Last month I discovered that being social in the world of blogging is essential. Writing comments, reading posts and making an effort to connect has to be a part of a blog as much as writing it. Since I wasn’t sure of myself, nor my writing, I didn’t advertize Mr. Movie Blog for a long time. I felt like it needed a certain quality to it. As I feel like that has been achieved, hopefully not an opinion only in my mind but also something that others think, I started to think about how social is social?

I know the question is a bit shaky, so I’ll try to form an explanation. Social is a term that I consider as something that comes naturally to me to a certain degree. For instance, I don’t use words like “sweety” or “honey” to my friends let alone people I consider as acquaintances. Of course they have a different feel to them in Estonian but the basic idea is that I don’t sugar code things I say. Therefore, I’m either very straight forward if I want to be (I often choose not to say anything at all) or I’m going to be extremely sarcastic. But social in the Internet for me is totally different from what I am in real life – I find majority of people from movie blogs awesome and I don’t feel like using sarcasm and I fight the urge to call them honey. So what am I asking is how different are the boundaries of being social and being blog-social.

Since in the world of blogging people who communicate don’t usually see each other, they might not even know what the other person looks like nor if they are female or male, the social aspect all comes down to writing. At the moment, I am writing a blog post, I am communicating and being social in a way that I find myself to be very open and honest. Sometimes when I leave a comment I do the same thing and I feel like I’m not even afraid to disagree and say bad things about certain things. So I don’t sugar code online like I don’t do it in real life but what I do here is I tend to say more! I believe it is because I am stripped from body language, which you obviously don’t see at the moment, and that requires more expression from the process of writing. Using words like “honey” or saying things you wouldn’t normally say etc. is number one and that is why the area of being blog-social is wider when it comes to expressing yourself in words. At the same time, the boundaries of expressing physically are allowing you to do nothing at all. So all I am trying to say is that blog-social has to be much more social when it comes to saying things out loud.

It  might look like I don’t have a point to this post but I actually think I have it right here: blog-social means that you forget everything you do in real social situations and open up like there is no tomorrow! So I’m basically saying, be yourself! There are people who judge in the blog-world as much as there are people in the real world but it feels much better to act like yourself. This post was intended to be a plea to get more followers on twitter and bloglovin’ but it turned into an advertisement to self-love. I am truly sorry about that but I guess I needed this outlet and who knows, maybe this all comes as a surprise to somebody, although I doubt it. This is just me, leaving myself to this post, being completely honest and letting it all just flow as it comes.

PS: If any of this made any sense to you, leave a comment on how you think your social abilities differ from reality and blog-reality, I find it fascinating for no apparent reason.

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