Another year, another opportuinity to participate in the Against the Crowd Blogathon – something that has become sort of a tradition here on Mettel Ray AND I almost missed it this year! But as luck would have it, I didn’t actually miss the deadline that’s on the 26th of August, so I got enough time to gather my thoughts to express two movie opinions that go against the masses.

Hosted by Dell on Movies, Against the Crowd Blogathon has six rules this year: 

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 80% on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 30% on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

4. Use one of the banners in this post, or feel free to create your own.

5. Comment on this post, or on KG’s Movie Rants with the two movies you intend on writing on.

6. Publish your post on any day from Monday August 22 through Friday August 26, 2016.


hateful8Alright, it’s not that I hate the movie… no, yeah, I think I do hate it a little. And this is coming from a Tarantino fan, which I still consider myself to be! The Hateful Eight was just so long and so uneventful in the long run that I felt utterly bored at the theater. Yes, the cinematography was great, the visual appeal is something Tarantino never lacks off, and the blood, we got to see a lot of blood. But was it, plot wise, as amazing as Pulp Fiction? No. Was it as captivating as the Inglourious Basterds? No. Was it at least brining life into the forgotten western genre like Django Unchained? No. And we can compliment the performances as long as we want, the fact of the matter is, the story in this 3 hour and 7 minute movie, could have been done in 20 minutes.


becauseisaidsoI continue my trend of protecting the few romantic comedies that I’ve actually enjoyed and continue to enjoy over the years. Granted, not all of them are perfect, and some do deserve a so called rotten score, but man, do some of these have been butchered beyond what has been necessary. For instance, Because I Said So, that has Diane Keaton and the oh so yummy Gabriel Macht! 4%??? Are you actually kidding me? I mean, Nine Lives, which I will never watch with Kevin Spacey as the CAT, has at least 7%! Fantastic Four remake, the movie I disliked the most last year, has 9%! So I mean, yes, it’s a stupid rom-com where a woman has to choose between two really great guys, and the mother meddles herself into her life, but it has funny moments and it has Macht looking oh so good, and it has a really cute kid and.. 4%?? Really!?

Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments, and please tell me Because I Said So is not as bad as the rating indicates!?

MY PICKS IN 2014 & 2015:

Hate: Zero, Dark, Thirty (93%), Borat (91%)

Love: PS: I Love You (24%), A Walk to Remember (27%)


  • Someone needs to stick up for romantic comedies! I love them! I’ve never seen Because I Said So, but I think it’s really interesting that it got a 4% score yet 65% of people actually liked it!
    – Allie

  • First, that is a great pic at the top of the post. Totally stealing that for next year. The Hateful Eight had literally been sitting right next to my TV and on top of my blu-ray player for weeks. I’m a QT fan, just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on watching it. Screw it, I’m blaming the Olympics. I have been watching a lot of that. Now that they’re over I can check it out to see if I agree. Never bothered with Because I Said So. Not sure why. Can’t say I am in a hurry to watch it, but it doesn’t sound like a 4% movie. Thanks for coming through for me! Great work, as always.

    • Go ahead, that’s a very cool picture! And I’m not surprised you aren’t grabbing for TH8 it is just.. it’s too much and it’s close enough to Malic’s movies with just blood and violence instead of the universe and the deep meanings. Thanks for hosting it, it’s the only yearly post I’ve participated throughout the years ! Proud of you, proud of me.. next year again!

  • I haven’t seen Hateful 8, by and large I’m not a Tarantino fan-Reservoir Dogs was okay and I rather liked Inglorious Basterds but otherwise I haven’t liked anything else. Most of what I’ve heard about this one had not made me any more anxious to see it and I think yours has put the final nail in its coffin.

    As rom-coms go I thought Because I Said So was very routine but that 4 rating is ridiculously harsh. I love Diane Keaton and she made the film worth seeing.

    • You dodged a bullet there my friend! I wouldn’t see H8 again ever. I mean exactly! It had some pretty good names, and it wasn’t THAT bad.. I’m just shocked.

    • Uh. Elizabethtown. 500 Days of Summer. PS I Love You. Accidentally on Purpose (on sari vist aga ka sobib väga hästi!). Jeffrey Dean Morgan ja Uma Thurman ühes… mul ei meenu hetkel. 😀 Üldse, ma ei oska nii peast kohe nimetada neid. Crazy / BEautiful, rohkem draama, aga ka hea.

  • 4%? Damn that’s harsh, I’ve never seen it. I agree on Hateful Eight. I didn’t hate it but it was long, boring, and I hated how Daisy as the punching bag was played for laughs. The acting was great though.

  • Nice picks! I totally agree about The Hateful Eight. It was so boring. Even though I hated how her character was treated, if it wasn’t for Jennifer Jason Leigh (who totally should’ve won last year), I don’t think I would’ve survived.

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