It’s pretty gloomy outside and obviously that means I need to start off the Monday with a huge cup of coffee and a little award-ramble post (I though I’d call it aw-ramble because I think I’m oh so clever and stuff). I don’t necessarily like to cover award shows but I figured it’s my obligation as a movie/TV-show blog to continuously share my low-key opinions about these things. So, as most of you probably know, the 65th Emmy Awards announced the winners yesterday and like every year, not everybody is happy about the winners and losers.

The first unhappy person is obviously me because I’m still unaware of the Mad Men and Broadwalk Empire awesomeness – these shows have been nominated year after year and I’m still not interested. And that frustrates me because I want to be interested and if the Emmy nominations and wins don’t raise my interest, what will?

My frustration aside, there is probably even more anger over at the Breaking Bad fandom because Bryan Cranston didn’t take home the Emmy for an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Instead, The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels won the award. Now, I’m a fan of The Newsroom and I haven’t even finished watching the 4th season of Breaking Bad but EVEN I KNOW that Cranston deserved it! What the hell!? Yes, Daniels is good in the show but there’s no way he’s better than Cranston or Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. I’d comment on behalf of Jon Hamm and Damien Lewis as well but I don’t really care for them.


Robbing Cranston from his Emmy second year in a row (this loss would make more sense if Spacey had won) was a bad move but at least “the Emmy people” had the brains to name Breaking Bad as the Outstanding Drama Series – finally! Yet again, haven’t even gotten to the end of season 4 and I know that this show deserves it. To top of that, Anna Gunn received her Emmy for an Outstanding Supporting Actress but I can’t help to be a bit sad that Cranston and Aaron Paul didn’t get any love.

Not to make this post all about Breaking Bad (though the more I write about it, the more I’m itching to start watching it again – from the beginning because I have no social life), I’ll  talk about other winners such Jim Parsons who is still the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. I have to admit, I’ve not very familiar with the other nominees but I do agree that Parsons is the best part of The Big Bang Theory, so good for him! Talking about Comedy, Modern Family is still on top and it makes sense but I guess it’s a bit frustrating for every other comedy series to trump their success. Hopefully some of this years new comers will give them a run for their Emmy next year.

Merrit Wever from Nurse Jackie (the girl who also plays in New Girl) got an Emmy for an Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and she also scores the award for the WORST EVER acceptance speech. And since I haven’t seen Nurse Jackie, the way she accepted her Emmy makes me think I don’t really want to see the show anyway, so congrats Wever.

Lead Actress categories gave me mixed feelings, Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Veep won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series – I haven’t seen the show so I can’t comment but I’m glad Lena Dunham didn’t win. She still got nominated though, shame on you “Emmy people”! Claire Danes took the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and there’s no surprise there. Though I would have loved to see Robin Wright win for some reason…

Non of the winners included Game of Thrones actors nor actresses (or in any other category), Peter Dinklage and Emilie Clarke did get a nomination but considering the size of the cast and the fact that none of them are considered as Leads, the chances are quite small. But Clarke got a nomination? Oh well, they probably had written down “dragons” but the “higher Emmy people” didn’t allow it. American Horror Story got an Emmy though! James Cromwell took home the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries and well, though I would have rooted for Quinto who was nominated in the same category, I guess an AHS win is better than no win.

The last shout out goes to a category I was not really thinking about before I saw the winners. The Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program was split between Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn from Project Runway. Now, there’s probably no Project Runway fans here but I myself like this reality show because there’s a lot of drama and gay sass which gives me great pleasure.

And an aw-ramble is not complete with a little bit of fashion because I’m a woman and these things mildly interest me. I’m not gonna go crazy with the images but I’m gonna feature some of my favorites and few of those who were completely off the mark because everybody loves a disaster on the red carpet.

emmystylehateLet’s get to the worst first so I can finish off on a positive note, here are the four ladies (among the many more I didn’t really like) that took it to another level. Claire Danes in a curtain-like-dress that does nothing to her cleavage and makes her upper body look awkward. Carrie Underwood in a purple sack-dress which is a dress that would look awful in any color but exceeds the badness with the purple. Kerry Washington wearing a flower bush is there to show how a flower bush dress should look like because Lena Dunham is doing it so wrong! I mean, I’m not particularly a fan of Washington’s dress but next to Dunham’s, that thing looks like a million bucks! Dunham is literally the worst dressed woman in reality as well as on screen.

emmystyleloveNow here’s some eye-candy and by total coincidence, it is dominated by the color black. I love black, I think it looks elegant and classy even if the ensemble isn’t as great. Anyway, Zachary Quinto, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in suits because men in suits look hawt and I rest my case. Lena Headey in a lace dress that can go either way but I like it a lot – there could be a bit more coverage in the lady-part-area but better that bush than a flower-bush. Lastly, Robin Wright in a dominatrix styled dress that just looks amazing. I’m beginning to think I have a slight crush on that woman ever since I watched Adore and I can’t wait until House of Cards comes back.


How about that, I kind of covered an award show and enjoyed it too! But no time to revel in this enjoyment, it’s time to put on Breaking Bad and lock myself into my room for a week – it seems like the best way to honor Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.


  • i have not seen emmy yet! frustrated! but i’ve seen the winner list at least. I’m happy Parson win again. Am surprised by the lack of Modern Family win in supporting actor/actress category though. Michael Douglas won for Behind The Candelabra is well deserved! I’m sad for only two win for Breaking Bad. D:
    Ray! I love Project Runway! Obviously the last few seasons has been pale compared to earlier ones, no one can have the same Siriano sass! i miss that dude.
    Ugh Lena Dunham.. Ugh… On the other hand, Lena Headey channeling royal beauty with that dress… I feel bad for Claire Danes D: Washington dress is pretty though! it’s marchesa so i have certain bias for it 😀
    (i feel like i’m rambling here)

    • I won’t watch the show anyway, I don’t care for the whole show stuff and I only might watch clips of performances or something. Modern Family is good, I just keep waiting for something new to take their place.
      Breaking Bad definitely needed more, deserved more, and in my reality, got more.

      Glad there’s some love for Project Runway! I admit, there were seasons that were totally amazing and these past few seasons I haven’t even developed favorites or anything, I’m waiting for the All Star season 3 though, lots of winners featured and some of my previous favorites!

      Hate Lena Dunham.. hate her! And not a fan of flowery and girly dresses with flowers, sorry. 😀

      • *sigh* i know, especially since its the end of their run i was hoping they had a bigger bang at the emmy this year..

        All Star season 3? Is the cast list out already?!! *googling it*ack! Korto Momulu is back! With Jeffrey and Seth Aaron too?! Irina wasnt too memorable for me but i’m looking forward to Elena bringing her crazy back XD

        Same here I hate her too! Cant believe Vogue actually put her in a best dress list. D: Whut!

        • Yes, I was hoping they had a chance to win next year as well but I guess not.

          Yes, the list is awesome, I hope to see a lot of drama!

          I lost trust in Vogue when that happened.

  • I thought Wever’ speech was cute, very much like Pesci’s win for Goodfellas. Tony Hale was a true winner for me his speech and the bit he did with Dreyfuss was amazing. Lena Dunham is a trash so why would anyone bother to help her dress. My favorite dress was probably Sarah Paulson’s. Danes’ dress was beautiful but it was so wrong for her figure.

    • For me, maybe the early morning hours influenced me a bit, Wever’s speech didn’t sound cute at all. But I didn’t really watch many speeches from last night.
      Dunham is… I just can’t. And I guess all the colorful dresses really didn’t stand out to me this year.

  • Wever’s speech was adorable. I have no idea who she is, but I’ll remember her forever now because of it. That choreography segment where everyone was dancing to TV shows that were nominated was embarrassing. This was honestly the worst Emmy telecast I’ve ever seen. I’m glad Breaking Bad FINALLY won the drama award, but Cranston losing to Daniels of all people is just ridiculous.

    • I just didn’t see adorable.. I don’t know.. it was awkward for me. And I heard some bad stuff about the ceremony so yeah, I won’t be watching it any time soon or ever.
      And indeed, to Daniels of all people ! – like I said, Spacey would have made more sense winning over Cranston. And I like The Newsroom!

  • That Daniels win was insane. I mean… wow. Who saw that coming?

    I personally thought Weaver’s speech was one of utter shock. I’ve certainly never won an Emmy, but I have been stunned to the point where speech fails me. And I can’t imagine feeling that way in front of millions of people. Not a good speech, but I don’t think she was coherent enough to give ANY speech, you know?

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