Less is more: white edition

For this Friday, although I have a lot of movies to review, I decided to do another poster post instead. So you’ll have to wait for my Young Adult and The Descendants reviews for a little while longer (probably posting them some time next week). That being said, today I decided to collect some new posters from the site Minimal Movie Posters, which I already mentioned in my previous “Less is more” post back in August. This time, I wanted to focus especially on white/or as light gray/paper color or what ever suits the best for them!

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Brad Pitt: from Gwyneth to Jennifer to Angelina

LAMB Acting School 101 is proud to present: Brad Pitt!

Before all hell breaks loose, this is a retrospect post about Brad Pitt’s movies – I just decided to give it a different name because no matter how much Brad tries to escape the tabloids, he manages to have a crisis in his relationship or his ex-wife is still in love with him etc. I don’t care for those things, I just needed a way to put things into a certain box of separation and Gwyneth, Jennifer and Angelina were perfect for that. As far as the selections of reviewed movies go, my favorites get a little bit more attention that the rest of the movies.

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Less is more

I absolutely love minimal movie posters! I can’t stress enough how I enjoy the simplicity and minimalism because I always think “less is more” is not just something people say, I believe it works. So when I discovered Minimal Movie Posters a while back I became obsessed. There are many favorites, two by Daniel Norris but here are just some I found and thought were pretty great. I especially like the Lost in Translation one, for some reason it works so well but Deep Throat is clever too. Ah, who am I kidding, they are all amazing!

Trailer: Life of Pi

There has been a lack of trailer posts on my blog because I find them to be more news than blog posts. It’s just like a press statement and though I was a huge fan of trailers earlier on this blog the hype is slowly going away for me. What can one say about a trailer? It can of course list the actors, the director and the premier date but I have wanted more out of my trailer posts and now it seems I can achieve that with Life of Pi trailer.

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