I’ve expressed my dislike for 3D movies in the past based on the only experience¬† I have (Alice in Wonderland) but after watching Step Up 3D… no, who am I kidding, I still dislike 3D. My only hope for it is the newest Saw movie that looked awesome from the trailer – they use the effects to create fear and not just because it is cool.

Step Up used 3D just to use the 3D thing in the third movie title and to add some effect to the movie but I think it was better off. I loved the dancing by the way, I loved the characters I recognized from So You Think You Can Dance and I loved that they brought back Moose – he’s my favorite character from Step Up movies. I even liked the fact that it wasn’t all about the pretty boy lead and they gave Moose a chance to have his own main story line. Not that he isn’t pretty – he is nerdy pretty. They even gave him more dancing in the final battle – I thought it was good. The dancing was good because the soundtrack was good and the dancing was good!

I’ll repeat that one more time before I start saying bad things – the dancing was good! and that was about it! Again I have to say that the movie isn’t good when the writing is bad – so many holes and logic mistakes that thinking back, I can’t believe how they could have made that. I get the fact that Step Up is all about the dance, but the first movie had some point to it, the second one was also quite good but the story of the third one was a bit disappointing. I’m thinking that they should make the fourth one (and let be honest, there will be a forth one) all about the dance. Nothing else, just the dance! Because all the effort goes to that, dance is what is holding it together – and everything else is just “I can’t wait for the dancing to start”.

On this note, I’d like to apologize for my Hollywood movie reviews – I guess I’m looking for light entertainment and then end up saying bad things about it but lately I’m not in the mood for a serious movie. Plus, it is much easier to be negative than to see a movie that is so deep that it makes me think about life and frankly, I don’t want to think about life. I just wanted to clear that out. I’m trying to watch more serious movies, those that need my full focus but I guess I’m weird that way. But since it is important to be aware of the deeper side of the movie world I’m trying my best to start pushing myself towards the classics and European movies. I know I have said that before but saying it many times maybe makes me even keep my word next time. God, I hope it’s true, I have enough of saying that “the writing was bad” about almost every movie I see.


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