# 91 – G&N

I decided to do a little post about yesterdays shows Grey’s Anatomy and Nikita.

Grey’s Anatomy had an interesting twist this week – they made it look like a documentary and kicked us to the curb by telling us that Arizona and Torres are going to Africa! Some Internet digging and looking up news about the two characters and actors it is safe to say that this was just written in because Jessica Capshaw who portrays Arizona just had her second child, congrats! And since they didn’t want to sabotage their relationship they gave Sara Ramirez a small brake too. They’ll be back but for two episodes (as I heard) they could concentrate on other relationships on the show. there was also the return of the Mandy Moore character who didn’t survive – which was sad. Yang is still not a doctor, which makes me really mad but it has made Yang seem more human. That said, it needs to stop soon – something would have to happen again in order to make Yang Yang again! But the best part of Grey’s last episode for me was Karev. I like him and I have liked him in good and bad. But this episode showed a side of Karev that we have only seen a glimpse of, now they kind of hit us with it – he cares, he cares about the kids even though he says he doesn’t and with Arizona leaving I think he will be getting more time with the kids or will there be a doctor filling in Arizona for two episodes? I can’t wait!

Now on with Nikita, I think this show has a lot of potential but because I haven’t really been a big Nikita fan before – people who usually obsess about the movie don’t enjoy the TV-shows. People do those things a lot, like something and then hate the remakes and so on – I think it is stupid to look at things that clearly are so apart from eachother as something connected. Anyway, Nikita as a show has a lot of interesting stories that they keep bringing on the table and not ending them. Last two weeks it was Owen who was the new guy but he went on to do his own thing – story-line stays open. Robbie (Bug Hall) is dead for others but is actually trained to be a cleaner – this weeks episode also kept its episode story-line open. It is only a matter of time when they will have so many open stories that they are starting to overwhelm me – and I like it! They can do what ever they want, they can play around with so many things and I’m kind of excited to see what happens during this season. I bet they get a second season also, even third if they can hold the tention up. The only thing I hope is that Alex and Thom get an episode all about them, or we could se Thoms past! See, this show can go everywhere with the characters because what do we really know about them? By now we know Alex the most because a lot of her past has been already told but everybody else is a big old questionmark. It reminds so much of Dollhouse which was actually cancelled after the second season (which I didn’t enjoy as much as the first because it fell apart a bit) but the first season was good. And it had the same thing, the mystery about almost every character they had – so many questions can be asked and Nikita seems to answer them in the slowest speed possible meanwhile blowing things up and killing bad guys. PS: Don’t you enjoy the fact that Shane West is the bad guy in the makings of a good guy! My favorite characters are always like that – Damon (The Vampire Diaries), Eric (True Blood), Nathan (One Tree Hill)… All bad guys at first but all better guys than the ones who are good in the beginning! I rest my case!

# 85 – No Ordinary Family

I did a big post about upcoming new shows this season and No Ordinary Family is the third one I watched. 3 episodes back-to-back and I was quite pleased. I was rather surprised to find out that the guys behind this show, Greg Berlanti and Jon Harmon Feldman! Together their CV has shows like  Everwood and Tru Calling (creators) while producing a large amount of episodes to Dirty Sexy Money and Brothers and Sisters. So my hopes were set high with this new comer.

I must say, I get the whole superhero thing in movies but based on the fact that I haven’t been watching Smallville and couldn’t watch Heroes at some point forward,  I’m not so sure about superhero TV-shows. No Ordinary Family of course tackles new issues of superhero lives but who knows how this ends up. It reminds me a lot of movies/TV-shows but I guess superheros are getting old and predictable – there isn’t much that hasn’t been done already.

My favorite thing about this show is the dad in the show who is portrayed by Michael Chiklis – well known from The Shield and as Thing in Fantastic Four – he plays a little more softer guy in this show who gets the power of ultimate strength (plus he can jump really high/far). I like him, I haven’t watched The Shield that much (only a couple of episodes at passing) but I was impressed about his interview with Jimmy Kimmel were he did the “butt dance” – check it out, he seems genuinely nice guy.

Mom is super-fast, daughter can read minds and the son is super-smart. There are other superpower people who can teleport or move things with their minds but like I said, it isn’t something I haven’t seen before. That being my biggest concern – the fact that it could get old really soon, I mean I have only seen 3 episodes and I think I have an idea what is going to happen. Maybe that’s my superpower!? I can see the future!

# 84 – 90210 (the new version)

34 hours of watching 90210s’ new version has got my brain into the minds of Beverly Hills elite. I even started hating my wardrobe since it has no pretty dresses nor high heels. But other than that here are my thoughts on the teen show that I started to watch because I was bored and now watch because I like it.

First of all, 90210 is a show about bad marriages, untrustworthy friends and relationships with short life expectancy. Throw in some fast cars, high heels, drugs, money, “no need to diet” bodies and some really crazy story lines and that’s about it. It is entertaining I’ll give them that but after watching 2 seasons in a row I’m rather sick about the relationship drama. The only relationships that have managed to live with out drama longer than 3 episodes are Annie’s (Shenae Grimes). First was Ethan (Dustin Milligan) who was written off the show after season 1 and second was Jasper (Zachary Ray Sherman) who turned out to be crazy and obsessive. There is the Adriana (Jessica Lowndes) and Navid (Michael Steger) relationship that has lasted for almost a season and is still going on (they split in season 2) but I have had enough of the drama involving Adriana – now being tortured by her manager she is trying to become a famous singer. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) who was a self-centered witch (not to use the b-word) was raped in the end of season 2 and is becoming maybe more human in season three. Silver (Jessica Stroup), who was my favorite character up until season 2 ended (she got boring), broke up with Teddy (Trevor Donovan) who is gay but doesn’t know it jet. Dixon (Tristan Wilds) doesn’t have HIV but he thought he had it when he broke up with Ivy (Gillian Zinser) who slept with Oscar (Blair Redford) who was/is sleeping with her mom. Jen (Sara Foster) gave birth to a baby boy and looked like she was going to be a better person – not likely though. And Liam (Matt Lanter) – bad boy turned into a soft bunny – has trouble with his half-brother who is dating Annie who Liam likes. And when you think this is some story line action think about the fact that this is just the summary of the beginning of the third season (5 episodes to be exact).  I’m not even gonna tell you all about the stuff that has happened before because that might take me a while – but this was just my proof that the show has some crazy story telling and the third season started out with nothing good to hang on to – everybody were broken up and drama-drama-drama was in the air.

Other than that I think the show is quite good, it is no True Blood but I think it is better than One Tree Hill later seasons (I mean, honestly! After they rapped the 5th season nothing has been the same – I haven’t even watched it after I stopped in mid 6th season but I have heard about it). Which reminds me, teen TV-shows aren’t that happy – they always brake up people and add drama by putting characters into situations where they yell “I don’t trust you anymore!”. I mean, give me a brake, how come nobody learns from these things – if you have a secret, it is not really a secret and it will brake up your relationship. If you do something somebody will see and you’ll end up paying for it. Predictable, yes! Entertaining, still yes!

The third season for me is exiting because of the gay story line – Teddy is coming out of the closet, ladies and gentelmen! I think that it was about time and Teddy was a good choise to be made into a gay person. For a moment I though that the shows writers were trying to make Liam gay, or scare the viewers for a split second (when he walked up to his half-brother) but since I knew Teddy was the one who was exploring that side of the green-green grass I wasn’t spooked. Oh, Liam – my favoirte bad boy is so soft lately – but his crush on Annie should be over soon. I’m thinking that there will be a new girl for Liam, but not jet – I want him to be all mine. Just kidding.. maybe.

All in all I think I didn’t waste my time watching it, I was entertained and sitting at the edge of my seat a couple of times during the seasons. I found a lot of similarities to One Tree Hill in it and something reminded me of the old version of 90210 or was it Melroce Place – god, I don’t remember them that well but I guess all the drama shows have that same effect on me – mostly predictable story line pile. On that note, here are some of the stills from the show – it is visually interesting (if you are a girl and like fashion). I just noticed that most of the stills (if not to say that all of them) are of Silver and Liam. Guess my favorite characters really stand out – sorry about that.

# 78 – New CW shows: Hellcats vs Nikita

CW came out with two new shows this season – one being Hellcats and the other Nikita. I decided to do a post about these two shows a while back but I thought it was better to see where the shows are taking me – by now, 4 episodes have aired and I have a pretty good idea which one wins. I’m gonna do a different kind of a post this time, I’d like to play around with the characters/actresses/actors of those shows and see who comes up first. Let the battle of the new-comers begin.

But first, a little about both shows:

Hellcats – a show that is based on a book (which show/movie isn’t these days?) revolves around collage cheerleaders. There are many story lines not only with the younger characters but also with the coach and her boyfriend and lover and then there’s this whole daughter mother drama. Basically, it is just another teen drama (like The OC, OTH etc) where the storylines start to grow and involve and I bet there are a lot of secrets hidden in the closets.

Nikita – based on a French movie (that has an American remake and a Canadian show) the story basically fallows the same path I think. Here comes the problem, I haven’t seen any of those (I think) so I can’t really asume that the CW series has the same plot. I think it does and like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, Nikita 2010 has something new on its own to entertain us. Anyway, it’s about this secret agent who wants to bring down the organization that she worked for (a bad one of course). She has help from inside and an agent she probably was romantically involved. A lot of the story line is taken from the past so this show has flashbacks and stuff – I got a hint of Dollhouse watching this.

Now comes the face-off: Hellcats vs Nikita – which is better?

Lead female character: Alyson Michalka (Marti Perkins) vs Maggie Q (Nikita)

From all of the categories I have planned for this post this is the hardest decision. For many reasons I like Marti portrayed by Alyson Michalka and also Nikita portrayed by Maggie Q. Both are gorgeous, smart, strong and independent women going after things they want. You might recognize Alyson from the sister duo band and many Disney and other teen movies. My latest encounter with her was the movie Bandslam where I found her quite tolerable. She is 21 (younger than me I might add) and I’m looking forward of seeing her in her newest upcoming movie Easy A. Maggie Q is a former fashion model and now an actress. I have to admit, I don’t know who she is but apparently she has been in movies like Mission Impossible 3, Deception and New York, I Love You where I should know her from. But I guess I have to remember her now since her performance as Nikita hasn’t been that bad. But when it comes to the face-off for some reason I want to say that despite the fact that Nikita can handle shooting at people I like Marti more. She hasn’t got this killer mission to destroy an organization, so she can take life a little less seriously. Although it seems that she also has her own mission but since it’s much closer to me I find it more realistic and that makes the character more appealing to me. So this round goes to Hellcats 1: Nikita 0.

Lead male character (love interests): Robbie Jones (Lewis Flynn) vs Shane West (Michael)

First of all, Shane wins hands down! so this next part is just to explain this win for Nikita which makes the score Hellcats 1: Nikita 1. First of all, Lewis Flynn portrayed by Robbie Jones is a cheerleader who likes Marti but has problems with his ex and this last point actually makes me wonder about the love-triangle between Payton-Brooke-Lucas and that just makes me sad. I don’t know who he is going to end up with but my guess is that he will go back and worth for a long time (if the show will last of course). It’s actually funny that Robbie himself had a quite big role in One Tree Hill that placed him to the map because he hasn’t done much else but let us hope that this role will give him credit and he can do movies as well. So you can see that I have nothing againts him, he is cute and he can act but next to Shane West who I’ve loved since I saw A Walk To Remember the first time out of “I don’t even know how many times” he has no chance! After ER ended Shane has re-entered the TV-land for my pleasure I assume to give us the complicated character that is Michael. He is on the bad side but has helped Nikita who is fighting on the good side so I think he is good in heart but has this moral obligation for his boss or something. And one other thing you might already know, if you have been stalking Shane like I have, he does this thing with his lips that seems weird at first but then you start to like it – I want him do that ALL the time! Plus, I think his voice is awesome! So, yeah, this is a very subjective win for Nikita but I don’t care.

Second female lead: Ashley Tisdale (Savannah Monroe) vs Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex)

I have nothing against teen Disney actresses who can also sing, I mean I like Alyson Michalka but I guess that is pretty much where my love for them ends. I mean Ashley seems fun and maybe even a little funny but I just don’t like her as a sweet girl like Savannah is in this show. Ashley played the mean girl in High School Musical franchise and there she was okay but her image as a nasty high school peppy person has stayed with me. In Hellcats she is still peppy but she is this sweet lovely girl who doesn’t get jokes – I just don’t like her. Plus the nose is just throwing me off. meanwhile Lyndsy Fonseca who I recognize from the movie Kick-Ass is on a totally different page – she plays this troubled teenage girl Alex who has gone undercover to a secret organization and has to do these crazy missions while giving valid information to Nikita. I mean, you see why this round goes to the show Nikita, right? It’s so obvious! Plus, Lyndsy looks much better than Ashley, more natural and in my opinion prettier, so Hellcats 1: Nikita 2.

Second male leads (love interests): Matt Barr (Dan Patch) vs Ashton Holmes (Thom)

Both Aquarius actors Matt and Ashton are rather unknown but I remember them both. Matt Barr played a crazy person who was after Payton in One Tree Hill, a role that slightly reflects me viewing him as a total a-hole in Hellcats. Ashton Holmes on the other hand comes to mind with House MD where he was sick. But the most disturbing fact is that while Matt Barr to me seems older, he is 6 years younger than Ashton who is, get this, 32 year old who plays as it seems to be a troubled teenager in Nikita. I mean, honestly, does he look 32? I would’ve guessed 26, 27 tops but I guess a lot of the actors now look younger and younger and there is no way telling if they are already married and have kids and mistresses on the side or something. Anyway, since poor Matt played a sicko in One Tree Hill, I have to give this round to Ashton. This decision is also slightly connected to the previous face-off since they both are love interests for them – I find that Asthon and Lyndsy are much cuter looking couple than Ashley and Matt. Hellcats 1: Nikita 3.

Nikita wins the face-off!

And the face-off is ended with Hellcats loosing to Nikita 3 to 1. I’m sorry Hellcats, I just think that the casting has its faults and the story lines seem to be a little shaky for me as well. Nikita on the other hand has a much bigger chance of surprising me in the future since it is based on a mission to destroy a secret government organization while love is in the air. God, how I love when two characters who can’t be together start to have secret meetings in the closet or at a local coffee shop or kiss for the first time under cross fire while they are on a mission to kill the president of a drug company and they both know that this could be the last time they see each other. While Hellcats has already started their love story lines, Nikita seems to be just showing slight indications of those things happening – so the score might as well be Hellcats 1: Nikita 4. But what do numbers matter anyhow, people like what people like and I just like to point out that you should like Nikita more.

# 73 – True Blood Season 3

While the two seasons seemed to end in a hurry the third one took some time – I should have watched the entire season after all the episodes had aired but nothing to do about that anymore.

There are three things about season three I would like to write about – first are the new characters, second: things I liked/hated and third – Bill/Sookie/Eric. It will definitely give away a lot of the plot this season has, so I don’t recommend reading this if there is a slight chance you’ll start watching this show. And the other thing is – there are posts about the first two seasons too – read them first in case you haven’t seen the show, other wise you will not understand most of this post.

New characters – there were quite a lot of them this season or it just seems that way. Anyway, there was Crystal who is/was Jason’s love interest and who actually has this dark secret – she is a panther or whatever they are called. (I read from the book summaries that Jason will share this secret but you’ll never know if Alan Ball fallows the books but there is a little itsy bitsy hope because the books have this plot that I really love which isn’t happening to the series though!) Also, somebody new for Lafayette – Jesus who also isn’t just a regular human – he’s a which, and Tara gets a crazy ass vampire named Franklin as her lover, Alcide, a man who helps Sookie a lot in this season,  is a werewolf. Do you see a pattern? Apparently there aren’t any new characters who are regular people – just supernatural beings that are a) helping or b) not helping at all! But let us continue, my favoritee new character in this season was actually Sam’s little brother who he discovers to have the same “curse” that he has – Tommy. He is this troubled kid who Sam saves but then he goes nuts! Sam, not Tommy and I don’t even get the reason. Yes, he has a troubled past and it’s kind of catching up with him but after what happened to him last season I wasn’t expecting him to loose it like that. Anyway, he shoots at Tommy! That happens in the final episode of the season and it isn’t showed if he really kills him or not – the only thing that makes this wait for the next season hard! Since the main plot this season is the politics there was a lot more Sophie-Anne (queen!) portrayed by Evan-Rachel Wood who I actually really-really like! and this seasons bad guy Russell! (He’s boytoy-vamp Talbot wasn’t a big character but since he was the center of Russell’s life, the idea of him was important.) Russell as a bad guy had a mission – to wipe out the human race and rule the vampires – he was later buried under cement to think about the things he had done in 3000 years! There were smaller characters but these are those who a) stay for the fourth season b) made a big impact.

Secondly, the things I liked or hated about this season. I really liked the plot of the season, the politics thing with lots and lots of plans inside of plans and fake plans and lies and deceit! If I think about it, there was so many moments when I thought that this was it, this is the truth but everybody had a secret plan. Eric was the main character in this season, his plot made the whole season stay together because it was his revenge on Russell that put everything in motion. His interaction with the queen and Russel and Bill were so tricky I don’t even remember everything but I do know that among the “Kill Russell” plan, that Eric had, he was trying to find out what made Sookie special. Which brings me to the queen who hired, get this, BILL to get close to Sookie and bring her to her! This was revealed at the end of the season by Eric! That I loved, because this made Bill a bad guy and it was a twist that I wasn’t expecting because this turns the previous seasons into a lie, sort of. (As a side note – I didn’t enjoy the matrix vampire flying fight between the queen and Bill AT ALL – and it seems to continue in the pilot episode of season 4!) Oh, and I didn’t like Sam going nuts but I enjoyed Lafayette’s love-affair and loved that Tara left, I didn’t really like her but I’m afraid that she’ll be coming back – shoot. Seems like everything I’m talking about comes from the last episodes but what else can I do, I remember them the best – oh and Arlene didn’t loose the baby but she’s still looking like she doesn’t want the killer baby. Oh, and Hoyt and Jessica got a house that is probably haunted or something – that’s what we need – GHOSTS! Other than that, the whole show is still well made and hasn’t lost the touch of artistic feel that it seems to have over the other shows – maybe it is the dark humor that True Blood brings and the witty writing – my favorite quote: “If you two stop eye-fucking, we can leave!” This shows that True Blood can enrich your language.. I’m using that sentence next time somebody stares at me or something!

And the third thing – Bill-Sookie-Eric. The three of them have this triangle that I in some ways love and then hate at the same time! I am team Eric! I have never liked Bill. This might have to do something with Stephen and Alexander though – okay, it might be all about that but the my record also shows that I like bad guys who turn good guys and Eric is a bad guy who is actually a good guy. Anyway, this trio might bring some trouble into the fourth season because I’m hoping that after Sookie comes back from the fairy-land (oh yes, she is half fairy, that being the reason why vampires want her/like to drink her, plus her blood can give them about a minute or two in the sunlight – awesomeness!) where she went just seconds before the season 3 ended – a sad moment… can’t wait for season 4!

Here are some stills from the entire season, mostly Eric – sorry Bill, I just don’t like you!

# 70 – The Vampire Diaries


Just finished watching The Vampire Diaries season 2 premier “The Return” and I just sat there with my mouth open while the last 5 minutes of the shows first episode of season two rolled in front of my eyes. If there is a great way to make a season start, this is one of those ways! Just hard hitting shock moments with questions about the next episode and the whole season rising into your mind.

The saddest thing for me was to see Damon getting those “I love only Stefan” quotes from both Katherine and Elena. And then the shock moment of him killing Tyler who didn’t really die because Elena’s father probably gave him the ring that saves people from supernatural death. Why? Oh, why did Damon flip out like that! And why is that both Elena and Katherine love Stefan? or is it just Kathrine playing the game like there’s no rules?

Anyhow, this season premier just made me want to write about it – it was that good! Hope the next one will deliver many more jaw dropping moments!

# 46 – True Blood season 2

Watching True Blood is like an addiction – I’ve spent a day (24 hours) watching it and just now finished the second season. One thing I have to say, it goes on perfectly like a fluid movie and the story lines keep on going. But ending the second season like that was just torture,  I was lucky that I had the chance to watch the first 3 episodes of the third season right after. So my torture wasn’t long. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the end of the third season because I have to wait until the next summer and that just might be too hard for me.

Anyhow, did I liked the second season? Oh yes I did! Manly because there was a lot of Eric in it and he is just delicious. I don’t know what it is but I like bad vampires more than the ones like Bill. Even if the actors were different, I’d still be a fan of Eric. He is to me the character you read and like because he has that mysterious side to him and to watch Alexander Skarsgård play him is pure pleasure. Over 6 feet (1,93m) tall, blond with strong features – it just screams mysterious. But at times it feels that it is easier to play a bad guy, although in this case Eric is more of an “I’m bad, I’m good, I don’t care” guy. Bill on the other hand is that character who you’re going to like or not. But usually for me, the couple who gets together right at the beginning is boring and I want the underdogs (Eric) to get the final laugh. (I like the torture too when two characters belong together but they just don’t know it or just lie to themselves – Bones is a good example!) So that is why I’m team Eric on this one, just like I was team Jacob before all the movies started coming out – totally ruined the books for me (haven’t even read the fourth one).  Anyway, go underdogs – woof woof!

Similar to the first season, the second one had a main plot – this mysterious creature that attacked Sookie. But that’s not all – there is also this new social worker that starts helping Tara and Lafayette gets kidnapped by Eric – who got highlights but got blood all over them and had to cut his hair which was totally a better look for him! (This brings up a question – vamps are dead and everything heals after they get attacked or in Jessica’s case loose their virginity – but the hair doesn’t grow back? Oh well, all the series have those little itsy-bitsy mistakes, I mean, Edward has glitter all over him, so who can say that a perfectly good haircut is a mistake – so I’m gonna take it back!). And change in Erics appearance wasn’t the only thing that changed – Jason almost didn’t have any sex! I mean, he was hardly naked – although, Eric was.. and Bill .. and Sam. There was a new love interest for Tara and he was naked too. Baby vamp Jessica got a lot of screen time as well. And there were so many moments at the end of the season that I can’t even talk about – awesome is the word for those scenes that made me all shivery inside and I have to admit, I cried one time during the season but not gonna tell you where – those who are fans probably know , others – just watch the show already! One thing about the second season as well – in my head, its all just one big story and I can’t make out the episodes – this shows that watching True Blood in one sitting gives it a whole new meaning. Plus, when most of the episodes end you just can’t go to bed because you want to know what’s gonna happen next.

I have to remind you that what is great about True Blood, is the writing – along with the acting it makes those ironic and sarcastic (with a lot of cursing from Sookie!) dialogs interesting and enjoyable. And I can’t tell you how much I enjoy it as it goes on like a really long movie (I know I repeat it but most shows have something new in every episode, True Blood carries the same plots from start to end during many episodes). One season is like a 12 hour marathon with blood and vampires and blood and vampires – just adorable. But since the third one is airing now and I have watched all the episodes that have aired at this point I got sad so I decided to read Sookie Stackhouse’s books too. They are different I have heard but since the characters are the same and there is something very good (for me)  to look forward in the latest books – so I must get to them fast. I’m guessing I have to start posting about books too – just kidding, I’m gonna stick with the movies and TV-shows. After all, I’m a fan of the show first and a reader of the books second.

So stay tuned for more blood!

# 45 – New Shows 2010

Here are couple of previews of the new shows coming this fall. This happens every year since a lot of the shows don’t last and are canceled after the first season (or in some cases after couple of episodes). This is why Accidentally on Purpose isn’t returning this fall which to me is sad because I found it to be better than Cougar Town which got its second season. Anyhow,  here are some trailers of the new shows – some of which I am excited about, some I don’t care much for and some have actors I’m excited about but not the show itself.

ABC’s No Ordinary Family: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbBplfoXBbY]

ABC’s Mr. Sunshine: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCmPPEs6wN4&feature=related]

CW’s Hellcats: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDvVkSOhUAY&feature=related]

CW’s Nikita (just want to see Shane West): [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoTz17GWxjs]

NBC’s Perfect Couples: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2SwWjGRJHY]

NBC’s Friends with Benefits: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWpQvZJft5Q&feature=channel]

NBC’s Chase: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iySot267PvU&feature=channel]

CBS’s Mike & Molly: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx4pX6nmHO0&feature=related]

CBS’s Bleep ($#*!) My Dad Says: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuuMGMJk7Fs&NR=1]

CBS’s The Defenders: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLgSne5S4IM&feature=related]

FOX’s Mixed Signals:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY2T0QdNpL8]

FOX’s Raising Hope:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_n6maWQayQ&feature=related]

FOX’s Lonestar: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m65zVPjBphQ]

# 44 – True Blood season 1

My health has improved a lot since two days ago because I stayed in yesterday and watched the entire True Blood first season in (almost) one sitting. I think it is clear already that I liked it since I watched all of it and was left disappointed that my second season hadn’t arrived jet. Still hasn’t – the reason why I took some time to write about the shows first season.

What to say about Alan Ball’s creative mind is a question that I have been thinking about since last night. He is the author of Six Feet Under, a show which I watched with a big interest back when I was a younger gal sitting in front of the TV late at nights. It was mostly about death – since the family lived and worked at the morgue. True Blood in some ways has a similar vibe to it as to think of it – it uses this sarcastic/ironic and over the top humor in bad situations and vulgar language with a hint of sex in every episode! Ball isn’t afraid to push the limits of people who are maybe used to things more pretty-pink-marshmallow-rainbow-embellished – well, True Blood is far from that by giving us some true blood and gory scenes.

I remember starting to watch the show back in the 2008 and disliking it for some reasons. I now get the hype about the show – it is so different that at first it feels weird. And the statistics prove it: the fallowing link takes you to Wikipedia – click here.

I’m not trying to justify myself disliking it at first but the numbers show clearly that the second season was more popular and the third, well let’s see how it holds up since it’s airing at the moment (4th coming next summer).  But I think that the show for it rawness comes as a shock at first and the first 4 episodes were hard to watch in many reasons for me. First the southern accent – oh lord, it was so funny to hear that because I wasn’t used to it, now I already like it a little. Except Bill going “Suukih” in his low deep voice – I still laugh at that and I know it’s not supposed to be funny. And getting to know the characters was a little rough at first – but a rocky start is now over and I’m waiting for the second season as well as the third one with great excitement.

A short preview of the show: the first time we meet the characters it is led to know that vampires have been out from the coffin for two years now, thanks to synthetic True Blood drink. Most of the people don’t like it, there’s even this group called Fellowship of the Sun who fight against the vamps in order to restore the purity of mankind or something like that. But Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin – she won an Oscar when she was 11!) isn’t as offensive towards them being a more tolerant person than others, she actually starts a friendship with a new local vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer – they started dating after the pilot was filmed in 2007 and now are engaged) which later turns into a relationship and during the first season they kind of fight and make up a lot. But Sookie is a strong individual and after the deaths in the town that come to the closure in the 12th episode (all the seasons contain only 12 episodes) she still manages to hold everything together even when she finds out what everybody really thinks about the deaths. How does she find out? Well, she is telepathic which basically means she reads their minds – a gift and a curse at the same time. She works at this bar Merlotte that is owned by Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) who has a secret ! I’m not gonna tell you because if you have the interest in movies and TV-shows True Blood is a must see series! Not because vampires are popular but because it is made brilliantly (visuals, writing etc.). Anyway, Sookie has also an older brother Jason Stackhouse  (Ryan Kwanten – some know him from the long running series in Australia, Home and Away) – and he likes to be naked a lot, and I mean a LOT while having sex with a LOT of women – and since Ryan looks amazing, those sex scenes never get old. The town has of course other colorful characters like Sookies best friend Tara Thorton (Rutina Wesley) who has had a rough childhood and shows that off with a rough personality. Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis) is related to Tara and is the perfect example of a colorful character: while working as a cook in Merlotte’s he is also a drug dealer and a prostitute. But since it’s mostly a show about vampires you need some vampires: so here’s one (who I like more than Bill, sorry Bill) Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård – my affection to him runs deep in my European roots since he’s from Sweden) is the vampire sheriff in Area 5 which means he’s the boss of Bill! (I like that!) He and Sookie meet in Fangtasia, a bar that he owns, and fthere he inds out about her ability which he finds useful in a later episode (and second season?). This all sounds interesting but I haven’t really told you anything about the things that happen in the first season – well, there’s no way to tell – the killings are the main plot during the whole season and there’s a lot of relationship drama between Sookie-Bill-Sam-(Tara)-Jason. And since the show is so fluid it is impossible to tell a story without writing about previous episodes and up-coming episodes. There isn’t a special plot in every episode like in Supernatural (a new case every time) since it mostly runs like really long movie. I’ll tell this much – after watching the whole season you’d be begging for more and luckily there is more!

What’s also interesting is the intro (which has an addictive song!) – I keep thinking about the fact that it’s so different from the show but at the same time it suits it like a fist to an eye – lurid and strange, like the show. So enjoy the intro I added to the post and start watching True Blood if you haven’t seen it jet and like vampires (and shows like Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries) who aren’t using glitter when the sun shines.


# 24 – Supernatural !

I finally had the time (and courage) to watch Supernatural Season 5 two final episodes – and even though I am a fan, A BIG ONE!.. I feel like it should have ended.
I know that Eric Kripke, the creator of the show and probably the God in his spare time, is leaving the show (not really, but is leaving the season 6 to be carried by Sera Gamble) to do some other greater things – two sisters fighting evil? And that scares me a little bit because it means changes and they are never good when it comes to big hit shows (One Tree Hill big jump to the future for example)! But let us hope that season 6 won’t disappoint because it will be the last and I don’t want it to not end with a bang! A bang that could of happened at the end of season 5 if God hadn’t made a mess …

Season 5 was exciting and here comes the spoiler part – all those angels that died, all those demons, all those characters – and in the end, Castiel was still standing, Bobby was STANDING, Dean was still standing and Sam was still standing under a street-light looking at Dean creepily! So what changed? Lucifer got out, made some chaos, there was some drama, Winchesters got stuck in Tv-land, God went and bought himself a vacation (and was probably writing the whole time !) and the 4 horsemen all died or lost  their rings/power or what ever (except death – can death die?) – and in the end, nothing changed! Well okay, Dean still knows that Sam is dead but we know it’s not true – so for what was all that for? The end of the world came for 22 episodes and NOTHING happened! Oh well, people died, angels died and demons died, but that had happened before.. I was used to that. And now I have to get used to the fact that nothing has changed and Lucifer is gone and God has changed his vacation plans and Eric Kripke is leaving – this is going to be a LONG summer, because I can’t wait to see what they’ll think of next.. Winchesters beat Lucifer.. who’s next?