5 Reasons I Love E-Books

IMG_3798A little over a year ago, I truly believed I was never going to love the e-book format. Because the actual book is the real deal, fresh pages, the weight of it, the fact that you can use random objects as bookmarks – I was a committed book person – until I read an e-book. Now I’m 70/30 when it comes to books vs e-books, I’m still rooting for paperbacks but I also have a soft spot for the forest friendly format.

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December Reading Wrap Up

november wrap upIn the beginning of December I finished my reading challenge – I had read 50 books and there was still a month left. So I read more, surpassing my challenge with four books, and proving to myself that if I set my mind to it, I could spend hours and hours reading books! Here are the books I spent many hours with, because a few of them are what one would call – big books!

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November Reading Wrap Up

rainbow rowell carry onA while back I decided to change the course of this blog and now I’m finally sitting down to write about books. I’ve read quite a few good ones over the past few months and I wanted to quickly share some of my reads before the end of the year lists start taking over the blog. So, here are some of my recent reads.. all of which I have read during November (yes, I haven’t really slept this month, in case you were wondering):

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Seven Books On My Nightstand


We all do it, we all go to book stores and buy a book we’d love to read right away and then months later, there are suddenly dozen books on your night stand waiting for your attention. With work, movies, TV show marathons and everything Internet related, I tend to forget that I actually love reading! So I decided to start this week off with a little dedication post to some of the books I have in my possession that I haven’t had the time to read/finish… yet.

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10 Things: Gone Girl

gone girlTried my hardest to make this post spoiler-free!

When I heard David Fincher was going to direct Gone Girl, based on a widely acclaimed book by the same name, I was slightly overwhelmed. My love for Fincher has been fundamental these past few years so I thought I’d shake things up a bit by reading the source material of his upcoming thriller starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. This is not going to be a book review but I must emphasize that my excitement for Fincher’s Gone Girl is slightly driven by my knowledge of the story.

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Book Review: A Clash of Kings

A Clash of Kings

The post is aimed at avoiding spoilers and it’s pretty much my discussion of my likes and dislikes, sometimes in comparison with the series.

Trust me, the fact that I’m able to review this second book of the series so soon after finishing the first book (review is here) is as surprising to me as it might be to you. Even considering the fact that I’m writing this almost two weeks after I put down A Clash of Kings – I just couldn’t stop reading and before I knew it, a week had past and I was already grabbing for the third book!

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Book Review: A Game of Thrones


No massive spoilers ahead, though there are some indications to things that happen  but overall, it’s a very unorganized post of thoughts. Enjoy!

There’s no way in hell I would skip a review of A Game of Thrones but even when I say it, I’m pretty terrified to do so: with numerous point-of-view characters and countless of supporting characters, I still think I haven’t been able comprehend it all. And yet, A Game of Thrones is just the beginning of George R. R. Martin’s story and what a splendid read it truly is.

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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

TheFaultinOurStarsWith my vast knowledge of John Green through his YouTube channel VlogBrothers, which he runs together with his brother, I was 100% certain I was going to like The Fault in Our Stars. My assumptions were not misleading – the book was exactly what it promised to be – funny, sad, hilarious and a-cry-fest! I’m not sure about you, but I consider the book to be amazing when it manages to make you cry through the tears caused by the tragedy of the story.

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