I’m starting to feel like there’s not enough life happening for me to post every Monday. I do things, I binge watch things (thanks, Netflix!), but it feels like I could be doing more. That being said, I won’t stop posting every week but I’m simply warning you that there’s not a lot happening right now.

Last week was like every other week except on the weekend I went to see my mom. She had her birthday earlier this month so we celebrated that. We went to see a play about mothers, it was good but could have been a bit better. Then on Sunday we spent 2 hours in a water park. We got 4 hour tickets but honestly, after my fingers got all crinkly, I had to leave. So we lasted 2 hours total but it was pretty relaxing – even with all the little kids around.

On Sunday we also recorded our next podcast episode, where we discussed Annihilation. Find out if we loved it or hated it this week! Are there any upcoming movies you would like us to review? Something less… weird? The next episodes theme is so much fun though!

In terms of movies, I didn’t see anything after last week’s Commercial Break because I wasn’t feeling anything. Or maybe the two crappy movies I recently saw ruined my movie-mood. I did review two movies though, so I’m finally posting a review this week! I know, I know, I promised to be much more consistent with reviews this year and look at me now. One or two reviews a month – better than nothing, right?!

So, I haven’t seen the Infinity War trailer and this will be one of the few movies in recent years that I have tried to keep away until I see it. Therefore my trailer shout out is to this indie movie that could be so good that I hope it is!

With the lack of movies this week I decided it was time to binge watch something on Netflix. My pick, surprising myself, was The Crown and one season later I’m in love! It’s such a great show! I mention it in the podcast too so you can hear more of my thoughts there but I will probably review it too – yes, I’m that obsessed. Plus, I’m thinking that by the time I finish the second season, I’ll pick up Outlander again. I was such a huge fan after I finished season 1 and then I never continued. Now I feel like I have to.

BUT before all that happens, I will binge Santa Clarita Diet like nobody’s business! Which will happen next week because I have a killer work week ahead of me. Also, I retweeted one of the promos for the show and the official Twitter account of Santa Clarita Diet liked it. I felt like I unlocked an achievement or something.

Also, since I’m actually excited about this, I’m so happy that Shadowhunters is coming back this week. Yeah, I know.. I’m surprised too. By the way, I caught up with iZombie last week too and it is now completely ignoring Ravi’s condition. I’m very confused about this season.

I haven’t read anything lately either. Man, I’ve been so lazy. I did pick up Nevernight by Jay Kristoff again because I finally got my hands on its sequel but I don’t a 100% remember the first book. I remember something that I hope is a plot twist in the second book but if it’s not, I’m going to get very emotional!

So the only thing to come out of Red Spy was the fact that Sergei Polunin had a small cameo in it, which reminded me of this video and song. I hope I can see his documentary Dancer soon because I’m pretty sure it will be great!

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  • This is also a terrible month for me. No time for anything. I am thinking about starting the Crown my friend told me it’s awesome and i should check it out, so far I only caught one episode months ago. Matt Smith creeped me out so bad from what I’ve seen

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