Well, for some the waiting and spoiler-avoiding is over, we have seen Infinity War and our verdict is in. For me, what felt like the most up-and-down week in 2018 so far, I felt a bit underwhelmed by the latest Marvel entry. I even cheated a little on Captain America with Thor, but let’s not dwell on that too long.

Before I briefly comment on Infinity War, let me recap my last week. As some of you remember, I was sick since the Thursday before last, and by Tuesday last week things got worse. The coughing literally stole my voice for two days, and my eyes didn’t look so good either. Basically, my body literally shut down for a few days. I’m fine now, thankfully, because I have a Rag n’ Bone Man concert tonight!

After my little physical shutdown, I went to my regular “thyroid” check-up. What I mean is that, since I don’t have a thyroid anymore, I need to go to regular check-ups to see if my medication intake is correct. During this consultation I received some good news, I’m on track to get my eyes fixed! You might remember, this whole health issue started two years ago, July 2016 with my eyes swelling up and to this day, my eyes are literally bulging out of their sockets.

Long story short, I look different, and I don’t look like myself anymore. My doctor wanted to try a treatment I got back in fall 2016 again, but since that messed up my weight and ultimately didn’t help at all, I’m not keen on going through that again. Next option, operation. But this will happen in a year, maybe two. So the wait to look normal again begins.

Like I mentioned, I saw Infinity War but right before I went to see it, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier again. Man, my love for Winter Soldier will never be beaten, since it will remain my favourite. Where exactly Infinity War ends up in my Marvel list, I’m not sure. I still need to process a bit.

After seeing this epic movie, I felt like I needed to see Thor: Ragnarok again. I know, it felt like cheating and I guess I was a little bit, but Ragnarok was so much fun! Then, since I’m a huge fan of Tom Holland and his version of the Spider-Man, I watched Homecoming. That movie is so laid back and chill compared to Infinity War. Plus I still think Vulture is one of the strongest villains in Marvel Universe. And I don’t been in terms of strength, but as a character, I really like Vulture.

This week I hope I get to see at least something in the cinema, Isle of Dogs or I Feel Pretty. I know, a Amy Schumer comedy, I must be out of my mind but hear me out. I loathed Snatched, but to be honest, I had a fun time writing it’s review. And since I didn’t write a trash review for Fifty Shades Freed, I need to trash something this year. I feel like I Feel Pretty might be that something.

With so much going on these past few weeks, I was completely behind with iZombie. Good thing I had time Saturday morning to catch up, and now that I have, I’m glad. I still enjoy the show. Sure, it has lost a little of its charm, but it still works. I love all the characters, I love the themes it explores. Do I think Liv deserves a decent, not a one-season boyfriend for once? Yes! Throwing away her boyfriends every season is becoming tiresome.

I also started watching Drop Dead Diva because why not. It has six seasons and it’s on Netflix, so it was about time I ended up watching it.

This week expect to see a TV-show related post! I know, shocker, isn’t it. But I will try to get my thoughts out about a few Netflix shows I’ve been watching this year. Since I won’t be able to dedicate each of them their own posts, it’s going to be an all-in-one type of thing. Stay tuned!

With Infinity War anticipation come and gone, I’m now looking forward to Mission Impossible: Fallout. I can already hear ovaries exploding over Twitter. Anyway, I’ve been hyping myself up with Imagine Dragons Friction, a song which was used in Fallout’s trailer.

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  • I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope you get to ‘fix’ the problem soon!

    I too wanted to see Isle of Dogs this week but there are no screenings in my city, nor nearby 🙁

    Have fun at the concert, and thank you for the link!

    • No worries, I hope to get them fixed soon too but it’s still going to take a bit of time. Oh well, I’m used to waiting.

      I didn’t see it yet, probably going to wait until it’s on DVD.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about things had gotten with not feeling well. But it’s good to hear that your eyes are getting better. I’ll be sending you positive vibes that everything keeps going right!

    Spider-Man Homecoming: is such a relaxing movie, I totally agree. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did. Not sure it would’ve worked without Tom Holland though. And I like Michael Keaton too.

    Friction is an amazing song. I’m listening to it on repeat.

    Thanks for linking my review! <3

    • Yeah, well, life, it’s been a long long two years.

      Oh it worked so much thanks to Holland, he is very charismatic and I feel like a cougar when I say things like that about him but he is so adorable I can’t! 😀

      And you are welcome!

  • Thanks for the link! Ouch, sorry about your eyes, I hope things get better soon! Y’all have no shame with that Thor love. No shame at all lol

    I love Friction, I listen to it in the mornings when I head to work 😛 Come on, Henry Cavill toilet fight!!!

    • Thor love… is still strong sadly. But I haven’t had time to love anything really, which is a shame.

      Henry Cavill toilet fight… it’s going to be epic!

  • I’m glad you love Spider-Man: Homecoming. That film for me felt like a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other Spider-Man films as I felt it was more grounded, funnier, and you really get to know Peter Parker as he’s just trying to be Spider-Man and also be a kid. Vulture is one of the better villains as I like his motivations and for the fact that he’s actually a lot smarter than the other villains.

    • It does, it’s a very different vibe, like Ant-Man it brought a bit of freshness to the Marvel Universe.
      Vulture is so good! I like him a bit more than Thanos I think…… yeah, I like him because he had such a compact goal.. like I like when things are kept in a smaller scale. That’s why I appreciate Homecoming a lot.

  • Friction, how apt. 😅

    Man I’m so sorry about your eyes, it’s a never ending saga. I’m amazed you function at all, when I get eye allergies all I want to do is close my eyes and sleep, so I can’t even imagine what you must feel after all this time.

    I really want to go see Isle of Dogs, and A Quiet Place, as you know. I recently rewatched Winter Soldier and got to admit, that one is now high up in my MCU ranking. Has some of the best action sequences in the whole franchise.

    • Isn’t i? Ha.
      It is, it will be two years in July and it’s getting tiresome a bit but oh well, there will be an end.. soonish.
      Winter Soldier does have really strong action sequences!! It is… awesome!

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