moment but I’m working on it.




  • Oh you are such a lady. Making sculptures. Oh that is cute. My soul already descended to the deepest circle of Hell while imagining what would went down, as I was answering Katy’s questions, it’s just waiting for me down there now lol.

    “The perving went on for hours and it’s a miracle we’re all still alive.” – I’m pretty sure Mario is never ever talking to us again 😛

    *whispers* titties

    • I am a lady… when I focus hard enough and only type out things I would not be embarrassed about in front of co-workers…I think a few read this blog. 😀
      And Mario should be used to this already, his built up a tolerance… and acceptance. 😛
      *whispers* titties

    • It was! It was so sweet, and now every time I hear somebody say “Jesus” I automatically hear Taika Waiti’s voice and his accent. That scene cracked me up so bad!
      I agree, shirtless Evans in movies is the only way he should be in movies!

    • So far it’s good. I’m not entirely sure I like the three POV’s, I’m getting a little frustrated with multiple main characters in a single book. It just, I don’t know. I’m having a weird reading year. 😀

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