# 60 – Stay Tuned

I haven’t been able to watch movies lately, haven’t had the time nor the interest. Latest movie I watched was A Single Man which review I’m gonna post next.

I really want to go to the movies, but since it is the end of the month, I haven’t got the resources to go there – Inception and The Expendables are in my list as well as Eat Pray Love. Last is mostly because I heard it was bad and I really want to see it now – Julia Roberts to me is always the Pretty Woman and now it seems that she’s trying to pull of Sandra Bullock comeback but she isn’t doing it successfully. Eat Pray Love didn’t do well in the box office and it seems that the romantic comedies/dramas and the what evers aren’t popular anymore – The Switch, which is Anistons newest movie, also failed to bring in big numbers. I think people are looking for excitement and are tired of the same old same old romantic comedies/dramas that all tell you about the same illusion:  “beautiful women have trouble with love but in the end it all turns out and they live happily ever after!”. It is good to know that you know, to see that in the movies and to read about it, but seriously, life isn’t like that and people like me are realistic about love so romantic comedies can s*ck it – I don’t like them anymore!

I have planned to watch Darren Aronofsky movies Pi, Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream (I’ve seen the last one once already). I read about him the other day and discovered that we share the same birthday – gotta love the month of Feburary! But since I don’t feel like watching any movies those three have to wait and maybe I’ll even post something about those under a post called Darren Aronofsky. To be honest, I haven’t posted anything about directors and actors/actresses and have done just the movie/poster/trailer/still thing even though I have planned it. I watched Tarantino movies Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill vol 1 and 2, Four Rooms (short stories from 4 different directors) and Inglorious Basterds – but haven’t posted anything about that night. I feel like it is easier to comment the movie than the director and usually when I think about directors it’s hard not to like them. It’s like this, if the movie is cool and good, I know the name of the director and watch movies he has done before/after – hence I like him already. If I don’t know the director it is probably because I don’t give a damn about him/her – so why should I post a totally over the top post about how I love Tarantino or Burton or Ritchie or who ever? Maybe I should just give a short preview of their work.. I don’t know, I don’t want to sound shallow or unprofessional while talking about directors, but I feel like I haven’t got enough of knowledge to critic them. Personal taste aside I want to give a solid preview of their work.. but I can’t jet, soon hopefully.
So don’t worry, the blog is still up and running just taking a brake from movies because I have been tripping onto bad ones lately (with few exceptions) and I just can’t take it anymore. Besides, I can’t wait for True Blood to finish this season, not that I want it to end, I just wanna know what’s gonna happen! And then, new season premiers, new shows.. can’t imagine how I’m gonna handle all that and school – be prepared, I’m gonna spill the beans about every show next season, at least every show I’m gonna watch (there are many of those!).  Stay tuned!

# 41 – New Categories

While I’m suffering from a small case of tonsillitis in the middle of the summer, I have some extra time to spend between the safe four walls that hopefully help me get better soon. So I watched some movies, this isn’t a surprise but please wait, I watched them from my TV! This is something I haven’t done for a while since I have seen most of the movies that they show without the annoying commercials (some so annoying that they hurt more than my throat). But since I have been a little down with the energy I have enjoyed slouching on the coach and watching TV.

The commercials are some what a thinking brake for me and I remembered watching this cool fashion blog the other day and I really liked the idea of doing a post of pictures, just pictures. So I added three new categories to the blog: stills, poster and extra. First one is for scenes from movies that have visually stayed with me and the second one is for posters that are interesting, well thought of and better than most. I love the idea of doing picture posts in the future and I have started to collect some stills and posters. The last one, extra, is for other stuff like something I heard or saw in the movie and looked up and found some extra information. Like, I’m really interested in finding out the name of the author who made the paintings that were used in the house that was in the movie The Ghost Writer – anyone knows do let me know. And hope you’re as excited about those more visualposts as I am.

# 34 – Twitter

I have expanded my posts to short sentences on Twitter. There I can post my fast thoughts and let the WORLD know that I have posted new things on my blog. Since this summer I have decided to read and write a lot, I doubt that the blog will get a lot of action but surely I would watch some of the summer movies that are coming out soon.  Inception (first Nolan’s movie after The Dark Knight) is opening 17th, Eat Pray Love comes in August. Before on 14th July I can see Nicolas Cage doing some magic, then Zac Efron in a serious role as Charlie St. Cloud and many others. This summer that started out bad is looking pretty decent but I’m still not sure if I want to see the Twilight Saga Eclipse because that means I have to see New Moon and I don’t know if I can.

http://twitter.com/Mettel_Ray – this is a link to my Twitter account, enjoy!

# 12 – Star Trek

So I watched Star Trek again the other day and I must say, I enjoy it. I haven’t been a big fan of the tv-show, honestly, I only have seen a climpse of it and didn’t really watch it. But I enjoy the humor there and the story – the main character doesn’t get the girl! Plus, I liked the russian guy there, god he was sweet with his accent – who wouldn’t like that huh?

I bought 2 new DVD’s too – Hard Candy and The Pirate Radio (Which is actually The Boat That Rocked, but since I’m a movie fan I seem to make a mistake very easily when I translate a movie title from Estonian to English – Estonian translation is just silly!) – first one I have seen but it was cheap as hell so I just had to buy it – plus Ellen Page looks adorable even as a bad-ass torture girl. The second one is going on my weekend “must watch” list – then I’ll post the review too. It can’t be bad, Nothing Hill and Love Actually are wonderful, so this might be kind a like that as well.

Talk to ya soon!

# 10 – 3D

I started reading this article that Roger Ebert wrote about 3D movies and how he doesn’t like them. I totally agree with him, not because of him, I actually have thought about the popularity of 3D a lot lately – how it is more like a new way for cinemas to earn money and attract people to the movies. I know from my own experience that I get headaches while watching 3D – I mentioned that I watched Alice in Wonderland in March (it was 3D). Maybe the reason why I didn’t like the movie as much as I like other Burton’s movies – the headache and the uncomfortable glasses which I had to wear with my own glasses – it was unpleasant.

I don’t really care for 3D and it bugs me that I don’t really have a choice, all the movies that are in 3D are in 3D only – so I guess I wouldn’t be as mad if I could still go to the movies and watch 2D if I want to. So I wasn’t surprised of Roger Eberts concerns, he has been around for a while and a fan of the classics – as am I. So what, that I am young and used to the era of computers and technology – I still love to watch movies that are 2D.

And if you want to read an article by a well respected man in Hollywood  who has addressed the same dislike I have, go ahead:

3-D is a waste of a perfectly good dimension. Hollywood’s current crazy stampede toward it is suicidal. It adds nothing essential to the moviegoing experience. For some, it is an annoying distraction. For others, it creates nausea and headaches. It is driven largely to sell expensive projection equipment and add a $5 to $7.50 surcharge on already expensive movie tickets. Its image is noticeably darker than standard 2-D. It is unsuitable for grown-up films of any seriousness. It limits the freedom of directors to make films as they choose. For moviegoers in the PG-13 and R ranges, it only rarely provides an experience worth paying a premium for.

Read more: http://www.newsweek.com/id/237110

# 9 – DVD madness

I think I have always been drawn to original DVDs – I like the whole vibe in having a shelf full of DVDs. At first I didn’t much pay attention, I just saw a familiar actor/actress and I bought it (it was cheap also) and now I have this stack of DVDs I even haven’t watched (I feel ashamed). But then I got a job at a local video store – seriously the most suitable work for me – I got a workers discount!

So now I have over 50 original DVDs from (500) Days of Summer to Star Trek, there is He’s Just Not That Into you, In Her Shows, The Holiday, Marley and Me, The Dark Night (and other Ledger movies), 17 Again, Silk and many more. There are some DVDs I want to buy this month but I have to think about it – I don’t want to buy something that I’m not gonna watch at least 3 times (anymore!). This watching movies  many times over and over thing is so common for me, I do that all the time. I think it is because I have been so moody lately (these past few months) that I just want to watch something I am already familiar with. Certain moods need certain movies – like when I feel sad, I like to watch (500) Days of Summer, when I’m happy I go usually with Ocean 12 (which I have on an original DVD) and so on.

I guess I’m gonna list all the DVDs into my “I have seen those movies LIST” but I haven’t got the mental power to start making THAT list. But it sure would be interesting to know how many movies I’ve seen – but the list would be of those which I remember because I’m sure I’ve seen a Steven Seagal movie one time or another, but if I can’t place it to a specific story-line it’s not gonna make the cut, sorry Steven.

So this is the stack of DVDs I have at the moment (titles are in Estonian).

# 6

As a movie fan I feel like it is my oblication to go to the movies and I have to admit, I’ve done a pretty good job this year – I know cause I have saved all my tickets just so I can keep count.

January was slow, I went to watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – Heath Ledger’s last movie which I watched with  respect in my heart. I liked how it was so smooth as a story line and how the fact that Heath died during the filming of the movie didn’t seem to effect it at all. Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp were great to but even now I still remember watching the movie and missing Heath Ledger. But the trip to the cinema was worth it!

Feburary – Luckily I didn’t see Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day because I would have been even more depressed than I was when I watched it on Feb. 11th alone while everybody else had a partner or a friend with them. Was it worth it? Well, I think that this movie is for those happy lovy-dovies and I’ve would’ve enjoyed it better if I wasn’t alone. (NB: There where to many story lines and some that didn’t get enough screen time were better than the main story-line between Kutcher and Garner!)

But I wasn’t alone when I watched Did You Hear About the Morgans? and I actually wished I was because I would have left the building! Honestly, what happened to the sweet Sarah Jessica Parker and adorable Hugh Grant? I have written my self a little note – not funny, not romantic, not exciting, not pretty (SJP looked like a skeleton, HG was tired) – basically nothing! So enough said – waste of my precious time.

March – This was a busy month – 3 movies! First of all, I had to drive to a different city to see a movie  in English (others where all in Estonian) and it didn’t have subtitles! (This shows my frustration against Estonian cinemas). Anyway, the movie was Alice in Wonderland, another Tim Burton master piece which in my mind lacked in the “master” department. I blame the visual appeal that lacked the originality that I love in Burton’s earlier movies. But lets be honest, Johnny Depp is still awesome in my books and so is Tim Burton. And who knows, maybe it was the 3D that I didn’t like, I just have to wait for the DVD release.  3 days later I saw Shutter Island and let me just say – brilliant! Not just the story but the visual appeal that the movie had, the colors, the smoke – it all seemed so syrreal and it gave so much to the story. Well done, Mr. Scorsese! But  Legion – I have no words. Not because it was good, but because it was horrible! Every time some one said Jeep (which is a NAME!) I laughed and I actually think I found it lame because I had seen Shutter Island just two days before and compared to that a lot of movies might seem lame.

April – So I managed to drag my butt to the movies twice – first was Date Night and to my surprise it actually turned out to be a pretty decent movie. Tina Fay was funny, Steve Carell wasn’t a 40 year old virgin anymore,  James Franco and Mark Wahlberg both gave a memorable performance. In the end of the month I went to see a more serious movie The Ghost Writer and putting his personal life aside, Polanski is a genius! I loved everything about the movie, the vibe, the paintings in the beach house, the light humor in some situations and the cast. I’d put this movie somewhere next to Shutter Island because of their similarity using visual appeal to connect with the audience.

So these were the short reviews of the movies I’ve watched on a big screen with no popcorn to snack on because the tickets themselves cost a lot. I try to see at least one movie a month but it all actually depends on the movies that come out – hopefully something good this month!

# 5 – Vampires

Vampires – they have been around for a while but it seems that it all went BOOM when Twilight managed to crawl into the minds of the teens. So here’s a short list of TV-shows and movies that are about vampires – the list of course is based on my own knowledge (it means I have seen them all).

Buffy – I remember seeing that show on TV but earlier this year I decided to watch it from the beginning (oh the special effects) and I must say: I LOVE IT! I would like to think that Buffy is the grand-mother of all the vampires that have come after her, the show is funny (not just because the quality of the special effects) and it has Spike! But the fun part I think is what appeals to me the most, making fun of the apocalypse and the dead – where else can you find such a fine portion of sarcasm and true irony.

Angel – I’ve seen the 5th (the last) season and to be honest, I watched it because of Spik. But like in Buffy, Angel too has some humor and great characters, so those who like Buffy will like Angel as well. But let’s admit, Buffy came first and because of that will remain first.

Twilight – I read the book, I liked the book, I saw the movie and now I have only hate left for the Twilight saga. This is all I have to say about this movie at the moment.

Interview with a Vampire – THIS IS A REAL MOVIE! If all those Twilight fans would just admit to the same fact, I’d be happy, because Brad Pitt is ten thousand times better than Robert Pattison.

The Vampire Diaries – While Buffy had Spike, TVD has Ian! At the moment I specially enjoy the Stephan going bad story-line that is going on and I can’t wait to see some drama between the brothers when Elena gets her hands on Damon (it will happen, I promise!).

The Vampire Assistant – this movie ended in the strangest note and there isn’t anything specific I remember of it, so I guess it wasn’t very good.

Supernatural – Okay, I’m cheating a little bit because Supernatural isn’t about vampiers but there was at least one I can remember (Dean saying: “Eat it, Twilight!”).

True Blood – also based on a book like most of the shows and movies nowadays (except for Buffy, Angel and Supernatural) and I have only seen the first 4 episodes or something. I didn’t enjoy it and I actually don’t care about it, so I’m just gonna name it.

Blade – oh, Wesley Snipes as a vampire, OK action movie (I think there are 3 and I mean the last one which has Ryan Reynolds in it).

Van Helsing – Hugh Jackman, should I say more?

So these are the ones that come to my mind, I think that there could be some that I have missed but I hardly think that they are worth mentioning later because if I can’t remember them now, then they don’t deserve remembering. I have to admit, every show/movie gives vampires a whole new meaning. TVD has magic rings, Twilight vampires sparkle! – but one thing they have in common is that they seem to make vampiers look hot! I mean, they have been dead for years, but they still look like something out of a dream – Blade and Van Helsing not so much but Spike and Ian can’t be everywhere, right?

NB: There is even a book for this kind of a addiction I might say, “How to date a Vampire” – sure, I want to know, but my question is, how to find one since they are fiction and all.. Guess I have to write my own book about vampires – it’s the new IT- thing I’ve heard.

# 1

Hi, my name is Mettel Ray and I’m an addict.
This all started in a very early age and frankly, I do not even remember how old I was. At first it was just cartoons and Disney movies, but then came comedies and dramas and before I knew I was watching high speed car chases with my mouth open hoping that the main character would make it! I dodn’t watch horror movies and I still have a hard time with them (I have seen some), but not all addicts watch everything that there is to watch – I would become a moviewatchingzombie who stares at the screen for days not knowing nothing about the outside world.
Even though my range of taste of movies and tv-shows vary from comedy to thriller, I have established a quite critical thinking towards them. Maybe it’s because of my age or the fact that I’m studying to be a critic (and now see things from a new perspective) – but one thing is 100% true – I love the movie world for its versatility!
There are bad movies, there are good ones, there are the ones who make you cry and the ones that put a smile to your face, there are horrible movies that shouldn’t be movies and horror movies that make you want to pee your pants, there are ridiculous movies and movies that are made to be ridiculous for a reason, there are stupid love movies and there are just stupid movies, there are movies that are inspired by real life and there are movies that inspire life, there are Oscar winning movies and Golden Globe winning movies, then there are movies that don’t win anything – and you probably get my point by now.
So, there are a LOT of movies and I tend to watch as many movies (& tv-shows) that there are (some I watch more than once or even 5 times), and I’m gonna write about them. My opinion is not going to be same as yours or your mothers or Roger Eberts’ or the Academy Awards, but I’m gonna to my best to give an honest criticism.
Feel free to comment my posts  and suggest me your favorite movies. My list of movies (& tv-shows) that I have already seen is coming up soon (there are a lot and I probably don’t even remember most of them) and I try to write as many reviews as I can about the ones I have already seen.
My name is Mettel Ray and I’m prud to say, I’m a movie addict !