I am back! What seems to be weeks of not posting is actually just 9 days which technically is almost two weeks of being away from typing. This has not been because of my lack of motivation or inspiration, I’ve actually been super busy these past few days and this will continue throughout July.. maybe even August. Last weekend when I left for Tallinn to be part of making a movie, I had been working the night shift, after long 5 days of “Scene 1, frame 3, take 2!”, I arrived back home just to go to work the following day – 3 night shifts in a row. And now, here I am!

Since I have to catch up with almost everything – posting, watching shows and movies of course, I tried to prioritize things and my movie set experience kind of ended up on top just because the hype of it is wearing down. Still, the movie shoot was awesome! There is a certain feeling when you are at a set, even when it is not enormous, it still feels like it when people are commanded with walkie-talkies to be quiet because the filming is about to start. I was the girl who had the job that required precise knowledge of what scene it was and which frame they were about to shoot. The need to stay low was also a thing I had to do because there were more important things that people on the set were focusing on. My job was number 1 priority for the editor but since she wasn’t there I regularly felt like I was in the way. I’m guessing that being the one with the clapboard is the staff member that everybody kind of forgets on the set but the montage cannot work properly without it. Either way, every type of job on the movie set has its importance and it can’t be over looked – for instance the catering!

The movie itself was a musical, I have some of the songs still ringing in my ears and I can’t wait to see the final cut. Since I joined the team after they had done all of the filming outside, I don’t know much about the over all plot. Except that it probably is about a love triangle – what isn’t, right? The inside set was built in this building the movie school  (where most of the people are studying) has and there was a damn house inside a house! Literally the coolest thing I have seen, moving walls and opening walls and it really felt like an old and worn household. The lighting guy was literally making the day light into night and then added some lighting as well. I assume that because they had a low budget and not much equipment, the way they solved problems and made everything happen, was absolutely amazing! The director, a lovely lady who thanked me with a hug for helping her out,ad certainly created a difficult task for the set designers but I am sure it was all for a greater cause – an awesome movie!

Though the actors and actresses might not be world known, nor even in Europe, there were people who I recognized from TV or the theater. Professionals to say shortly, so I was excited to see and talk to them as well. People in general were very professional, or at least gave the impression that they were (people like me) and I definitely had a nice time. I liked that everybody did what they loved with a smile and waking up at 4 or 5 to go the the set wasn’t something that they whined about. People wake up and do the work, for school credits or just to help out, I did it for the nice company and lets face it, some delicious food!

All in all, I wish this wasn’t my last time to help out and feel like a part of a movie team. I also got a crazy idea but that is something for a more distant future (5 years or so), so I will not share it because I tend to forget things I say out loud.

PS: Stay tuned for more posts in the following days (I’m going to be like a machine)!


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