First week of 2018 has come and gone, too quickly for my taste but there’s plenty more to come. Plus, I’m proud that I started off the year on a strong note – I posted 5 posts last week, made a new banner for Thursday Movie Picks, watched a few movies, binge watched an entire show, AND pulled my back because apparently I can’t enjoy myself without something extra special.

So how was my first week? Other than still being sick for the first half, then pulling my back on Friday morning, it was pretty alright. I had only two days of work this week, which was nice but my weekend plan of adventuring somewhere and/or meeting up with an old friend, I was stuck at home nurturing my back. It was alright though, I mean, I had just stumbled onto another show I really like and I had lots of posts to write with me going for that 5 times a week thing this year!

PS: No the bad back is not a sex injury either, I’m just old and broken.

I’m worried I won’t make every week as productive but I will give my best. The biggest struggle are the reviews, which I tend to write too long and the longer they are, the more time consuming they will obviously be. Not letting myself get flustered by it though, just trying to keep moving and writing. Maybe not so much moving, because my back still hurts.

Last but not least, I read Jon Berthal’s Esquire interview and woah. I had no idea how rebellious he was in his youth and later in life. Part of me was like, oh no, and then the other part of me (the majority) is still totally into this bad boy. Plus, I loved reading about his preparation for Wind River, he had such a small role but Berthal worked the hardest, which showed on screen as well!

Oh, and then the Golden Globes. I think I will restrain from commenting on everything but I will say this. It was amazing and empowering to see all these women and men dressed in black. It was a statement we should always remember and cherish. And the second thing I want to comment is SAM ROCKWELL BEING A GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER! Yaaaaas! I’m sorry but, I don’t even care about anything else, the winners, the snubs, I don’t care because Sam fcking Rockwell finally has a Golden Globe and I hope it’s not the last of him we get to see on stage accepting an award this year!

The first movie I saw this year was an Estonian classic, which I’ve loved since I was little. Then I watched Black Mirrorย season 4, which is more like a show but since I logged it into Letterboxd as movies, I’m going to share my thoughts about it here, plus the episodes are like short films.

USS Callister – fun and colourful. The idea was great, and I loved how the bad guy was defeated. Also, prime acting from everyone, and Jesse Plemons always delivers.

Arkangel – actually the scariest of them all, because it feels like it could be real. Over protecting your children is not the healthiest and it manifested well in this story.

Crocodile – I didn’t much care for this because I thought the main character was very unlikable and I wasn’t interested in her, happenings. The sci-fi element wasn’t very appealing either.

Hang the DJ – Actually my favourite of the entire season because the characters were both adorable, and the concept was interesting.

Metalhead – A rather pointless episode, and the fact that it was black and white seemed like an overkill. Also, it always amazes me how people seem to make stupid decisions and yet, they have survived a certain amount of time in the post-apocalyptic world.

Black Museum – A nice nod to all the previous episodes, and a very interesting concept but the whole time I was thinking, something was missing. I don’t know what, but I just couldn’t connect with the character at all.

Then over the weekend I watched The Disaster Artist, and it was pretty good. Part of me thinks that I should have watched The Room beforehand, because lot of the appeal of the movie is in its way of capturing the original cult hit and its characters. But I just couldn’t watch it. But, even if the plot wasn’t maybe my favourite, the performances were great, James Franco transformed completely, and he won a Golden Globe for it! It was also sweet how he dragged his brother on the stage with him, Franco brothers forever!

So Netflix was my friend during the weekend, and I binge watched Travelers. Man, I loved it! It was such a good popcorn show. You know, the kind that you just munch on, for days, and don’t overthink it. And I say this because there are definitely plot holes and stuff there, but I just couldn’t care less. It’s a Canadian show, and yet again, Canada doesn’t disappoint!

The plot is about travelers, who come hundred of years from the future to the 21st to change the course of history. They take over the bodies of hosts moments before their deaths, meaning they sort of inhabit the body of someone who was supposed to die. The show has dramatic moments, funny moments, action moments, just the perfect popcorn entertainment for the weekend.

Then, since I’ve given my soul to Netflix, I watched a little bit ofย 3%, which is a Brazilian dystopian show and it’s quite interesting. I think I will at least watch the first season, and after that, we’ll see. Then there’s also The End of the Fucking World which may be good but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

I wasn’t in best form in terms of reading becauseI was binging on shows and watching movies, but I did pick up The Bear and The Nightingaleย by Katherine Arden which I will try to finish next week. I’m having a hard time reading it because it has Russian names, and it just feels a little disjointed. I’m not against the names themselves, it’s just funny to read them.

Well, Justin Timberlake is making a comeback and after releasing the first single, I’m a fan. Filthy has a nice beat, and it’s catchy, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. Really looking forward for his album, which will be released in February 2nd.

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  • Ah! So my sister just made me watch a few episodes of Black Mirror! She chose Hang The DJ and Crocodile from season 4 as well as Shut Up And Dance from Season 3! I’m glad she finally forced me to watch a few episodes cause I really got into it!

    You have some pretty great goals here! I hope you have a wonderful blogging year in 2018! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

    • Oh but I think my favourite episode ever is still the first from season 2. That got me, I don’t know why, but that one got me hard.

      Thank you very much! I hope I will do this blogging thing some justice this year. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’m glad you finished up Black Mirror! I think Hang the DJ was my favorite too, but I was getting major anxiety during it because I thought something horrible was going to happen and I just wanted them to be together. lol

    Metalhead’s ending made the entire episode pointless to me. It had a decent atmosphere that I was getting into, then nope. Pointless.

    Thanks for linking my indie gem. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Metalhead indeed made no sense. I find the risking your life for invaluable things, and just for something more close to a souvenirs, is very irresponsible in a post-apocalyptic world. Three people lost their life because of a stuffed animal for a dying kid… I’m sorry, that’s just stupid. ๐Ÿ˜€

      And you are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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