I think I have always been drawn to original DVDs – I like the whole vibe in having a shelf full of DVDs. At first I didn’t much pay attention, I just saw a familiar actor/actress and I bought it (it was cheap also) and now I have this stack of DVDs I even haven’t watched (I feel ashamed). But then I got a job at a local video store – seriously the most suitable work for me – I got a workers discount!

So now I have over 50 original DVDs from (500) Days of Summer to Star Trek, there is He’s Just Not That Into you, In Her Shows, The Holiday, Marley and Me, The Dark Night (and other Ledger movies), 17 Again, Silk and many more. There are some DVDs I want to buy this month but I have to think about it – I don’t want to buy something that I’m not gonna watch at least 3 times (anymore!). This watching movies  many times over and over thing is so common for me, I do that all the time. I think it is because I have been so moody lately (these past few months) that I just want to watch something I am already familiar with. Certain moods need certain movies – like when I feel sad, I like to watch (500) Days of Summer, when I’m happy I go usually with Ocean 12 (which I have on an original DVD) and so on.

I guess I’m gonna list all the DVDs into my “I have seen those movies LIST” but I haven’t got the mental power to start making THAT list. But it sure would be interesting to know how many movies I’ve seen – but the list would be of those which I remember because I’m sure I’ve seen a Steven Seagal movie one time or another, but if I can’t place it to a specific story-line it’s not gonna make the cut, sorry Steven.

So this is the stack of DVDs I have at the moment (titles are in Estonian).


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