Another month has passed, and I’m still trying to get my groove back. Somewhere back in February I lost it, and now March has passed – and I’m still a little lost. Let’s hope April brings a little clarity.

Since I skipped last week’s Commercial Break I have a bit more to talk about. For instance, I got a new tattoo. And in case you ever plan to get anything on your ankle, trust me when I say it hurts bloody murder. But I love it, and I’m planning to get a similar one on my other ankle. (Apparently I love to hurt myself). Oh, and it’s a goldfish.

Then I had a killer work weekend which is why I skipped last week’s post. I think I’m still recovering from that sleep wise. I almost had my sleep schedule balanced and now it’s f*cked again. Anyway, hopefully this week will straighten things out a bit.

And then, I spent 3 hours bombing Sofia with coding problems to get a button between the feature image and the title. She is amazing, I don’t know what I’d do without her! For her coding is fun, for me not so much but I love the end result! For now it’s only on the Blindspot posts and reviews, but I plan to design one for each post.

Since we are busy, and I haven’t dabbled with editing yet, we are running behind on our Across the Universe Podcast episodes. But have no fear, as soon as an episode goes up, I’ll update you guys. In other words, Annihilation episode is still going up, and the next one will be a fun list!

Meanwhile, I did a thing, and that thing was another podcast. Jay from The LAMBcast was kind enough to invite me as a guest to their #420 episode. It’s all about Ready Player One, which I saw (and read). As far as my podcasting skills go, I think I have room for improvement. Also, I’m no expert on Rotten Tomatoes scores either. But I’m starting to feel more comfortable, so there’s still hope.

In March, I watched seven movies. Only seven and most of them I didn’t even like. The last movie I saw was Ready Player One, and you can hear more of my thoughts about it when The LAMBcast episode goes up. I could also probably review it afterwards but considering how behind I am, it’s unlikely. The best of the best in March was Black Panther and Lady Bird (re-watch). The worst were Red Sparrow and Gringo.

April will be a hell of a month because well, Infinity War is coming out and I’m prepared to cry my eyes out during an IMAX screening. I’m seeing it on the 25th. If all works out, I will review it right away because I want to stay relevant. But also, A Quiet Place comes out in the beginning of the month and I really want to see that! I’ve only heard great things, so I’m super bumped and ready to be scared sh*tless.

It Follows was a very good horror movie that had a very important message. Now the creator of that film, David Robert Mitchell, is bringing out a new film called Under the Silver Lake. It stars Andrew Garfield, who I actually like as an actor. The film looks good, interesting and hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Here is the reason why I haven’t watched a lot of movies, I’ve been binging on TV-shows like a mad woman. First up, I’m all caught up with The Good Fight, The Good Doctor and iZombie. Then I watched all the new Shadowhunters episodes. That show is still so bad but hey, I’m allowed at least one guilty pleasure (or more) every now and then. After that I caught up with Timeless, which is still a fun show.

And even though I almost finished The Crown’s Season 2, I haven’t seen the finale yet. And that reminded me that I still have to finish Altered Carbon. Those two shows are really heavy, and I wasn’t in the mood for heavy so I binged Santa Clarita Diet’s second season. It was so fun and I will definitely review it soon. After that, I got a little confused and watched the first episode of Requiem – at night, which was a bad idea. The show seems good so I might continue. Then binged Glitch’s first seasons. Reviewing that one too but I mean honestly, by the rate I’m going, these reviews will be up next year.

As for shows that I want to binge soon, Riverdale’s second season is up there. Lucifer’s newest season is on my list. Then Tabula Rasa caught my eye as well. But considering the fact that I have spent so much time on shows lately, I really need to shift my focus on other things. Movies and books for instance.

Speaking of books, March was definitely a very slow month for me in terms of reading. I read four books, one a really quick adult romance book, another a poetry collection. Third one was a book I had started in October! And the fourth was Children of Blood and Bone which was by far my favourite! This month I also bit the bullet and finally subscribed to Owlcrate. The shipping alone is super expensive but I have a feeling it will pay off.

In April I will try to read more, starting with finishing the books I have already started. And if I get my reading mojo back, I will try to pick up at least half of the books in my latest Fictional Friday post.

The Weeknd released a new EP My Dear Melancholy and it’s gold! All the songs are great but my favourites are definitely Call Out My Name and Wasted Times. There is a theory going around that this EP is all about Selena Gomez, and if so, man, heartbreak really suits The Weeknd (sadly).

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  • I started Lucifer last month and I’m loving it – I’ll be spending the rest of the month watching seasons 2 & 3. I’m excited to watch Ready Player One. I heard it was different from the books but I hope I end up liking it.

  • Yay, I’m glad everything worked out with the coding!

    Man, I’m so behind on blogging that I haven’t even read Nikhat’s post 🙈I have tons of reviews but I’m thinking people don’t really care about month-old movies so… we’ll see. Now I’m clearly catching up on blog reading 😅

    Ahhh A Quiet Place premieres here on May 3rd only. SO excited you subscribed to Owlcrate, always wanted to!!

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