My Brother Jordan (2020)

Rarely do I find something on Youtube that literally crawls into my soul and crushes me. My Brother Jordan is not necessarily a story I’d seek out myself. It’s filled with sadness and it’s about missing a part of you that can never be replaced. In a grander scheme of things, it’s a love letter […]

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Free Solo (2018)

For some reason, when a documentary clicks with me, I tend to watch them many many times. The September Issue being one I’ve seen close to 10 times, and Bill Cunningham New York a close second. Now, Free Solo has joined the ranks of my favourite documentaries, taking the honorary place in the top 3.

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The September Issue (2009)

Fashion documentaries, for some odd reason, are my kind of jam, and The September Issue (2009), so far, is probably my favorite of the bunch! Probably because, as Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington take us through the process of bringing out the Vogue September 2007 issue, the documentary itself is a more in depth view […]

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