Considering I had a pretty free week, I did absolutely nothing. I even managed to forget my blog-birthday which is the first time that has ever happened. Watched only one movie, binged a on shows and didn’t read anything! And the listened to This Is America for 100 times in a row. So yes, I’m wasting my time left and right, later feeling guilty about it. I’m doing great!

On Monday I went to a Rag n’ Bone Man concert which was pretty good! He has such a great voice, and the band was so versatile, definitely among my favourite concerts. Though I think it’s hard to dethrone the current favourite Imagine Dragons – that concert was amazing!

Tuesday was a complete waste. I did absolutely nothing, and like I said, I forgot my blog-birthday as well. Luckily I remembered during a meeting, and managed to come up with a quick idea. I posted 8 blog posts from 8 years of blogging, and that trip down the memory lane really gave me some motivation. I can’t believe I have spent so much time on pointless things this year! That being said, I won’t start making any promises because I suck at keeping them.

The rest of the week was less productive and my Monday this week wasn’t any better. It’s safe to say change is on its way but we’ll see.

I participated in another Lambcast recording on Sunday. It was the Lampardy episode… and I was not the worst. I didn’t expect much from myself but I did get some things right. I also got very obvious ones wrong but hey, that’s the game.  It was a very awesome and I’m again richer by an experience. Even though missing the Chris Evans question is going to haunt me forever. (I’M SO SORRY!!!) You can find everything about it, including MOTM choices for June right here.

Like said, I only watched one movie last week and that happened to be a shark movie. I’m not proud but I actually enjoyed The Shallows more than I expected. It was so over the top at times, but it was a very compact movie and Blake Lively wasn’t half bad. You can read my Letterboxd review here.

But I did watch an entire season of The Rain over the weekend. It’s a Danish Netflix show about a virus that wipes out half the population through rain. The post-apocalyptic world has been done so many times but there’s a very interesting twist to the show in its final episode. I mean, it isn’t perfect but The Rain has its moments and I really ended up caring for the characters.

I also continued my Drop Dead Diva marathon and I’m not on season 3. It’s going well, and I will probably get to season 4 by the end of the week. Though I know, I know, I should be reading instead.

Is there anything else I could possibly share? No there isn’t. Here is Childish Gambino‘s latest instant hit song/music video This Is America. It’s heavy on symbolism, hard truths and an instant favourite of mine.

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