Book Review: Beautiful Creatures

BeautifulCreaturesThe first Wild Wednesday post appeared on 4th of July – which is super easy to remember because it happens to be Independence Day in America, yes, that same day on which Will Smith dragged an alien across the desert. Anyway, I’ve ran out of ideas what to post on this special day of the week (for now, I do have something planned for Summer/Fall) and I thought why not expand this blog a bit further – books! Now, I have been reading a lot this month and will continue to do so because like some of you might already know, the entire Game of Thrones series is waiting for me patiently. Now, feel free to express your opinions on this matter, do you happen to be interested in book reviews? Would you prefer books that have been made to movies/shows or just random reads? I’m not going to flood the blog with reviews of things people are not interested so, fire away your thoughts about book reviews as a part of this movie blog (on Wild Wednesdays of course).

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