Jennifer Aniston was one of my favorites  a while back but then she broke up with Brad Pitt and it has gone down hill ever since. Her Cougar Town role was absolutely horrible but what do you expect when you are a guest star to a show that is the lamest thing on television at the moment (to my knowledge)! But that was only 20 minute show where Aniston was on screen for like 5 minutes or so РThe Switch had much more Aniston!

I don’t know if it was my lack of love for Jennifer Aniston that made me like Jason Bateman more and that likeness eventually turned into a sort of neutral feelings towards The Switch. The concept was of course weird but considering the rom-com’s (I’m adding that word to my dictionary!) nowadays it was okay. Jeff Goldblum had a great supporting role that added a little spice to the romantic duo. On that note, Bateman and Aniston – no chemistry at all! They didn’t feel it, I didn’t feel it.. and if you do then there’s something wrong with you.

The kid was adorable but what do you expect, they wouldn’t hire a kid that wasn’t adorable but you would think that they would at least find a kid that had the same color eyes than his parents. I mean, I had a A- in biology and I remember all those eye color “rules” and two people who both have blue eyes can’t have a kid with brown eyes!(!) Those small details actually annoy the c*ap out of me no matter how small of a detail it is!

On that note I will finish this short post about The Switch but in short, movie started out good, got a little interesting in the end but after that got boring so you could multitask while watching this movie pretty easily, not a lot of attention needed and you’d probably know the whole story after the first 15 minutes – predictable, predictable, predictable.


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