Again I was nailed in front of the screen for a long time: I managed to watch (first one was luckily only 10 episodes long) seasons of Castle just to catch up with the third season. Just so you’d know, I don’t watch things I don’t like so that is that – I like Castle.

I remember when I saw Nathan Fillion for the first time – he was the money saving Johnny in Two Guys and a Girl (show that made me love Ryan Reynolds). Now watching him play a writer who is helping the crime fighting detective Kate Beckett it takes me back in time. He is now rich and famous and some what of a ladies man (totally different from Johnny) but he still has that slightly gentle humor that I adore. Castle is not in your face jokes, it is more of a solid crime story at first but under the surface it manages to come up with intelligent jokes. Besides Castle and Beckett there are also Ryan and Esposito- two guys that are never over powering the main couple but have managed to create a couple that is best described as “white and light chocolate that I l.o.v.e!”And you know what else I like? Castle’s daughter! Although at some point she should really do something she isn’t allowed to do – she is too good!
I have always been a fan of crime shows, I like Bones, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, CSI etc – it is just something about crime fighting that really gets me going you know? The mystery about it and the fact that I can guess who the killer is! If I guess it right the episode has failed me, if not I can honestly say that they got me.. I failed and Castle manages to do that most of the time. Although the crime shows usually have the typical story-line to them sometimes Castle seems to make the motive more interesting than the killing itself. Or it is just because Richard Castle is talking about timetraveling most of the episode because the killing was so weird! Anyhow, I enjoy it and I hope they do not prolong the relationship that we are ALL waiting for as long as Bones has done it – seriously, get together already! House and Cuddy got together! Why can’t Bones and Booth!?

NB: What is up with the B’s? Bones aka Brennan, Booth, Beckett? Is it me or all the cool shows have a B-fetish…


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