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This is it guys, this is the last set of emotions that everybody can break and the emotions are quite basic but then again, good luck trying to limit those scenes down to 3 or 5. I wanted to end on a high but I didn’t really see any other possible emotions for the last week than hate and love – the ultimate emotional level of bad and good, so good luck breaking the fourth set of emotions: HATE & LOVE!


Finishing up the emotions are two of the most ultimate emotional states one could imagine, HATE is up first in this case because I wanted the good stuff to be the last thing everybody will read when it comes to the Breaking Emotions Blogathon. It is quite obvious that we all have those scenes that just bring up all the bad feelings and it’s not even awkward, it is just plain bad! Most of my hate is towards romantic comedies but I’m sure there are some serious scenes that have caused some of you some inner turmoil and this is the time and place to let all those emotions run wild.

And the last one, the very last emotion I’m asking you guys to break is LOVE – it doesn’t have to be a scene about love, hell no, it can be a sci-fi scenery, it can be the ending of a drama and yes, it can be a scene from Notebook as well but it’s not mandatory. I’m looking for scenes that you love and adore until the end of time, scenes that just pop up in your mind while walking to the store and are just simply awesome. What are the scenes that you love the most?


Breaking down the most memorable scenes in movies that create the emotion of hate and love into a list of 3 (if listing both emotions) or 5 (listing only one of the emotions).

To clarify: If breaking both emotions, choose 3 scenes each (6 all together in the post).. if just one emotion, list 5 scenes.

*The lists can be just words, images, videos, all of the above or simply the movie title and the description of that specific scene.


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  5. There are also images provided down below for this week’s emotions but it isn’t an actual rule to use them. Feel free to create your own!
  6. There isn’t an actual deadline for these emotions but the blogathon does close on December 16th!


breakinghate breakinglove


Lastly, I want to give a shout out to everybody who have participated and in case you have felt that I haven’t been around to see those awesome posts, I have, I just haven’t had the time to comment! This has been a very busy month but I couldn’t be happier that I organized this blogathon and just to remind you, the deadline to post the Breaking Emotions posts is on December 16th so everybody who haven’t had the time yet, you can post a big collective post any time before that date. I won’t be mad, I promise because I myself have to post my Breaking Emotions Blogathon scenes, so I understand if you haven’t had time yet. But again, to those who have taken time off from work and other stuff, thank you! You are awesome!


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