against the crowd blogathon 2Last year, on July 15th I participated in this very same blogathon and I enjoyed it a lot.. so why not return a year and a month later to do the same. Dell on Movies returns to his great idea and asks us to go against the masses and hate something everyone loves and vice versa. So, obviously since I love to hate things, I’m taking this year’s Against the Crowd Blogathon extremely seriously!

Before I get hatin’, here are the 4 simple rules of participation:

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 75% on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 35% on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

4. Use one of the banners in this post, or feel free to create your own.


This, 91% Rottentomatoes score holder, is the most annoying thing I have seen in my life. Truth to be told, this did not have my favorite cinematic nude scene, and this absolutely did, to a high extent, made me cringe. If I had to pin point the moment where my lack of ability to like comedies comes from, well, I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty certain that it was because of Borat. Like, the moment I saw two men naked-wrestling, is embedded in my brain as the most disgusting thing I’ve seen.. and nothing about that disgust could have made me laugh.

Sure, I could see it as a “smart” movie that is an ironical take on a certain idea of a certain stereo type. But I can state that about every Sacha Baron Cohen film out there and that’s not the only thing all of his movies have in common! I find all of his movies to be awful, and I fully believe that Borat was just a fluke in the cosmic universe, that just slipped by unnoticed and everybody panicked and loved it just in case they had to. Think about it, Ali G Indahouse, Brüno, The Dictator, all awful movies, all about taking a stab at a stereotype, just like Borat…

a walk to remember

Now the moment of angst because one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager, as I just realized, needs a lot of defending because it holds a 27% score on Rottentomatoes! 27%!? Was I really that delusional 10 years ago that I thought myself into a bubble of denial and started to love a movie that was bad? No, I wasn’t that stupid because I know for a fact that A Walk to Remember is better than most first love movies out there right now. And this coming from a person who hates Nicholas Sparks and what he stands for, yet, defends this movie wholeheartedly.

A Walk to Remember has great moments, some really smart story telling and fairly decent performances. And it was sad, it wasn’t she died of old age sad but it was brutally sad. And it still makes me sad, and I still like Shane West, and I love that despite of the unbelievably low score on Rottentomatoes, the good people on IMDb had the decency to agree with me because there it holds a 7.4 rating! Boom, slam dunk and take that, tomato!


  • Jaa.. täitsa lõpp, A walk to remember on hands down hea film. Mäletan, kuidas ma ulgusin seda vaadates.. No nii kurb. Ja paljude arvates on The Notebook parem, no wtf.. Aitäh ja mina lähen tõmban nüüd AWTR nostalgitsemiseks!

  • Wish I’d seen this earlier! Love this idea and woulda put in my two cents on Kubrick’s 2001, which I can’t stand!!

    Once Upon a Screen

  • Very happy you took part in this again! Thank you very much! I am so with you on Borat. I don’t hate it quite as much, but it was definitely not good. Just never bothered with A Walk to Remember because…well…Nicolas Sparks.

    • Thanks for hosting again! And well.. Sparks is now awful but AWTR is actually a good movie. I read the book as well and I liked how the movie was changed to be more current. 🙂

  • Good job at partaking in this and for admitting your love of a movie that most people hate on. I have no desire to see A Walk in The Line To Remember Hard but that’s mainly because of Mandy Moore and not really Sparks, but I can bet that it has a scene where 2 people kiss in the rain

  • God I love Borat. This topic sounds really fun though, even if I miss the “Blogathon” it’s a cool idea.

  • I also think there’s a lot more to Cohen’s best movies (this and Bruno) than just “taking a stab at a stereotype.” Both movies, since he often films them using those hidden camera tactics, highlight a lot of misconceptions, horror, and bigotry within both America and the world.

    I could never argue something as subjective as “why this is funny,” so I’m not trying to discredit your opinion, just tossing in my two cents.

    • True.. yet hidden cameras are sometimes a little “crossing the line” type of things. Like.. sure, you are making this to entertain but at the same time, is this now reality or is this altered reality you are fictiously creating.. if so, is this reality at all or is it still Cohen’s on imagination which he uses to influence reality. Either way, I don’t find his method to be funny but if it were done from a different angle, who knows.

      • Good point. As the director he’s certainly manipulating things, and we are seeing what he wants us to see. It works for me, but you make a good point as to why it doesn’t work for you.

  • I’m actually included to those who enjoyed Borat (and his likes). Well, the humor is genuine although sometimes too rough; you know, the guilty pleasure is all that keeps me pleased.
    However, I’m also on your side about A Walk to Remember. Oh, I remember how I admire Mandy Moore back then.Sorry.

  • I love BOTH of these movies. Like, A Walk to Remember is probably the best Sparks adaptation (yes, possibly even better than The Notebook). Moore was wonderful!

  • Haven’t seen BORAT but not really inclined to, I probably be in your camp.

    As for A Walk to Remember, hmmm you got me intrigued because I too can’t stand Nicholas Sparks flicks! I pretty much laughed all the way through The Notebook, the only one of his I’ve seen, and I refused to go to the press screening of The Longest Ride even though I had to interview the two leads. I don’t care how ripped Scott Eastwood is, I ain’t seein’ that crap.

    • The Longest Ride was horrid.. it was.. ugh, can’t even muster up a solid argument against it because it was so bad. I wrote a review about it too.. no good words there either.

  • I liked Borat, but I’m shocked it’s at 91% on the Tomatometer. That’s very high, I can absolutely see how that movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m with you on A Walk To Remember. I don’t *love* it, but I didn’t hate it. I often forget it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. I’m pretty sure my main gripe with it was just that I prefer Mandy Moore as a singer than an actress.

    • Perspective – The Departed has also 91% score!, so I mean.. what’s that about?!

      And no need to love A Walk to Remember just.. appreciate more than it’s being appreciated now.

  • I am right there with on hating Borat. I had so many people tell me how hilarious it was and that I would laugh myself silly. I sat stone-faced throughout. It was stupid and puerile.

    I liked A Walk to Remember, it was sweet and pleasant but didn’t engage me the way The Notebook did. I did really enjoy the actors in it though.

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