There are a couple of animated movies coming out this Summer that I am really excited about. I love animated movies because I think they have matured to a level of intelligence and humor even the adults can enjoy. Besides, the quality of animation is literally mind blowing and I think that the time and effort that goes behind some of the elements deserve a round of applause.

In this post I am putting up four trailers and I can definitely say that I am excited about at least two. Madagascar is probably my favorite in this line just because I just recently saw the first two. The second animation I am very interested in seeing is Brave, which has some very good visuals as far as the main character’s hair is concerned – I mean, really? ParaNorman seems delightful while another Ice Age is yet again entertaining us with Sid. Needless to say, he is my favorite character in the series but I haven’t really paid much attention to the latest films.

Still, how animated is the Summer of 2012!?




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