Love and Monsters (2020)

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The more I think about this movie, the more I love it. Love and Monsters in hindsight is another movie set after an apocalypse but it has much more going for it. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to review it. Not sure why but I wasn’t like immediately jumping at the opportunity. […]

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Top 5 Recent Movie Trailers That Have Made Me Excited

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Even though most of this year has been about not expecting anything. And the end of 2020 slowly taking away all hope, I’m trying to stay positive even though everything seems awful and getting progressively worse. Anyway, as I said, despite of all this I’m gonna try and look forward. Towards recent movie trailers I […]

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Double Feature: The Babysitter and The Babysitter Killer Queen

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Saw The Babysitter and Killer Queen back to back the other day and figured, oh, what a lovely double feature. Hence the new Double Feature feature I guess. Even though I have pinned sequels together here it won’t be always like this. I was thinking more of a genre match or a mood connection, what […]


My Brother Jordan (2020)

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Rarely do I find something on Youtube that literally crawls into my soul and crushes me. My Brother Jordan is not necessarily a story I’d seek out myself. It’s filled with sadness and it’s about missing a part of you that can never be replaced. In a grander scheme of things, it’s a love letter […]


Love, Guaranteed (2020)

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After watching Love, Guaranteed and penning its very quick and yet informative review on Letterboxd I decided to dive deeper. Not just because this movie deserves a deeper, more in depth review but because I really wanted to get all my frustration out. Netflix rom-coms seem to be the perfect victims for this need to […]


Tenet (2020)

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The day has finally arrived. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is out there in the world! Unfortunately not everyone can enjoy it on the big screen and I must emphasise that this is not important enough to risk your health. Stay home if you need to. But… if you do have a chance, I recommend watching this […]


Palm Springs (2020)

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Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t seen many newly released movies lately. It could also be because I saw a lot (and I mean a lot) of bad movies right before seeing Palm Springs. But one thing is for certain, Palm Springs is one hell of a treat! It has it all: a surprising […]

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365 Days (2020)

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There comes a time in ones life when they must ask themselves: if life is so shit, why not make it worse? And when that question is raised, the doubt starts to linger. Why not? Why not put yourself through something awful because life’s pretty messed up anyways. Maybe it will help, maybe it will […]


Emma. (2020)

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I wouldn’t call myself a Jane Austen fan. With my inherent ability to avoid classics, I haven’t picked any of her books up. I do however love the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice with all my heart. So when I saw that Emma. was available online after spending so little time in the theatres, […]