# 90 – 4in1

Here’s another post filled with trailers. I stumbled on them this morning and I have to be honest, trailers don’t excite me as much as they used to.  But some just seem to get to me and here they are – one not so good one that just makes me mad and three serious movies that got my interest.

1. Drive Angry (February 11th, 2011) –  Nicolas Cage was for a long time one of my favorite actors and then he started to fall – Ghost Rider, Knowing, Kick-Ass and the movie with the sorcerer – I get it, he likes to play supernatural things but why take on a character who broke out of hell to save his little baby girl while driving angry? Oh, and lets not forget it is 3D! It has a sexy blond girl also (what a surprise) played by the actress who was in that canceled show called Hidden Palms, movies like Never Back Down and The Stepfather, Amber Heard. I think I like her but still, I have almost no interest in this movie.


2. The Debt (December 29th, 2010) – Is it just me or does Helen Mirren do a lot of movies lately? I have now idea how she does all that she does but I love her! I also think that The Debt is a great movie – it has 3 main characters but there are 4 actors and 2 actresses playing them – 3 of them in the past (young ones), 3 in the present(?). Most of the faces are familiar, even the names but I think that the one worth mentioning is Sam Worthington. I like him too, I actually like all the actors in that movie I think – plus, the story seems to be a good one! (I’m trying to look away from the fact that the writers wrote Kick-Ass, a movie many like but I didn’t care much about it.)


3. Blue Valentine (December 26th, 2010) – I have already mentioned this movie but it has a new trailer so I thought I should mention it one more time before it comes out. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a married couple, the movie focuses on them during different times and periods of their life – I’m not very sure what the movie is all about, is it a marriage story or what but I’m thinking that it might be the Notebook volume 2. It has the sad ending feel to it but who knows. The trailer isn’t helping me at this point because it doesn’t really tell me what I want to know but that is actually very interesting – anything can happen..


4. Inhale (October 22nd, 2010) – Have I told you that I adore Dermot Mulroney? No? Well, I do! I think he is amazing and under rated. Anyway, Inhale seems to bring out a side of him I haven’t seen, the raw action of a father who’s daughter has cancer and doesn’t have much time. Mulroney is pared with German actress Diane Kruger who plays the mother and they seem to have great chemistry. I have very high hopes for this one because this was the only trailer that gave me goosebumps – can’t wait to see it.


* Justin Bieber has a documentary coming out soon! (Never Say Never) – I don’t get it, why make a documentary out of a 16 year old boy who has a girly haircut and hasn’t been out of the womb long enough to establish all the necessary conditions needed to be a man?


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