oscars 2021 best director category

The Lamb Devours the Oscars 2021 – Best Director

The 2021 Oscar nominees for Best Director are Lee Isaac Chung (Minari), Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman), David Fincher (Mank), Thomas Vinterberg (Another Round), and Chloé Zhao (Nomadland). As of this very moment when I haven’t really dwelled on who should win this category, I have no idea. I only know that while I adore Fincher’s work, Mank is not the movie that should bring him his first Oscar. Also, I’m conflicted to root for a female director here because this could be historic and amazing! But… I think… and I almost feel strange for saying this… I think I’m rooting for someone (slightly) surprising instead.

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My TV Alphabet

Years and years ago I compiled an alphabet of my favourite movies, actors and directors. Every letter corresponded with something or someone I liked, loved, admired. Today I’m sitting down to do the same thing… but with television shows. This is an undertaking of the year for me and I’m quite excited.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this is because TV shows have risen to great heights. They are complex, well made, demand a lot of our attention and simply put, television has has surpassed movies in certain extent. Heck, even Oscar winning actors are marching into TV shows and blurring the line between television and the. With no further ado, let’s get into this.

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Against the Crowd Blogathon 19′

For multiple years, I have taken part in Dell’s Against the Crowd Blogathon. Last year, because I completely blanked out about it, I missed it. This year I’m participating again because this is one fun blogathon! The idea is to pick one movie that everyone loves but you dislike, and vice versa. To go against the crowd! I’ve traditionally picked romance movies to defend so this year won’t be any different. It’s also a bit sad that I have so many romance movies up my sleeve at this point. There seems to be a lot of hate for them, even the good ones. So it’s not surprising this genre has dwindled over the years.

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Blindspot 2019, May: Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

You would think that after last year, I’d be all done with Stanley Kubrick but no, not even close. Since I’m quite determined to strike off all his movies, I will keep watching. After Dr. Strangelove I’m almost half way there. Hare are my thoughts on this unique political satire.

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BlindSpot 2019, February: Natural Born Killers

As some of you might remember, this was not my first choice for blindspotting this month. I fully intended to watch the Three Colours trilogy but time is an awful thing – it runs out! So when I realised I had a busy weekend ahead, and only 2 days to watch three movies, I almost gave up. But as you can see, giving up means just going ahead and knocking off a pick from next month.

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BlindSpot 2019, January: Solaris

My first Blindspot entry for 2019 is Solaris and I couldn’t be more proud. Not only did I watch an almost 3 hour movie, it was also in Russian, making me read subtitles throughout. Those who know me, know, that subtitles so not appeal to me. Neither do really long movies. But sci-fi is one of my favourite genres, so I’m excited to have knocked off Solaris from my Blindspot list.

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