Since I was already crossing movies off my list (of movies I want to watch) I decided that what harm can one more do: Charlie St. Cloud was my next victim. (Again I ignore the fact that it is based on a book but not because I want to but because I need to do it – I haven’t read the book.)

I was slightly worried about Zac Efron because the only role he had done except the singing basketball player was a funny grown man in his teenage body – something as serious as Charlie St. Cloud seemed totally out of his element. But guess what? He wasn’t as bad as I thought he would be. I know, I was as surprised as you are but I’m actually guessing that his good performance was due to the fact that the other lead Amanda Crew was really not that good. I think it was the chemistry thing which they didn’t have and I think it was the fact that Zac took his shirt off. Huh, who would’ve known, I am that shallow.

The movie is basically about this guy , Zac, who has lost his brother but is stillplaying baseball with him in the woods. (His brother is a ghost in case you didn’t understand.) It has been 5 years, he works in the graveyard and when his friend who died in the war has a conversation with him we get the idea that Zac can talk to ghosts. When he meets this girl who also loves to sail and has this big journey ahead of her they start to hang out, he of course doesn’t see his brother that often anymore. And then, a twist! I would totally tell you about it but it would ruin the whole movie so I’m gonna shut my mouth and finish with a conclusion that goes like this:
It wasn’t a bad movie but I wouldn’t call it a good one either. It reminds me a little of The Invisible (2007) and now to think of it, it does look a lot like The Invisible only that the last one was a bit more interesting. Charlie St. Cloud didn’t have as much thrill in it as I would’ve liked and the twist part, well lets just say that it could have been even more shocking!


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