The always wonderful Margaret over at Cinematic Corner ranked her boos on Twitter ages ago. And of course that gave me the idea to rank my own. Because, let’s face it, this blog deserves some eye candy! So here it is, eye candy time! Based on my current mood and emotional state (fragile and hormonal), I’m ranking ten of my current actor baes.

Honorable Bae

Seotud kujutis

There’s no denying of the fact that Heath Ledger is one of my all time favourite actors, as well as baes. His death 11 years ago hurt me a lot, and I find myself still saddened by the fact that his filmography will never expand. Which is why I wanted to give him the honorable bae title – forever.

Fresh Baes

I’m turning 30 this year so it feels a little wrong listing two baes who aren’t even 23 yet. But they need to be in this list so I’m giving them a separate category. Fresh Baes, as in, too young but still bae-worthy! Tom Holland is probably going to be a favourite for a long time, because he seems like the nicest guy. Same goes for Noah Centineo, who I looked forward to in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Sadly, that movie turned out to be awful, but at last Noah was great.



This Irishman is one hell of an actor, and it helps that he has a bad boy reputation too. I like those bad boys! Colin Farrell also looks so good, especially now, as he’s a bit older and can rock that five o’clock shadow. Colin is also a versatile actor, being great in dramas as well as comedies. His Seven Psychopaths role was brilliant, as was his character in The Lobster. Oh, and he also has a sex tape but this isn’t that kind of a blog.


From the first time I saw Diego Luna, I had a sort of a thing for him. It happened to be in the Dirty Dancing sequel that nobody asked for. But, despite the movie being mediocre, almost bad, Diego was stuck in my head and now I keep an eye out for him. So you can imagine my joy when he was in Rogue One and now has a main role in the new Narcos show. I have yet to catch up with Narcos, but once I do, it’s because of Diego…


It’s hard to put Chris Pine on the eight spot because he sort of deserves better. Yet, it’s hard to put any of these men to a specific ranking system. Chris (not the only Chris in this list), makes the cut because he is wonderful but is lower here because Outlaw King did not have what was promised! Still, he has been a heart-rob and a cocky captain Kirk, so he’s still wonderful. He has great sense of humour on and off screen, and he stole the Wonder Woman movie. Oh and he also rocks a beard!


Every time somebody mentions Michael B. Jordan’s name, I think of his Black Panther character and the fact that he died for no reason. He should have had a magnificent comeback opportunity, because now we won’t get to see that body. Well, no, that’s a lie, he is surely going to take his shirt off in the future but he’s never going to look like Killmonger again. Anyway, I’m devastated and drooling, so it’s time to move on.


My beard-bae, though I guess most of my baes are bearded. That’s just the way I like them but I feel like Jake Gyllenhaal has rocked a beard more often than not. There are so many movies of his that I could mention, Nightcrawler even comes to mind, even though he looks sickly. But Zodiac, End of Watch and Love & Other Drugs come to mind first. Last one has also some butt, which is always a nice bonus!


Well, was there any doubt that Sam Rockwell wouldn’t make it to my bae list? No, there wasn’t because I think by this point, I have seen so many of Sam’s films that he is in my brain forever! Haven’t seen all the movies though, because the man works a lot, but I’ve seen all the important ones. For instance, Laggies – the movie that I want to get a sequel for just because I loved Sam’s character so much!  Oh, and the coat pulling, that’s making me *** just by thinking about it.


It’s weird to have Jon Bernthal on my bae list because the reason he’s here is his role as the Punisher. A very violent man, killing a lot of people – looking super hot doing it. But like I said, I like bad boy characters, and the Punisher is the ultimate bad boy – with good intentions. Jon also has other good roles, for instance, even his role in The Accountant managed to outshine the movies main character! But man, he looks so dangerous – I LOVE IT!


Oh boy, my Winter Soldier… my Romanian hunk. No, honestly, this man is wonderful and I’d be happy to watch any movie for him. But the first movie I remember him from.. drum roll please.. is The Covenant. If you are anything like me, you’d remember this 2006 movie with supernatural hot dudes and a creepy spider scene. Honestly, it’s a Sebastian Stan classic! But if you have the chance, do watch his performance in The Destroyer – it’s amazing!


Well, we are almost there and here is Richard Madden, my Scottish bae. He has a magnificent beard, if they let him keep it, he has a honey smooth accent, if they let him speak it – he is so perfect! He also has a little grey spot in his hair as of recently, and I find it so sexy. Anyway, I watched Ibiza for him and it was actually worth it, because he was there!  If it was up to me, I’d never shave his beard, never let him change his own accent and just have him naked most of the time. I mean, who wouldn’t?!


Let’s face it, it’s a no brainer who comes first in this bae list! Chris Evans has been a bae for many years, even before he took on the role of my favourite Marvel superhero Steve Rogers. But roles in The Losers, Gifted and in the dystopian train film Snowpiercer really make it easy for me to like him. What’s Your Number? also works but that’s because he takes bubble baths and walks around half naked a lot. It’s really easy to like the guy in real life too – seems super nice, supportive and loves dogs. What more could you want?! Oh yeah, him being able to pull of a beard – AND HE CAN PULL OFF A BEARD! Perfect man.

What would your bae list look like? Who am I missing that I should definitely start bae-watching? Let me know in the comments, and keep up the bae-watching!



  • Here for Michael B Jordan <3

    I'm turning 33 this year, and I find it exceptionally creepy that a bae I love is the young Timothee Chalamet…so I feel you. Great post! Can never get enough Bae's!

    • Yay! You know, I have a soft thing for Chalamet too but he hasn’t stuck with me yet. He will soon though, I’m guessing, with more movies coming out, which I’m eager to see. And it feels okay to like him if there are others, in their 30’s, who feel the same like me! 😀

  • Wow. It started out a bit somber, but then got a little…steamy in here for a bit, no? Good times!

    I think if I did a list like this, I’d probably black out before I’d ever finish it.

    Turning 30? As in, still in your 20s??? Blah. Kids. The whole lot of you. *angrily shakes fist*

    • I mean, am I right?! I was close to blacking out too, when I scrolled through this, I almost didn’t make it to the comment section.

      Hey, for women 30 is almost like 40. 😀

  • Awesome post!! Heath is one of my forever baes too. I’m always sad that he’ll never be in a new movie. Pretty much love all of your baes, though I haven’t really watched a lot of Diego and Richard’s movies, so they’re new to me. Beards are a must-have for male baes! Looks like our battle for Chris is still on. lol I think most of my list would be pretty obvious – Ryan, Sarah, Chris, Dakota, and Gal.

  • I love this! I’d have Evans at #1 too.

    I like the shout out for Heath Ledger. His death still really gets to me, and if he were still here, He’d certainly still be at the top of my Bae Watch list too.

    • No, he’s mine!! 😀

      It is definitely one of those losses that always gets me in the beginning of the year.. it makes me sad just thinking about it.

  • Love this post! I’m turning 30 this year, too *sobbing*.
    Also so glad I’m not alone in feeling slightly uncomfortable crushing on actors as young as Tom Holland!

  • I love most of these but Michael B. Jordan would probably be my #1. I don’t know what it is with that man, but I melt every time I see him. I’d probably have a heart attack if I were to meet him in real life 😂

    • Woop, well I wouldn’t fight you for Jordan so I guess we’re good! Fighting all of those who say Evans is their number one but then, I think I would pump Madden in front. I just need more good half naked movies from Madden! I’d do something CRAZY when I’d see Madden, because I don’t think I’d ever get another chance so go big and go home! 😀

  • I must be the only one who doesn’t find Jordan hot 🙂 Madden, though! Damn another weekend flew by and I still haven’t started Bodyguard :/

  • I’m turning 30, too – I don’t feel old, but then again I will be in my 30s soon, and that;s pretty old, isn’t it? 🙁
    My baes are Sebastian Stan, Tom Hardy, sometimes Timothy Chalamet, Richard Madden, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, and lastly and most importantly, Garrett Hedlund. I am the first to admit some of his roles are not so great and he hasn’t had his breakthrough role yet, but I’ve been watching him since Eragon or Four Brother (I’m not sure) and I have a soft spot for him. He will always be bae and I will always support him. Can’t wait to see him in Triple Frontier on Netflix in March (the movie with two of my other baes, Hunnam and Isaac)

    • I feel like it seems old from the perspective of the generations before us. My mom and grandmother had their lives literally set by the time they hit 30’s and I feel like I’m still searching for my place. But the expectations for us have changed so it’s okay to feel young and hip in our 30’s. 😀

      Hunman is quite a good one, he seems like an a** at times but I sort of dig that sometimes. But not while making this list. 😀

      • Yeah, I know what you mean, my mom always says “at your age, I already had 3 kids”. Well, geez, thanks mom 🙂 but she means well, I know that! And yeah, Hunnam does seem like an a**, but I think in some cases it might just be nerves or awkwardness

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