oh my god

Oh. My. God.

Let us take a moment and appreciate that we have the possibility to enjoy this handsome man above. This man, in case the title wasn’t obvious enough, is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and he is amazing! Not only is he appealing for the eye but he is also talented. Though I sometimes forget to focus on his acting, and get lost in his ruggedness instead…

For years now, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared in shows and movies, and caught my eye in everything his been in. And more often and not, he has ruined my life by portraying fictional characters that end up breaking my heart in one way or another. Here is a list of characters who Jeffrey Dean Morgan has portrayed, and who have also ruined my life.

5: John Winchester

When I started watching Supernatural, which is still running!, John Winchester was just a name, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was simply the small supporting role in a show that would go on for more than 11 seasons. Yet, despite appearing in only 10 episodes all together, he still made a permanent impression on me, and I think part of me never accepted the completely wasted potential that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had as John Winchester. I missed him after he was gone, I still miss him, because John Winchester, on paper, sounds like the perfect man, who also knows how to kill demons and hunt supernatural beings.

4: Denny Duquette

No death has ever been as heart breaking as Denny Duquette’s in Grey’s Anatomy. I even didn’t like Izzy that much, but oh, how I cried when the man she loved died because Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that’s why! His presence in the show wasn’t even that long, yet, again, he made an impression that has lasted ever since and his character is my all time favorite guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy. Still, at this point, having to see Jeffrey’s character die again, felt pretty much like I was dying a little inside as well. It was sad, it was devastatingly horrible and I’m still not over it.

3: William

Though for some reason, Jeffrey keeps appearing on TV shows, he has done movies here and there, but nothing has come close to William in PS I Love You! Let me explain – he is naked! He is butt naked and that’s pretty much all you need to know about that. Also, his character is charming and manly, and it’s like Jeffrey keeps playing these irresistible men and he keeps torturing me with his perfectness! And thank god he doesn’t end up dead in this one, and it’s Gerard Butler who dies instead – he lives, he’s naked and he sings!!

2: Charlie Peters

If this name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s not you, it’s the damn universe torturing all the Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans with promises they cannot keep. Long story short, Charlie Peters was supposed to be Fiona Gallagher’s love interest in Shameless, older, rugged, manliest love interest she has ever had, and supposedly marries!, and he only appears in the season finale and is replaced by somebody who IS NOT Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I think that was the moment where I stopped caring about Shameless, that moment where they gave up on an amazing opportunity to showcase Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a show that is known for pushing boundaries. Though I guess it could have been Jeffrey’s decision.. either way, so many opportunities to be naked, ruined!

1: Jason Crouse & Negan

Now on to a more present situation, the things that are happening right now – The Good Wife‘s last season and The Walking Dead. I stopped watching The Good Wife.. and behold, Jeffrey Dean Morgan shows up, and I now have to catch up and watch all the episodes even though I dislike it. And pretty much the same goes for The Walking Dead, where, despite his tendencies to play good guys, heroes and men who, in one way or another, save your life, Jeffrey takes on the role of a villain instead! So two shows I stopped watching because I have almost no free time back on my TV schedule because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in them and I have to do it for him! I just have to see him….



  • I ADORE JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN SO MUCH! And you cannot believe how pissed I was about him not being on Shameless anymore. I completely freaked, but then again, Shameless really doesn’t hit me anymore as much as it used to. The last two season were catastrophic … and I miss my Gallavich.

  • I’m considering watching Walking Dead bc of him. But could I start in the season he’s in? I don’t really care about the story. Do you think not knowing what the hell is going on will affect my objectification of JDM? 😉

  • As someone who doesn’t watch much TV, the only character I am even remotely familiar with is the one on The Good Wife. My wife watches it religiously, so I can’t help but see a decent number of episodes myself. I have like JDM in all of the movie roles I’ve seen him in, though. Very fun post.

    • Thanks! And he has had only supporting roles in shows, and I guess finally has gotten his breakout role in TWD. Though he should have had his moment years ago!

  • This man is so beautiful it just takes my breath away, And he is gonna be all sorts of delicious in new season of TWD, his character is AMAZING

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of Jeffrey Dean Morgan appreciation on the internet lately and I’m all for it! I’m so tempted to start The Walking Dead just because of him . . .and maybe get back into The Good Wife too–even though I never really made it past the first season.

  • Great post! I loved him as William in P.S. I Love You. His and Holly’s one night stand could’ve been creepy since he was friends with Gerry and knew about her. Instead it came off really sweet. He seemed to understand her loss moreso than her friends, who treated her like she didn’t just lose her husband. He was soooo awesome as the Comedian in Watchmen and the best thing to come out of this season’s Walking Dead. 🙂

    • Hah, yes, he is amazing! And well, I think they shared a certain connection as characters in PS I love You and that worked out because he is such a good actor!

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