Ugh, Stop, Drag! Now, let me explain.

(This review is based solely on the movie and the fact that it is based on a book has been ignored by me just because I can.)

I get the whole “I want to live my dream” thing, I get it to the point that I’ve been thinking about my future for the past week and a half after I saw this movie. But I didn’t think about the movie, I thought about the idea behind it which in Eat, Pray, Love was over shadowed by Julia Roberts monologues and pointless dialogs. After all, it was a movie about Julia Roberts eating, praying and going from being married to the arms of a hunk and then crushing his heart in order to fall in love with a new man.

The story begins with Julia being unhappy, unsatisfied with her life as a wife – she wants to travel and see the world but she feels stuck. I have no idea why she has to get a divorce in order to do the traveling thing, she can travel alone with a ring on her finger or at least that is my opinion. I mean, her husband lover her very much and it wasn’t ever implied that he had done something wrong. But no, she had to file for a divorce and loose all her money and then, she didn’t even leave the city but got right back into the arms of a man, younger one, a hotter one, one who looks exactly like James Franco! This was actually my favorite part of the movie and since it’s not a secret I’m gonna tell you that the reason is of course no other than James Franco personally. I think he is wonderful and I’m really surprised when people don’t know who he is but after Eat, Pray, Love and 127 Hours I’m sure he will be well known to everybody!

After a weird comment towards Julia and James (the characters names were actually Liz and David) they split, the guy again seemed heart-broken and Julia finally went on her year long trip to Italy, India and the last destination was Bali. The saddest thing about this movieĀ  seemed to be the way the story progressed – it took forever! It seemed like the editor didn’t cut anything and all the scenes that they filmed stayed in the movie, it was over 2 hours long and right now I’m thinking that cutting 30 minutes would’ve given the movie a better vibe. It was like Sex and the City 2, too much scenes that didn’t go anywhere and made the movie boring. Especially in the middle, when she was in Italy and India – cause there was nothing except eating and praying which I get it is 66% of the movie title but nothing really happened! By the time she got to Bali I was so tired that I didn’t even get excited when Javier Bardem aka Felipe entered the picture as Julias’ new love interest. And by the time I sort of woke up the movie was over, so much for the comeback of the most expensive actress Julia Roberts! I don’t even know if it was supposed to be a comeback but it felt like she tried to do just that and my strong opinion is that she failed – Eat, Pray, Love has a great idea but the execution makes it a mediocre movie. 0

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