Phew, I feel like a huge stone just fell off my chest and I can finally breathe! My epic pretty-much-endless-scroll-collage of a 1000 scenes from a 1000 movies as Mettel Ray’s 1000th post was published, and I feel almost free. But I know that I can feel completely free only if I say the following…



So, to those of you who still don’t know, I’m from Estonia and we speak Estonian here. In other words, when I speak in English, I have an accent! But turns out, that’s exactly what two very awesome chicks named Nikhat and Sophia were looking for… And that’s right, I am the newest member of Across the Universe Podcast and I like it!

We will have new episodes up every other Tuesday, with themes such as Marvel, horror, romance, actors, noir etc! And since we are so different, and a bit similar as well, it’s great fun listening to us discuss all things film related. And yes, this was a shameless promotion paragraph which tells you to listen the Across the Universe Podcast’s latest episode where we share our Top 3 Marvel Movies!

Lastly, please forgive me if I come off a little weird in the first few of episodes. I’m just getting the hang of it, the talking and chatting, the formulating words out loud thing. And it’s probably because I’m so used to typing my thoughts that it’s hard to formulate them as actual verbal sentences. But I’m sure I’ll improve soon and we have so much planned for future episodes!


So… how have you all been? Have any of you, uhm, noticed that I haven’t uploaded as much lately? Because I feel like shit about it and I’m sorry! I was literally in a slump these past few months but I’m slowly crawling out of this hole and trying to get back on track with my life. There have been all sorts of personal mindgames going on, and by personal, I mean my own mind playing games with me. At times I feel emotionally empty, and then I’ll be in a good mood but mentally exhausted, and it’s just… my life’s a shitshow, and I’m currently dealing with it.

But not to sound like a downer, I do feel like I’m slowly starting to get my stuff together. I’m motivated to write again, I’m eager to read, I’m actually WATCHING things again! Seriously, this is an improvement and I know that I say this so often, but I do want to post more and I want to post more outside my comfort zone. Which is like my tiny little dream, and this 1000th post sort of gave me that (hopefully) final push to go for it. To try something new, to break out of my habits.


While I was keeping a low profile, some really disturbing and hurtful things became public about a very well known man in the entertainment business. I’m not going to mention him, I have never mentioned him on my blog, and now I won’t start today. But I’m sure you are all aware of what I’m talking about. The said article sparked many women to tell their stories, and not just celebrities, but regular everyday women, who have experienced sexual harassment. And while I find the act of coming together through hurtful experiences and sharing painful memories empowering, the fact that there are SO MANY OF US, is the most heartbreaking thing ever.

Being a woman shouldn’t come with a price.. a price of being someone who must go through things that aren’t decent. Being a woman shouldn’t spark inappropriate moments between co-workers, acquaintances, friends, strangers etc. Being a woman shouldn’t mean having to think about how you might look in that dress, or how you might ask for it by wearing it. Being a woman shouldn’t be about being constantly afraid of being approached by unwanted people. And being a woman shouldn’t raise doubt whether it happened or not. If a woman says it happened… it happened.


But let’s move to better things, in other words, things I’ve recently watched. In terms of movies, I only saw Blade Runner 2049 this month but I quite enjoyed it. Then I also plan to see The Snowman this week with my mom because that’s the perfect movie for us! Plus, I have high hopes for its plot twist!

Despite my lack of interest towards movies, my TV show game has been on point lately! I finished Big Mouth‘s first season on Netflix, I also binge watched Mindhunter, also Netflix, and I got to the 6th episode not just with 13 Reasons Why but also with Narcos (both Netflix)! And I’m on track not just with Project Runway, but with The X Factor UK and Broad City!

The show that sort of sparked my love for TV shows again was definitely Mindhunter! Since I binge watched the whole first season in like a day, I felt like I was back to my old self again. That’s the appeal of Netflix, getting it all at once. And though it feels toxic, I wouldn’t want to wait for Mindhunter every week, I would want it all at once, reading like a 10 hour movie! Stay tuned for its special post later this month.

The amount of shows I have been watching has influenced my reading though, so I’m now, for the first time this year, behind with my reading challenge. At this point, I’m not even sure if I’m able to catch up, and if I manage to read 70 this year. That being said, I’m still reading, I got through The Queen of the Tearling and its sequel The Invasion of the Tearling. Liked both, so picked up the final book of the trilogy as well. Also plan to read John Green’s new book Turtles All the Way Down and reread one of my favourites for a little special post I have had planned for a while.


I know this song has been around for a while but since I got tickets to see him in April, I’ve been listening to his album non stop! It’s so good!


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  • Ahh!! It’s so cool that you’re a part of a podcast! I’ll totally be checking that out!

    I’m so glad that you’ve been able to find your groove and that you’ve been watching more movies and tv shows lately! I’ve hit a bit of a reading slump so I know that feeling all too well right now! I’m hoping to snap out of it soon!

    Thank you so much for featuring me once again! I also hope to have more film & television reviews up in the future! I just need to get my groove back! I also started watching Mindhunter, but I’ve only seen the first two episodes so far! I can’t tell how I feel about it yet, but I’m still willing to give it more of a chance!

    I can’t wait to read all of the reviews that you put up soon! 😀

    • Yaaas! It will be all about movies and shows but we are thinking about mixing things up and maybe having a literature topic here and now, which you know, I will definitely mention you in as a plug. Which is a thing. Man, I’m still such a newbie with this podcast thing but I’m getting there! 😀

      I like Mindhunter, I’m thinking about writing a solid review for it because damn, it was.. It really helped with the mojo – I’m in love with TV shows again! Yay!

      I will try to get reviews up asap! One for tomorrow for sure, not sure which one though. I’m so behind… I might skip all the ones I haven’t reviewed though, maybe.. ughhhh, I don’t know! I’ll know by tomorrow!

      • Ooh! That’s so cool! I love it! 😀

        I really need to just push through the next episode or two of Mindhunter I think. I just haven’t found my groove with it yet! I can’t wait to potentially see a review of it from you!

  • Yay for being the new Chick with Accent! You seem like a natural fit to take Mette’s place. I enjoyed your first episode.

    Your section on Me Too is spot on. The level of discomfort, harassment, and violence woman face is completely unacceptable. Hopefully this changes the tide in Hollywood. There are too many good, talented people to give abusers these positions.

    Lastly, I am so excited to start Mindhunters!! I was already in the middle of (finally) watching Daredevil, so I want to finish that first and then I’ll be completely ready to dive in.

    • Thank you!! And the compliment, man, thank for that as well! Imagine me in 10 episodes, a total pro! 😀

      Oh and that, that topic itself is so hard. I don’t want to drag it on by sharing my version of it but I just wanted to say in short that I’ve been there, and I think all women have been. Some maybe don’t even acknowledge it because it’s such a intertwined part of society for some fucked up reason.

      Oooh, let me know what you think of Mindhunter!! I’m a huge fan!

  • YOU’RE A CHICK WITH ACCENT!! Feels good to say it publicly 😂
    Thanks for the link! And thank you for recommending Mindhunters, you were right, I’m loving it!

  • Girl, with that 1000th post of yours you deserve some down time lol.
    Congrats on joining Across The Universe! That’s amazing.
    I really need to binge Ozark on Netflix. I’ve heard great things about that one. I Liked 13 Reasons Why.
    Thanks for the link!

    • Haha, well down time is over, I took it before the 1000th posts, lol.

      Oh yes, Ozark is on my list as well, but I still have 13 Reasons Why to finish!
      And you are welcome!

  • Oh, congrats on becoming part of the podcast! I barely have time to read so I never listen to podcasts, sadly. Awesome that you are praising Mindhunter I hope I’ll watch it this week! And of course Narcos is tons of fun 😛

    • I had the same feeling about podcasts but I’m slowly becoming a fan of them! I just find it hard to do something while listening to podcasts, and not doing anything while listening to them is not an option. I also have like a 10 minute commute to work so.. that doesn’t help. 😀

      Oooh, I’m excited to read what you think of Mindhunter!

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