You guys are getting two Blindspot posts in a row, today and tomorrow! You could say I planned this as a nice surprise, but it’s just my way of getting on track again. After a not so good April, I’ve decided to put an end to my lazy blogging days, catch up and get back in the game. First up, Blindspot for April, Rear Window!

Going in, I knew sort of what I was getting myself into. This is a well loved movie and its main plot is widely known. So the movie didn’t surprise me with its general big plot moments. Which is a shame really, because those are the moments that really matter with thrillers like Rear Window.

As you all probably already know, this movie follows a photographer Jeff (James Stewart). His entire leg is in a cast and the guy has to spend his days in his room during a very hot summer. He is visited by a caretaker Stella (Thelma Ritter) and his girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly), as well as his detective friend. The whole movie revolves around Jeff’s suspicion that one of his neighbours has murdered his wife!

It’s just another run-of-the-mill Wednesday. The calendar’s full of ’em.
– Jeff

James Stewart as Jeff is wonderful. I’ve seen Stewart only once before (I know, shame on me), in It’s a Wonderful Life where he was just as good. But it was very first time seeing Grace Kelly on screen (again, shame on me!), and just wow. She was so pretty! Her way of holding herself, it all seemed so.. graceful. Oh and she had the most badass character moments too, climbing into that apartment!? Reckless but also badass.

Now, to be honest, the film was 2 hours and as you know, I don’t do well with longer films. Especially when they aren’t very packed with a lot of things. So I was frightful of Rear Window being dull but to my own surprise, it managed to balance the dialog, the long observational scenes, the clever humour and the tension just right! Alfred Hitchcock isn’t a director I’m very familiar with but so far I haven’t been disappointed. Rear Window is his second movie I’ve seen, Psycho being the first. And to be frank, I prefer Psycho over Rear Window, just a little.

I’m not much on rear window ethics.
– Lisa

That isn’t to say I didn’t find Rear Window good. It was one of the best one location movies I’ve seen in a while. 12 Angry Men winning, Phone Booth coming close third, Reservoir Dogs taking the first slot after the top 3. But these are all good movies! The fact that they manage to keep the viewers attention during a long period of time, while the action takes place in a very limited space, is amazing. What Rear Windows succeeds at the most, is the sort of comic book style window watching, seeing so many tiny stories all pressed together.

Besides, there were a few tiny stories I would gladly watch as episodes of a mini-series or something. Like that lady with the pills, ending up with the man playing the piano? For some reason I became very invested in them. As well as the beautiful woman waiting for her husband? back from the war? Brilliant little touch.

Shame about the dog though.




  • I don’t remember the movie at all because it was years since I saw it, but I remember I liked it, especially cinematography. Man, you guys are so good with this series, checking out new movies, while I’m just stuck doing rewatches all the time 😛

    • Well you are doing great watching so many movies! Doesn’t matter what kind, how many times, or for who. 😀

  • I had Rear Window as a Blind Spot too and I was also worried it would be dull, but I loved it. It’s my favorite Hitchcock movie at this point.

    • I think, since I have seen two, it’s a close second to Psycho for me. I just like them serial killers. 😀

  • This was my February Blind Spot pick and I felt exactly the same way as you! There were so many bits that I enjoyed but it does drag on a bit.

  • Nice review! I was skeptical about this too because I already knew the ending and the 2 hours scared me a bit but I ended up loving it.

    And you know what? I also would love to see more of that lady with the pills.

    • I didn’t know the ending so it was a good one for me. I do think they should have had like a follow up for some of the window people.

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