Another year, another Against the Crowd Blogathon hosted by Dell on Movies (and co-hosted by KG’s Movie Rants) and there’s not chance I’m going to miss this one! Last year was a close call, I discovered it almost at the last minute but still made the deadline. This year, I’m more prepared and I even asked if it was happening before they announced it! Yes, I was that eager to participate! For those who are new here, Against the Crowd is a special blogathon for me because it’s the one I’ve participated every year since it started – I am that dedicated for it! So let’s get going, first the rules and then the two picks I decided to either argue against or defend for!

Though I have these memorised, here are the 6 rules you should follow:

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of 75% or more on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of 35% or less on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

4. Use a banners from the announcement post, or feel free to create your own.

5. Let us know what two movies you intend on writing about in one of the following ways: 1)Β Comment on this post 2)Β Comment on KG’s Movie Rants 3)Β Tweet me @w_ott3 or 4)Β Tweet KG @KGsMovieRants1

6. Publish your post on any day from Monday August 14 through Friday August 20, 2017.


Every year this section gets harder and harder, while the choice to defend a bad movie always seems to give me multiple choices. This year I skimmed through pretty much all the high rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes and came to a conclusion that if I was going to argue against something, I better argue against something I don’t remember watching.

That’s the fundamental case against American Hustle, it’s forgettable and the only thing that sprung to my mind when I saw the title was Bradley Cooper’s awful perm. What was the point of the movie? Who was who and how did it end? I remember nothing. And sure, you could state that I did saw this one 4 years ago (man, time really does fly) but I saw Her the same month and I remember it! I even even remember the moment where my heart broke a little because I felt so bad for the main character. So no, it’s not about time passing and my memory getting weaker with age, it’s because no way in the world is American Hustle a memorable film.

I see around 80 movies a year, read over 50 books and watch tons of shows – as time goes by, only the strong and the best content stays on my mind. As time passes, I prioritise memories and new content pushes out the ones that don’t matter any more. In other words, as the years go by, many things become irrelevant and I forget them. In the movie world it’s important to realise this as soon as possible because there’s so many movies out there. And that means not rating a film fresh for its performances because it’s now clear, as time has run its course, that American Hustle is as forgotten as are perms!


Here comes Mettel Ray defending yet another romantic comedy from the awful critics that seem to be heartless and especially cruel when it comes to humans finding love. Or maybe they’re just sad and take their anger out on beautiful little treasures like Love, Rosie? Well, we’ll never know. Anyway, in the beginning of the post, I had a moment where I thought I was going to defend something other than a romance movie but why break tradition!? Clearly I have knack for loving movies that have rubbed the critics the wrong way, but appealed to the audience. Because all my past 3 picks, and including this one, have been voted fresh by us, the regular people but have been trashed by the critics.

Love, Rosie is a British film based on a novel written by Cecelia Ahern, the same woman who wrote the novel the movie PS: I Love You is based on, which was my first Against the Crowd pick to defend. What do critics have against Ahern? Because again, while this movie may not have appealed to the critics, I actually didn’t think it was as bad as 29%. Honestly, I would at least give it a 60%, because it’s funny, heart warming and has decent performances by both Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. Plus, it’s actually smart and pretty educational.

The thing is, the main plot of Love, Rosie starts with a condom mishap, and our main character Rosie accidentally becomes pregnant. She is still a teenager but already she has to make such an important life choice, which will, in return, alter her future. The movie takes place throughout the years which is a refreshing way to tell a love story (not uncommon but not the most popular way to do so) and instead of throwing our main characters together, we get to see them grow, grow apart and come together again.

So all I’m saying is that it’s not as bad as the critics make it sound like. It takes on a serious topic, it’s rated R, which is great because swearing in a British accent is always a pleasure to hear. Also, I have to admit, Claflin is somewhat decent when it comes to eye candy. He’s no Jeffrey Dean Morgan but I wouldn’t throw him out of bed either. Plus, I do remember going in very sceptical myself, not knowing anything really, and the movie managed to surprise me. It was much less mushy and much more relevant, which is why I have seen it more than twice already!

MY PICKS IN 2014, 2015 and 2016:
Hate: Zero, Dark, Thirty (93%), Borat (91%) and The Hateful Eight (at that time 75%)
Love: PS: I Love You (24%), A Walk to Remember (27%) and Because I Said So (4%)


  • Oh my god!! I hated American Hustle. And same — I remember Her (tbh I’ve rewatched it because it was brill — but hardly remember anything from American Hustle. Not even the basic plot!). Yet I LOVED Love, Rosie. Like, LOVED. I’m 100% with you on these. Can’t believe the ratings aren’t the other way around.

    • Glad to hear you agree! Loved, Rosie is definitely not as bad as the critics make it sound like, but I mean, if you go back to my previous years, you see so many rom-coms with even worse ratings and neither of those are bad!

  • I really liked American Hustle, but it is a bit on the forgetful side, so no argument from me. I have never even heard of Love, Rosie, but now I’m curious about it. Great job. Thanks for participating once again!

    • I think that over the years I’ve become to resent it more because it is so forgettable. And glad to participate again, will be there next year as well!! πŸ˜€

    • Yay, well that means my work is done here. πŸ˜€ And I’m glad to hear Love Rosie surprised not just me but others as well, it really isn’t that bad, I don’t get the low score at all.

  • Lol I only remember three things about American Hustle, Bradley Cooper’s terrible hair, Christian Bale’s belly and Jennifer Lawrence blowing up the microwave so it was pretty forgettable. So forgettable I don’t even remember finding it funny.

    I haven’t seen Love, Rosie but I think I’ve read something good about it somewhere because it’s on my watchlist.

    • Definitely interested to hear your thoughts on Love, Rosie. I’m curious how other precieve this film. If it being British and it having a different appeal to American audience, maybe? Let me know when you watch it!

  • I thought I liked American Hustle when I watched it, but sure enough, I can’t remember a thing about it either.

    Oh I like Love, Rosie too! As far as rom-coms go, it’s pretty decent actually. I didn’t know Ahern wrote the book it was based on but that makes sense, bc I ALSO like PS I Love You πŸ˜‚ I find both perfectly sweet and sad.

    I may enter this blogathon if I can find some movies, it looks fun !!

    • It makes me happy to hear people have forgotten American Hustle… it means it is forgettable and that is a testament to a bad movie!

      I know!! When I found out I was like, what do these critics have against her, her stories are delightful! Quirky. And fun. I don’t get the hate.

      Oh you should!!! This is by far my favourite blogathon, and the most fun because you get to hate and love at the same time! πŸ˜‚

  • I wasn’t crazy for American Hustle either. It didn’t help that two of the stars, Adams and Bale, are people whose charm escapes me. It played, I watched and like you I forgot it. Wish I could say the same for the terrible piece of dreck I chose for my movie I hate!!!

    Haven’t heard of Love, Rosie but I really liked P.S. I Love You so I’m going to queue it up and give it a try. Thanks!

    • Oooh, I do understand the lack of charm Adams and Bale seem to not have.. for some. I don’t get Bale either. Adams is a hit and miss for me, I liked her in Arrival, where some hated her. I guess it depends for me a lot what setting she is in.

      Oh, it is I think as charming as PS I Love You, though I think not as sad and emotional. Let me know what you think when you see it.

      What did you pick for your hate??

  • Damn you! American Hustle is an excellent pick! That movie is so completely overrated, it’s hard to believe that it was nominated for Best f–king Picture. No. I don’t flat out hate it or anything (Bale was awesome), but it seemed to me like it wanted desperately to be Goodfellas…and it fell woefully short.

    I have never seen or heard of Love, Rosie, but I’m always in for a romantic movie. If it turns out to be good? Awesome. But if it turns out to be bad? Even better.

    See you next year!

    • Well, I think it isn’t a bad movie upon watching BUT like I said, it’s a very forgettable one. If the movie doesn’t manage to make you think and wonder (as Her did), it will gradually becomes a distant memory on your brain.. but good movies shouldn’t be forgotten. So, American Hustle, is a bad movie, because most of the people in my comments have agreed, they have forgotten it. πŸ˜…

      Yes, watch Love, Rosie!!! I’d love to hear all the yays and boos for it!!

      See you next year, 5th one, gotta be special!! I feel like I should start pre-peparing already! 🀣

  • I really liked American Hustle, I felt like I was the only person that did after the Oscars because everyone felt like they were rooting for it to fail.

    I haven’t seen Love Rosie, unfortunately.

    • I don’t remember much from that Oscar year in general.. ohoh, no, I remember.. the great loss of Leo, I remember now. Man. So many memorable movies from that year and I still can’t recall American Hustle. I’m sorry πŸ˜…!

      I recommend it, if you get a chance! But I should also warn you, it has a pretty low rotten tomato score! πŸ˜‚

  • I haven’t seen the latter but critics seem to be super harsh towards all romantic films, drama and comedy, no matter the genre. As for Hustle I did enjoy it a lot and remember really liking Renner and Bale but Adams did absolutely nothing there as usual.

    • Yeah, so no surprise there, but I’ll defend another rom-com next year, since the critics seem to be especially cruel to that genre!

      I can’t even remember Renner… I just don’t know but that movie clearly just did not work for me at all. And I like Renner, I should be able to remember him. πŸ˜…

  • I COMPLETELY agree about American Hustle. I remember a friend and I discussing the film and asking “where was the ‘hustle’?” Sure they’re trying to pull of some heist or ruse or whatever but there’s no skill in it, AT ALL.I haven’t watched Love, Rosie but I am a huge fan of romcoms so I’d definitely be keen to busting open a bottle of wine and letting it pull on the heartstrings.

    Thanks for taking part πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for agreeing, I feel like most of the comments are about how they disliked American Hustle as well so I feel much more satisfied with my pick this year!

      I will always take part in this, no matter how many years into the future, I’ll always go against the crowd! πŸ˜€

  • I liked American Hustle but it is the perfect example of style over substance. I think I am one those nasty critics who dislikes films where humans find love. If it’s not close friends, I tend not to care. It’s never been an aspect of cinema I been enthralled by. Perhaps I’m dead inside.

  • Great picks! The only thing memorable for me in American Hustle is Amy Adams, but even she barely makes it out of there with a good performance. I loved Love Rosie too. Lily and Sam gave wonderful performances, and it’s a really sweet rom-com.

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