# 26 – Kick Ass

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I had some spare time in my not so busy life to watch some of the newest movies. Kick Ass was the first comedy that I watched cause somebody suggested it to me. Well, the suggestion was valid but the movie was not my 5 star action-comedy-superhero movie I prefer. (I still think Spiderman is […]


# 25 – Forrest Gump

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You don’t know jet, but I love Forrest Gump! I’ve seen the movie probably about 6 or 7 times and I just finished watching it again – still good, still emotional, still close to my heart, even after all these years. I love how the story comes together, all those things that really happened all […]


# 11 – The Back-up Plan

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So last night I forced myself in front of the computer to watch The Back-up Plan, which is probably supposed to be a come-back to Jennifer Lopez – well, how did that actually turn out? This is the first movie Kate Angelo has written (I secretly hope, the last) and for Alan Poul, the director, […]

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# 10 – 3D

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I started reading this article that Roger Ebert wrote about 3D movies and how he doesn’t like them. I totally agree with him, not because of him, I actually have thought about the popularity of 3D a lot lately – how it is more like a new way for cinemas to earn money and attract […]

Mettel Ray, Movie

# 6

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As a movie fan I feel like it is my oblication to go to the movies and I have to admit, I’ve done a pretty good job this year – I know cause I have saved all my tickets just so I can keep count. January was slow, I went to watch The Imaginarium of […]


# 3 – Leap Year

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I remember when I watched Matthew Goode back when I had a Mandy Moore addiction (due to the tear-fest movie A Walk to Remember) in Chasing Liberty – “oh what a fine man” I thought. Well, years have past and Matthew’s still a fine man but Leap Year doesn’t even come close to Chasing Liberty. […]