Previously this week I took on the challenge of posting all the scenes that create such emotions as Fear, Awkward, Tears and Surprise and it turned out quite well I think. Well, tackling the last four emotions was much more difficult, for example SMILES and THRILLS were easier picks, but HATE and LOVE were little harder to crack. Even now I’m not sure if the scenes I have listed with the last two emotions are actually the ones I want to share, but you’ll be the final judge of that!

Also, before I’ll share my last 12 scenes, I want to thank everybody who participated in the blogathon! And I want to say that if for some reason you still haven’t participated, you still have time! I mean, 24 scenes in one post is not an impossible mission, Nikhat did it, and so can you! I’ll be looking forward for more entries until the 16th of December. Until then, take a look at my list:



Probably the best thing that has ever happened to me is seeing Heath Ledger serenading, obviously to this day his death saddens me but this scene makes me smile. Incredibly amazing, sweet and simply heart warming! Smiling now just by thinking about it.


Now, I remember seeing this scene among the Breaking Emotions blogathon entries before but I couldn’t leave it out myself. This is such an iconic scene that indeed makes me smile. If we’d celebrate Halloween in Estonia, I’d dress up as Mia and would learn all the dance moves and I’d have an awesome party with this costume!


Another choice from a 90’s movie that is just smile worthy and though The Shawshank Redeption has some serious scenes here and there, the scene I picked is one of the lighter moments. The escape sequence where it is shown how brilliantly Andy orchestrated the whole plot is just.. I smile every time and I’ve seen the movie over 5 times now. Andy’s escape gives me simply the biggest smile ever.

breakingthrills 3THRILLS

I’m on a roll with the whole 90’s thing so I could not not list The Rock as one of my favorite thrill moments. When I was little, this movie was one of my favorites and I’d still watch it with great excitement. The scene here is one of those bad vs good face offs early on in the movie and when Ed Harris screams to put down their guns.. it is just building the tension in the room.


It was going to make it to the list one way or the other, and since I couldn’t choose a specific scene from Gravity, I chose all the scenes where Ryan Stone was fighting for her life – which was pretty much all the time. Basically, Gravity is a thrilling movie throughout and every scene deserves a mention in this emotion category.


Long after Ledger’s death it took me months before I was finally able to watch The Dark Knight, even though it was already released on DVD, and right from its opening scene, the thrills were getting to me. I guess the scene itself is not the most thrilling one, there are definitely ones that are bigger and better, but for me, the opening bank robbery scene is thrilling because I hadn’t seen Ledger for so long and I was anxious to finally see his infamous role.



I can’t believe that my eyes have seen this, I’m regretting even putting this in this list because these images remind me of this scene again and I really want to forget it… forever. I didn’t hate Borat completely, it had its moments but this scene, I can never like it.


Until this moment I still thought I’d give Twilight a chance and then.. this happened, this god awful bad acting and bad scene that just brought the whole movie to a new low level. I laughed out loud in the cinema and that is the only time that a person has told me to quiet down. She turned around and said “shh”, a pregnant woman actually wanted to enjoy this movie without me laughing!? I still can’t believe it because this scene/movie was ridiculous!


This was the easiest choice, I disliked this movie a lot and it all was just too much. The plowing scene in the beginning is a great proof of it, he is putting the horse through torture! I mean, they have this heroic scene of the horse being so strong that he plows through the rock but no farmer will ever have a field filled with rocks when he starts plowing! Seriously, who would be that stupid?



The lightest and most joyful scenes among my choice for the emotion love is from my favorite romantic comedy. Now, there’s no secret to the fact that I love Joe, so I just had to mention him and this scene seemed like the best one to showcase his charming personality. And it is perfectly edited as well in terms of the following scene, just brilliant.


This is just.. I didn’t list this among my scenes for the surprise because I already knew it was going to be here as one of the scenes I love instead. Everything is perfect with this, the coldness, the blue hue, the act itself, Norton at his finest, Pitt at his finest, Fincher at his finest – this scene is beyond awesome, it is out of this world awesome.


But my favorite scene that I love love love? Well, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t choose a scene from my favorite movie and so it is that the fighting scene in Snatch. is above all others. I simply love the stop motion photography that Ritchie used here, it somehow enhances the whole scene to a different level and works well with the narration which is a very difficult thing to pull off. But this scene is a great example how to do it with style and brilliance. Love it a lot! A lot!


So here they were, my picks for these emotions and in case you missed my previous post, check here but if not, let me know in the comments what you thought about my last choices!


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