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I love me some blogathons and when a great one comes a long it’s hard not to jump on board with the idea. Dell on Movies has come up with the Against the Crowd blogathon which, as some might have guessed, is about going against those popular opinions we seem to have roaming around and taking a stance against great movies while protecting the ones that might not be the best but still worth some love.

Before I get cracking, here are three simple rules you should follow upon deciding to participate in this lovely blogathon:

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 80% on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 30% on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

zero dark thirty 1

Ironically, it was easier for me to pick a popular movie people seem to love rather than find one that I like and others hate. Therefore I had actually two movies in mind before I started writing, both are well loved and both didn’t really tickle my fancy, but a choice had to be made and Zero Dark Thirty (93%) is getting my full attention today.

It’s not that it’s full on bad, I have to admit, I did enjoy parts of it but man, was it boring. Yes, war isn’t all about explosions and fast decision making and thrilling all the way in but even the potentially thrilling parts felt slow and dragged. I know there are plenty of bloggers out there who love Zero Dark Thirty, I’m not judging your taste nor trying to undermine your opinions, but for me Bigelow did not deliver. Even with The Hurt Locker, I was bored out of my mind and not because I dislike the topic, on the contrary, I like war stuff! Band of Brothers and The Pacific are two of my favorite mini-series out there. Those captivated me and created characters I rooted for, but the coldness and distance between me and Zero Dark Thirty was eventually too monumental to consider it as good like the majority of people do.


My choice of movie that I will protect from the hatefulness that is out there is not my favorite, let’s just put it out there, I do not love PS: I Love You but a 24% rating!? – it’s not THAT bad!

For those of you who aren’t aware of the situation, I’m not the biggest fan of romantic comedies, I’m the opposite, I dislike them to a point I purposely hate watch them when I feel like hating on something. PS: I Love You is not one of those movies though and it’s highly likely that the reason is the fact that you see Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s ass.. there, I said it, this movie should have at least 50% rating just because you see some delicious JD Morgan ass!

That being said, I have to be honest, the plot isn’t the worst, there are far more outrageous rom-com plot-lines out there and more to come I’m sure, and the charm is there too! We have Hilary Swank, we have Gerard Butler and his delicious accent and we have Jeffrey Dean Morgan, what more could you want! Oh, yes, we have Lisa Kudrow providing what is probably the best way to pick-up a guy with just three questions. Is PS: I Love You the best of the best, certainly not, but it’s far better than the romantic comedies I’ve seen lately and did I mention Jeffrey Dean Mogran’s ass because yumm !


  • So agree with these two. Even my baby Stephen couldn’t rescue ZD30 – my God it was so boring. Between that and Tree of Life I’m shocked the very sight of Chastain’s face doesn’t make me sleepy.

    All hail JDM’s ass!

    No, seriously, PS I Love You was lovely. It was a touching story and it had good performances.

    • ZC30 was indeed like a snooze fest but I mean, Tree of Life topped it in my eyes but as you had picked it, I went with this one instead. Nothing against Chastain but indeed, she seems to be in boring movies for me personally.

      You know what also has the worst rating, JDM’s The Accidental Husband has a 6% rating! The poor guy deserves so so so much better!

  • I really liked ZD30, but I understand how it might bore some. Never bothered with PS, ILY. It just looked bad. Great entry. Thanks for joining in. I’ll update the links post as soon ad I get a chance.

  • Although i didn’t love ZD30 i did enjoy it for what it was. Though even just seeing it for that one time kinda exhaust me and i’m not looking forward for a rewatch.
    I never really watched PS ILY, but most romcoms always get lower scores anyways… 🙁
    Glad you are able to join in this blogathon ray 😀

    • I sometimes rate movies on the scale of how likely I’ll watch them again, I’ve seen Zodiac for like 5 or 6 times by now and I’ll watch it again and again.. now, that’s a movie!!
      I was glad to join this one as well.. in the midst of my busy work week. 😀

  • I get what you said about Zero Dark Thirty, even though I didn’t hate it. It’s like a “proper good movie”, which I guess it’s just another way to say it fits the standards and doesn’t had anything new. Definitely not a favourite as it got literally no emotional investment from me, but I can’t say that it is bad either. Just not lovable. Chris Pratt was interesting. And I think I liked The Hurt Locker more than this one.

    Anyway…. I cannot believe PS: I Love You has such a low rating! I found it adorable, moving, and rather unique. Like you said, not amazing, but really not as bad as 24%. Such snobs.

    • Proper movie good would be something I would watch again and I won’t be tuning in for ZD30.

      With some rom-com’s the scores were just.. maybe it’s me but I do love some specific males and when I have them in movies, I tend to turn the eye on bad things and see the good. But never the less, 24% is way too !

  • I’m going to use PS: I Love You to mourn about JDM not being in Shameless.
    Great post! I haven’t seen either of these films, but I trust your opinion completely. 😉

  • Ooooh I LOVE that you pick P.S. I Love You!! Yes Gerry Butler’s been in some shitty rom-coms, but this one is NOT one of them. Not only is JDM’s got lovely bums, there’s that hilarious scene of Gerry dancing in shamrock shorts and suspenders, I mean come on, those two scenes alone are worth the price of admission! I own the dvd and watch this one often, so yeah, screw those critics!

  • I still haven’t got round to seeing Zero Thirty Dark.

    P.S. I Love You is a brilliant choice! If I realised it had a rating that low I probably would have picked it myself as well 🙂

    • I was really trying to look for a movie I liked a lot and it took me some time but finally, PS ILY seemed like the one I wanted to share some love towards!

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