I had high hopes for Easy A based on the trailer. I was sure there would be high class comedy, lots of jokes and some excellent acting by a lot of familiar actors. I was hoping for fun story lines except the main one and a great ending to a fun movie. What did I got? A movie which had all its funny parts in the trailer, some really bad acting from people who should have left the acting career like they told they did and some really weird story lines next to the main one. Basically, I think I had too high hopes for Easy A and it dissapointed me – not big time, but still enough to not name it this years best comedy. I think the Due Date is going to steal the show!

Easy A itself is a story about this girl who tells a white lie and ends up being the schools biggest “I give it away for gift cards and money” girls. But the story itself is brought to us in a different order – she is doing a web cam broadcast and talks about her story. There is also Amanda Bynes’s character and her boyfriend is my favorite guy in the whole world (I have many of them) Cam Gigandet. Amanda said that she is retired and then she took up a bad role like in Easy A. Not that the role was bad, I just thought the acting wasn’t that good. Cam was great, he’s role was small but I have high hopes for him in Burlesque. There was also this guy from Cougar Town Dan Byrd who was gay. Then there was Lisa Kudrow – her role disappointed me a lot! Funny? Maybe. But not cool at all. Main man in Easy A was Penn Badgley and he was okay but could be better. Anyway, lots of familiar names and nothing really stood out. Emma Stone was cool though – she is still my new hero.

So what went wrong? I think they did a big mistake by putting every good joke into the trailer and then releasing that “I got a pocket full of sunshine” song clip in the web – kind of gave away everything they had. But this movie could be good when you haven’t seen the trailer and aren’t as excited about it as I was – prejudice really can ruin a movie!

At first I gave it a 4- but now, I have thought about it and I think that it is more like a 3+ movie – sorry Emma, something was just missing.


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