“Dad, you were like a father to me!” Ethan Tremblay

I liked this movie! Was it because I had had a very good day or is my love towards Robert Downey Jr. simply that strong will remain unknown because my excitement is clouding every other thought that could make it about anything else except the movie itself.

Was it over the top crazy with things that could never happen in real life? Yes! But were those things deliberately made into outrageous scenes were Zach flips the car, hijacks  Robert who is being held in a carriage body (or something like that) and flips that after which he shoots Robert!? I believe that they were. So what could I do with a movie that is so unrealistic in so many aspects than to enjoy it and at some point be as excited as a kid on a Christmas morning!

The movie is similar to Hangover, the previous masterpiece of Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland who are apparently making the second Hangover as we speak, with its sole purpose to arrive to an event in time! Hangover was about a lost groom who had to go to his own wedding, Due Date was about a soon to be father Peter (Robert Downey Jr.)  who had to be in LA before his wife gave birth. The problems start the moment Peter gets to the airport because he meets Ethan who of course is the origin of troubles that fallow the movie from beginning to end.

It is quite hard to describe the movie witch is mostly based on the visual aspect of acting (the body language of Zach Galifianakis is just priceless) and the energy of the two main characters that hold the movie together. Robert is one of my favorites at the moment and all though I have disliked Zach in the past I think that his performance with Robert made him more likeable for me.

All in all it’s another great movie in its genre (outrageous comedy?) which shows that going on a road trip with a complete stranger can turn out pretty okay in the end, not including the bruises and a bullet wound – I mean, he made it there in time, what more do you need for a happy ending?



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