34 hours of watching 90210s’ new version has got my brain into the minds of Beverly Hills elite. I even started hating my wardrobe since it has no pretty dresses nor high heels. But other than that here are my thoughts on the teen show that I started to watch because I was bored and now watch because I like it.

First of all, 90210 is a show about bad marriages, untrustworthy friends and relationships with short life expectancy. Throw in some fast cars, high heels, drugs, money, “no need to diet” bodies and some really crazy story lines and that’s about it. It is entertaining I’ll give them that but after watching 2 seasons in a row I’m rather sick about the relationship drama. The only relationships that have managed to live with out drama longer than 3 episodes are Annie’s (Shenae Grimes). First was Ethan (Dustin Milligan) who was written off the show after season 1 and second was Jasper (Zachary Ray Sherman) who turned out to be crazy and obsessive. There is the Adriana (Jessica Lowndes) and Navid (Michael Steger) relationship that has lasted for almost a season and is still going on (they split in season 2) but I have had enough of the drama involving Adriana – now being tortured by her manager she is trying to become a famous singer. Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) who was a self-centered witch (not to use the b-word) was raped in the end of season 2 and is becoming maybe more human in season three. Silver (Jessica Stroup), who was my favorite character up until season 2 ended (she got boring), broke up with Teddy (Trevor Donovan) who is gay but doesn’t know it jet. Dixon (Tristan Wilds) doesn’t have HIV but he thought he had it when he broke up with Ivy (Gillian Zinser) who slept with Oscar (Blair Redford) who was/is sleeping with her mom. Jen (Sara Foster) gave birth to a baby boy and looked like she was going to be a better person – not likely though. And Liam (Matt Lanter) – bad boy turned into a soft bunny – has trouble with his half-brother who is dating Annie who Liam likes. And when you think this is some story line action think about the fact that this is just the summary of the beginning of the third season (5 episodes to be exact).  I’m not even gonna tell you all about the stuff that has happened before because that might take me a while – but this was just my proof that the show has some crazy story telling and the third season started out with nothing good to hang on to – everybody were broken up and drama-drama-drama was in the air.

Other than that I think the show is quite good, it is no True Blood but I think it is better than One Tree Hill later seasons (I mean, honestly! After they rapped the 5th season nothing has been the same – I haven’t even watched it after I stopped in mid 6th season but I have heard about it). Which reminds me, teen TV-shows aren’t that happy – they always brake up people and add drama by putting characters into situations where they yell “I don’t trust you anymore!”. I mean, give me a brake, how come nobody learns from these things – if you have a secret, it is not really a secret and it will brake up your relationship. If you do something somebody will see and you’ll end up paying for it. Predictable, yes! Entertaining, still yes!

The third season for me is exiting because of the gay story line – Teddy is coming out of the closet, ladies and gentelmen! I think that it was about time and Teddy was a good choise to be made into a gay person. For a moment I though that the shows writers were trying to make Liam gay, or scare the viewers for a split second (when he walked up to his half-brother) but since I knew Teddy was the one who was exploring that side of the green-green grass I wasn’t spooked. Oh, Liam – my favoirte bad boy is so soft lately – but his crush on Annie should be over soon. I’m thinking that there will be a new girl for Liam, but not jet – I want him to be all mine. Just kidding.. maybe.

All in all I think I didn’t waste my time watching it, I was entertained and sitting at the edge of my seat a couple of times during the seasons. I found a lot of similarities to One Tree Hill in it and something reminded me of the old version of 90210 or was it Melroce Place – god, I don’t remember them that well but I guess all the drama shows have that same effect on me – mostly predictable story line pile. On that note, here are some of the stills from the show – it is visually interesting (if you are a girl and like fashion). I just noticed that most of the stills (if not to say that all of them) are of Silver and Liam. Guess my favorite characters really stand out – sorry about that.


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