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Making New Year’s resolutions is some what a talent of mine, I do it every year and every year I fail to follow up on my promises. I would like to say that this year is going to be different but it’s definitely too early for such outrageous statements. So why do I bother with posting my blog resolutions? One of two reasons is that sharing them might motivate me to keep my word, and the other is that I love making these kinds of posts!


To start off easy, kind of, I promise to publish two posts each week (exceptions are allowed in extreme cases) on Mondays and Fridays. To me the nature of this resolution in itself is quite easy if I get my sh*t together because I have been putting blogging aside due to work and school. Now, out of those three, I love blogging the most and I believe that when I plan and plan hard, I can manage all three without stress. So, this resolution is all about scheduling and planning!

c & c

Those who know me well, know that I tend to change a lot of things in my blog regularly. From the feature changes to minor design changes to major design changes. Well, I realized a while ago that I spent more time on the outlook of the blog this year than actually writing posts – therefore, I will not change this design in 2014! I understand that there are a few kinks with the newest design but other than that, I won’t change a thing.

PS: The header image is from Drinking Buddies, the last movie I watched in 2013 – I thought it was symbolic and sweet. I also thought Jake Johnson’s arm porn deserves to be on my blog for a long time.


One of the things that bothers me myself is the fact that a lot of the information in Mettel Ray is not up to date. It would take me about 5 minutes to add an image to my sidebar but I decide to spend 30 minutes on tumblr instead. This needs to change and though the “fangirl of” section will be hard to update (I change my mind so many times a day it actually hurts my brain), it would be fun to share my very up to date feelings. Also, I need to figure out an easier design for the TV section because that list hasn’t been uploaded since forever!


This is my favorite resolution this year because this means going totally crazy and I love being crazy sometimes. Now, I think I’m more placid by nature but reading posts by bloggers who are openly passionate makes me happy. So I decided to show my passion more, get into things more and more until my friends are embarrassed to be seen with me in the cinema.  Also, I feel like I need to voice my opinions more but we’ll see.


And the big one, the statement that I kind of forgot this year because life got in the way – I promise to love my blog unconditionally from now on. Though it sometimes doesn’t want to behave and it is a bit moody with the whole design thing (which won’t bother me this year!), I still love it. If I could, I’d throw a party for my blog, a big, extravagant party for Mettel Ray because it’s been through so much and it’s still going strong!


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