Blogathon-Logo-Nostra02When I was approached by MyFilmviews and Karamel Kinema to participate in their blogathon I was surprised and very very excited. A formal invitation, before the actual opening date, I feel so honored! That being said: Life, Love and the Movies blogathon starts today on the 20th of January and you’re welcomed to join in with the fun!

1. What was the first movie you saw in the cinema and what do you remember about that visit?
I think my first trip to the theater was with my grandmother to see the 101 Dalmatians. I remember being very excited and to this day I’m happy that it was my grandmother who kind of introduced me to the cinema. She’s the best!
2. Are there any movies you have very strong memories of which are not because of the movie (for example something which happened at the time you were watching it)?Β 
I remember being utterly scared of The Mask as a kid, and not liking the movie and being in constant horror when my parents told me to behave or we’d watch The Mask again. I believed them which is ironic because they couldn’t make me physically watch a movie I was scared of but somehow I always thought that they meant it. I watched it again years later and well, I have no idea what I was thinking being scared of THAT!
3. Which movies had a big impact on you and changed a (small) part of your view on life?
Romantic comedies have made me utterly bitter I think. It’s the genre I dislike the most but I still watch it every now and then. I think in general, rom-com’s have a very big impact on women but I guess instead of being dreamy about love I have developed a more cynical look on life/love/romance. Is that a big impact?
4. Do you have any comfort movies which you return to because you are in a specific mood (for example if you are feeling down/nursing a heartbreak)?star-trek-2009-11
Star Trek (2009) for some reason is the one I usually turn to when I’m not in the mood for anything but want to watch a movie. There’s just something about Chris Pine that just…. works for me.
5. If a movie would be made about your life, what type of a movie would it be and who would you like to portray you?
First of all, loving the question! Second of all, I guess it would be a kind of a dark humor filled indie drama with some unknown British teen playing the lead. I really wouldn’t know who to pick in terms of portraying me but here’s a long list of men who could play my potential lovers: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Robert Downey Jr, Dylan O’Brien, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, Jake Johnson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Aidan Turner, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Pine, Paul Rudd, Orlando Bloom, Colin O’Donoghue, Iwan Rheon and many others. It is probably going to be a long movie.
6. Which existing movie best represents you?
I don’t know why but Young Adult popped into my mind first.. probably because of the name really. I don’t have a drinking problem. Nor am I married or to be divorced. Seriously though, there’s nothing really representing me in that movie except its title. But it’s the only one I can think of right now.
7. If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would be the last movie you would want to see?
An unmade movie with a great script based on my book. From the ones that have been already made? Probably Snatch.
8. If you can spend your life working in the film industry, what would you be and why? (you know, director, producer, actor, cinematographer, costume designer, sound designer etc?)Β 
Writer of course.


1. Did you ever have a first kiss with someone while at the cinema and if so which movie was playing?
Considering the fact I usually go to the movies alone… kissing somebody isn’t really an option.
2. What is your favorite movie relationship and why?
ironmanRobert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark… because Iron Man.
3. When did your love for movies start and how has it grown?
My parents had the passion for films during the time I was growing up, we rented so many movies and watched them all day. Most of my weekends were filled with movies so I’m surprised I finished high school because I don’t remember doing any studying as a kid. I just remember watching movies… all the time! And now it’s pretty much the same, minus the parents, plus so many TV-shows it’s hard to keep track anymore.
4. If you have to choose one film to watch with your loved one, what would it be and why?
I’m going to say my loved one is my mother, and I’d watch Ocean Trilogy because we love it and it’s a lot of fun!
5. If you can choose one character from a movie to be your significant other who would it be and why?
Patrick from 10 Things I Hate About You because he’s the first character I remember having a crush on and it was Heath Ledger who brought him to me so… it’s a bitter sweet memory of mine.
6. What was the first movie that made you fall in in love with film and cinema?
I have no idea.. honestly, I can’t really pinpoint that moment in my life. I’ve never had those passionate movie moments and I keep having brief ones but never like.. profound moments, you know? So, I’m sadly going to pass on this answer.
7. How did your passion for movies turn you into a movie blogger?
Being in university had really stopped my writing, I just didn’t write at all during my first year in uni and I decided to start blogging about movies because I watched a lot of them and it seemed like a good fit. Turns out, it was the best decision I made in university.
8. What is your favorite date from a movie?
Okay, this is going to be so cheesy and I apologize in advance. Back in my teen days, I loved romantic teen movies and A Walk to Remember was one of them. The main character Jamie (Mandy Moore) in the movie has this list of things she wants to do in life. Landon (Shane West) takes her out on their first date and tries to cross some of those things out, and the cutest moment ever is when he makes Jamie stand on the line between two counties so she can cross off “be at two places at once”. I told you, it is cheesy but it’s the small things that matter.
Those were my answers and now you can participate as well, just follow these simple rules:
Β – Give answers to the 16 questions above
Write a blog post about it
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