Here’s a quick post for you all this Friday! Me, Sofia and Nik have finally gotten a sort of rhythm going and have put out the 80th episode of Across the Universe Podcast. It is about the end of the world, sort of, because that’s literally what’s happening around us. We recorded this a few weeks ago and it’s apparent that the situation has gotten worse. Despite of that, the lessons and reminders from this episode are still very much valid!

I wanted to let you guys know that this is also the first podcast episode I’ve cut for Across the Universe. After being apart of it for so long, I’ve finally gotten my sh*t together and done something other that rambling. With that extra challenge I realised I have so much to improve upon in terms of podcasting.

So I figured you guys could let me know what podcasts (besides ours) you listen to and what you like about it! Girl needs to up her skills!

PS: Don’t forget to vote! 

Stay safe, stay home and keep in touch online with friends, family and maybe even reach out to somebody you haven’t talked to in a while. Social distancing does not mean cutting off socialising completely. Be there for one another. Like a very smart and full of wisdom YA movie once sang: we are all in this together!



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