I did a big post about upcoming new shows this season and No Ordinary Family is the third one I watched. 3 episodes back-to-back and I was quite pleased. I was rather surprised to find out that the guys behind this show, Greg Berlanti and Jon Harmon Feldman! Together their CV has shows like  Everwood and Tru Calling (creators) while producing a large amount of episodes to Dirty Sexy Money and Brothers and Sisters. So my hopes were set high with this new comer.

I must say, I get the whole superhero thing in movies but based on the fact that I haven’t been watching Smallville and couldn’t watch Heroes at some point forward,  I’m not so sure about superhero TV-shows. No Ordinary Family of course tackles new issues of superhero lives but who knows how this ends up. It reminds me a lot of movies/TV-shows but I guess superheros are getting old and predictable – there isn’t much that hasn’t been done already.

My favorite thing about this show is the dad in the show who is portrayed by Michael Chiklis – well known from The Shield and as Thing in Fantastic Four – he plays a little more softer guy in this show who gets the power of ultimate strength (plus he can jump really high/far). I like him, I haven’t watched The Shield that much (only a couple of episodes at passing) but I was impressed about his interview with Jimmy Kimmel were he did the “butt dance” – check it out, he seems genuinely nice guy.

Mom is super-fast, daughter can read minds and the son is super-smart. There are other superpower people who can teleport or move things with their minds but like I said, it isn’t something I haven’t seen before. That being my biggest concern – the fact that it could get old really soon, I mean I have only seen 3 episodes and I think I have an idea what is going to happen. Maybe that’s my superpower!? I can see the future!


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