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The first of 4 Mondays is finally here and ever since I announced the Breaking Emotions blogathon, I have been itching to release the first two emotions: FEAR & AWKWARD.


There is no actual meaning behind the pairing nor the order that these emotions will be released but I figured since Halloween was just couple of days ago, FEAR will be a great start. This is pretty obvious and it’s more or less for all those horror movie fans out there. I simply want to know if you can recall scenes that gave you a fright or a scene that brought chills down your spine? I’m frightened easily so pretty much everything brings up the emotion of fear in me but I’m very interested to know if the heavy horror fans ever get the feeling of being totally mortified.

And to balance the frightening things, I paired it up with AWKWARD, or in other words, embarrassment (since the length of the word seemed too much for a banner I decided to go with awkward) which could be either bad (a ridiculous scene) or good (a funny and yet so-embarrassing-for-the- character scene). Still confused? Well, when I think of an awkward emotion, I’m thinking of a scene in Bridesmaids where they all do number two – it is awkward and embarrassing and in a way funny for some but for me ridiculous. So indeed, this emotion can go either way but simply but, what are some movie scenes that make you feel very awkward?

So, next emotions up next Monday, until then, good luck breaking these emotions!


Breaking down the most memorable scenes in movies that create the emotion of fear and awkwardness into a list of 3 (if listing both emotions) or 5 (listing only one of the emotions).

To clarify: If breaking both emotions, choose 3 scenes each (6 all together in the post).. if just one emotion, list 5 scenes.

*The lists can be just words, images, videos, all of the above or simply the movie title and the description of that specific scene.


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  5. There are also images provided down below for this week’s emotions but it isn’t an actual rule to use them. Feel free to create your own!
  6. There isn’t an actual deadline for these emotions but the blogathon does close on December 16th!





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