captain america civil warDespite my advantage to see Captain America: Civil War before America, it has taken me ages to just get myself focused enough to sit down for its review. After seeing it, and after seeing it for the second time, I have collected so many emotions and thoughts, that it has proven to be difficult to focus my head around the idea of writing them all down. But here’s to attempting the impossible!

First up, yes, I loved it! I loved how it flowed, I loved how well some of the characters shined, and I loved the humor. Sure, there are some moments I could criticize and there are scenes that felt a little dragged, but it delivered everything it was supposed to deliver as a Marvel comic book movie! So no, you won’t be reading the negatives in this one, because even though there are some, I’m stating with pride that Civil War is by far my favorite Marvel movie as of now, and it’s perfect and Bucky is my bae!

Following the aftermath of Avengers 2, most of the team, lead by Captain America (Chris Evans) is still fighting bad guys, one of whom is Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo). The movie starts with a mission, a quick and fast showcase how good they are, and how well their team works together – and how dangerous one of them is. That sparks a great deal of political problems at their way, which is the underlying problem the team of our Avengers faces in Civil War. Some have said there wasn’t enough politics, I think there was enough, because it would have been a bit dull with more of it. Maybe in a series, but for a movie that is aimed towards action, too much politics could shatter the thrill.

While the political intrigue takes place, the main plot of Civil War emerges – first, we have Zemo (Daniel Brühl) hunting down a book, and then we have Bucky (Sebastian Stan), supposedly planting a bomb that kills the king of Wakanda. And if the political intrigue isn’t enough to cause a rift between the Avengers, saving Bucky becomes another cause of their splitting up. With all these matters set on the plate, there’s nothing else left than to watch the superheros battle it out and root for either side.

In case you have been living under a rock, here are the teams:


Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, Sharon Carter


Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, James Rhodes, T’Challa, Vision, Peter Parker

From the start I knew, no matter who won, I was Team Cap all the way. After watching the film, it was not just because Captain America happens to be my favorite superhero, and Bucky Barnes my bae, but because for me, choosing Cap made sense politically as well. Sure, Tony Stark made great arguments and his side was just as appealing, but there’s just something about being in control of your own decisions, that seemed a much better way to go. But in a way, both sides were right and wrong at the same time, and eventually, the fighting became about something else completely.

Tony Stark, and Robert Downey Jr, have been much darker these past few films but I like this side to Iron Man. Besides, if I’d would break down the acting, Downey Jr is by far the strongest of the bunch, closely followed by Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans. All three have added so much dimension to their characters, especially Downey Jr, that it’s a joy to watch them on screen. It all makes the action movie a lot more rewarding in the end, because it’s not just about giving the punches, but having the emotion behind the punch to deliver maximum effect for the viewer.

As you can see, my thoughts are all over the place but I just wanted to dedicate a paragraph to Bucky as well. For me, having Sebastian Stan on Team Cap was so amazing, and just everything about his character is appealing to me. I don’t know why, I just think I love the vulnerability he has as a superhero, and the fact that he has done many bad things that haunt him even while he is completely himself. Plus, Stan’s chemistry with Anthony Mackie is just brilliant because even being on the same team, they are like two kids bickering because they both want to be the Captain’s favorite son.

With so much going on, and with my focus being on Team Cap, it was still impossible to miss the diamond in the rough among the Iron Man’s team – Peter Parker. After years of revamping Spiderman, and with the rains now in the hands of Marvel, I think Peter Parker is finally the perfect version of himself. Tom Holland, who’s the youngest actor to wear the Spidey suit, is the perfect fit in so many ways. Not just is he a great actor (The Impossible being a brilliant example), but he is also funny and cute, which is exactly what Spiderman is supposed to be. And honestly, I have never really liked Spider-Man, but I changed my mind after Civil War, and that’s saying a lot!

Alright, let’s go over the ending real quickly because it brought up many questions. Captain America, Bucky and Iron Man battle it out because Bucky did something really bad, and Iron Man is pissed. Captain wins, because he is amazing, but what will happen in the future? Firstly, are Iron Man and Captain America now enemies? Having not read the comic books, but knowing that Captain America’s shield was supposedly in different hands after Civil War, who knows what’s going to happen between them now? And having Bucky in deep sleep again seems odd considering Stan has signed a contract with Marvel for many many years. And it seems Captain America has still time to focus on romance, which brings up a question: will Sharon be the lucky girl to marry this almost a 100 year old superhero? And how the hell am I going to survive not seeing Bucky for god knows how long?! And can you imagine the next Captain America movie being even better than this one because everyone knows that the Cap’s franchise has been constantly improving!?


  1. Natasha Romanoff has been utterly disappointing now for two movies – she deserves better!
  2. Bucky and Cap on those stairs, oh boy!
  3. Bucky with that bike grab *drops panties*
  4. That airport scene was cool but something bothers me about it.
  5. Paul Rudd was underused but everything he did was great.
  6. We didn’t need that kiss, but we needed that bro-nod!
  7. Black Panther probably likes cats.
  8. I kind of liked that Zemo was a human-villain, and still caused shitloads of problems.
  9. But Zemo could have been better.
  10. The second vieweing raised more questions.
  11. But brought out the strengths as well.


  • Amazing review as always! Oh man, we have so many similar thoughts a.k.a. Winter Soldier is definitely Bae <3 I loved seeing your perspective of the movie and you brought on some questions and thoughts that I didn't even consider! I agree, that the second viewing was amazing yet also brought on more questions! I think my favourite part of your review though was "We didn’t need that kiss, but we needed that bro-nod!" because I agree 100% and couldn't have phrased it better than that haha! I can't wait for the next film! 😀

    • Thanks!! This means a lot and I love that you agree on the bro-nod part, because I think that it was important for Sam and Bucky to have that moment. 😀

      And I agree, I can’t wait to see bae again! 😀

      • Hahah! It was one of the best scenes of the whole movie!!! 💕😂😊

        • It was definitely the funniest, while being the most subtle and having the most meaning. I mean, they both clearly are 100% team Cap, they are so supportive and true bros!

  • I’m still in awe over it. Anything involving Sam and Bucky is gold. That could be a movie together of those 2 bickering in a comedy. I kinda wanted Natasha to be in Team Cap as it is obvious she loves the guy, as a friend and ally. I fucking love Spider-Man. Tom Holland knocks it out of the park as I wanted more of him and Ant-Man. I also like some of the little moments such as Wanda’s character arc as she is just going through some guilt as well as being watched by Vision. Especially as I think Cap sees her as a baby sister that he knows is in just need of guidance and someone to care for her. I liked the scene they had together as he’s like a father/older brother to her.

    I’m now eager for both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther as I’m really getting excited by the latter as I really Chadwick Boseman did a hell of a job and I think it is handled correctly. Something special will come out.

    • Natasha was such a underdeveloped character in this movie, again, I feel like they didn’t really give her any power and she deserves a lot of that.
      And I would have wanted to see more Wanda and Vision as well, cooking together etc.
      I can’t wait to see Homecoming, I think it’s going to be the bestest Spidey movie ever!

      • Let’s just hope the new Spider-Man is better than those last 2 movies. It’s not Andrew Garfield’s fault that films sucked. It was Sony’s fault for not giving us anything new and repeat the same mistakes Spider-Man 3 did but worse.

  • Number 12 is your most important point: I WANT TO SEE THE NEXT ONE! That about sums it up. What a fun film, it is, but also touches on some rather interesting themes. Great job by Marvel on this one. And a great review from you.

    • It does, doesn’t it? It’s a feeling Avengers 2 didn’t create for me for instance.. and Cap did and topped it off with even more anticipation.

  • I think what bothers you about the airport could be what bothers me — people are too happy or having too much fun. Feels weird cause of that.

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