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What started off as a slow and disappointing week, ended with me being sick, reading a book, finishing my work, and perving out to a movie with Chris Evans. So all in all, I would say it was a good week. This one, oh but this one, is going to be a hell of a week for me… and us… and all the Marvel fans – it’s Infinity War Week!!

*calms down enough to focus*

I was supposed to get a piercing and my brows done on Friday, but instead, I got sick. I had a sore throat and a really high fever one night, and now all other symptoms have appeared. Not enjoying the coughing at all but hey, I’ve been through worse. Other than last week’s not so pleasant work load and the fact that I spent 8 hours of my Saturday doing work, I didn’t do much. I did prepare for this weeks posts, and we had a podcast recording on Sunday as well!

This week I have another thing I need to finish by Friday. Get a little reading done. Distract myself from the fact that I’m going to see Infinity War on Wednesday…. and probably have a physical and mental and emotional break down. If something happens, which I have been said won’t because reasons, I wouldn’t have any words to describe my state of mind. Part of me thinks that since everyone’s talking about it, it won’t happen because it’s not a surprise anymore. And that’s what’s giving me hope because I just need Chris and Cap to be okay, okay!? Can I have that? It’s the only thing I want right now.

In terms of movies, I only saw two last week. On Saturday I watched Gifted. I also live tweeted the experience, which was hopefully as fun for me as for those who happened to read it during it or now. I managed to perv while Margaret was perving, and yes, apparently we’re sometimes very synced when it comes to perving. Who knew!? But the good thing is we didn’t tag Mario this time! (See, I’m learning from my horrible mistakes!)

On Sunday I watched my tomorrow’s Blindspot movie. This is the second time I’m cutting it super close and it’s like I don’t know how to plan these things ahead. But honestly, I though there was another Tuesday next week! Turns out there’s not.

Well, anyway, my review will be up tomorrow. And well, since I have some time before Wednesday, I might watch a few movies. They will probably be rewatches of Winter Soldier and Civil War. Though I don’t know if it’s healthy? That amount of Chris in a week should be unhealthy, right? Ah, I can handle it. I’m a grown woman, I can handle anything…

… never mind.

Guys, I haven’t been on Netflix almost at all these past few weeks! After finishing Glitch, I haven’t started anything new nor have I caught up with anything. I’m actually super proud of myself because instead of watching shows, I managed to finish a book this week! Yay me! But honestly though, I really need to get my act together and review all these shows I’ve watched and liked! There’s like, a lot of them.

So the book I started and pretty much finished in one sitting was Autoboyography by Christina Lauren (a writing duo!). While it was sweet and adorable, I did have a few problems with it. You can read my Goodreads review to get a better idea. That being said, I loved how easily I got through this book. I havent binge read anything in a while. But even though I managed to finish another book, I’m still behind with my reading challenge. Whoops.

I listened to something other than Shawn Mendes this week. This time, I discovered Kaleo, who I knew only by that one song. Turns out they have many others, which are actually a lot better. Including Fool, which I’m jamming to while writing this post.


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  • Oh my God that gif.
    I’m so glad you liked Gifted but then again there is no way not to enjoy that movie unless we start thinking about what that lady got to do and what she….shat. Kaleo is awesome. I have been listening to “Way Down we Go” for more than a year for obvious reasons lol. I recently downloaded the exact mix from Logan trailer from youtube so now I’m listening to that all the time. But the rest of the album is very good too

  • Thanks for the link! The helicopter gif was “distracting”, I spent a good amount of time starring at Chris Evans flex. I’m excited to watch Infinity War, though I won’t get to see it until next weekend. I’m hoping that it’s as good as the trailers make it out to be.

  • I’m about to finish writing my review of my Blind Spot which is an intense film but not action-wise but really in a more dramatic sense as it really captures a lot of the ills of the world and how much things haven’t changed since the film’s original release, 35 years ago.

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